Monday, October 31, 2016

New singles from Top Knotch gain fan following throughout Florida

MIAMI, FL – Almost everyone has that one special love in their life – that person who always rests in the back of your mind and who you can’t ever seem to get over. That one person you’re passionate about and who elicits a feeling deep down in your soul unlike any other feeling in the world.

That’s how Top Knotch describes his relationship with music.

“Music for me is that girlfriend you can’t let go of,” he said. “It’s that love – that one love – that no matter how much I say I’m going to work on other things, I always come back to it. When you feel like you’re destined to do something – with every fiber of your being you know that’s what you’re supposed to be doing – that’s how I feel about music.”

The Miami, Florida native has been making hip-hop music for many years, launching singles and EPs that have elicited a dedicated fan following. In recent year’s he’s partnered with fellow rapper Sandman on some projects, and the two of them are beginning to take Florida by storm with their new music.

One of the most recent projects they collaborated on was Sandman’s EP “Past, Present, Future.” Top Knotch is featured on two singles from that EP – “For Meh” and “Ride” – and said he’s very proud of the work he’s put together in collaboration with Sandman.

“I first met Sandman when we were both going through similar trials and tribulations,” Top Knotch said. “We bumped into each other and started discussing some things, and that’s how our first project came about. We got some good buzz from that and we’ve just been going ever since.”

Most of Top Knotch’s music is born from stories from his life. In fact, he revels in the title of storyteller, and hopes that the lyrics from his songs are such that others can relate to them and feel connected to him in some way.

“Music gives me that tingly feeling,” he said. “And I want people to get that same feeling. When they listen to my music, I want it to be almost a spiritual experience. I like songs that stand the test of time, and I hope that when you listen to my music you won’t forget it. I want my songs to be something you always revert back to and always stick in your head – whether it’s something catchy you hear or something I said that related to you.”

And while many of his stories come from personal experience, some of it comes from his imagination – such as a recent single he wrote about the “nastiest stripper in the strip club.” Ultimately, however, all of his music is an outlet for him. Having spent much of his younger years getting into legal trouble, he has pursued music as a way to stay on the straight and narrow. In fact, that’s how he came up with the name TOP KNOTCH, which he said is an acronym for Types Of People Know No Other Than Criminal Heat. It’s a name and a life philosophy that he hopes others will be inspired by.

“I know where I came from, but now I’m top knotch,” he said. “And that’s not just for me, it’s for everybody. It’s way bigger than just me. It’s a philosophy and a way of living. It’s a thing for the people. There’s nothing selfish here. My music is about how we can make something bigger than just us.”

Fans who want to check out his singles on the “Past, Present Future” EP can do so by downloading them from iTunes. Additional music from Top Knotch can be found on Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, Datpiff and Soundcloud, and other digital download sites. And fans who want to know more about upcoming releases or live shows can follow him on social media on Instagram and Twitter and find out more about his private label, It’s Official Entertainment.

Trigga Racci Releases “Mob Ties” !

Guap World Records presents TRIGGA RACCI "MOB TIES" Make sure to support the team and follow the movement.  The project releases November 11th, so stay tuned !

[Single] Blood Raw (@truebloodraw) - Str8 Off Da Boat

Florida artist Blood Raw is back with stories never told. October 31st we drop his full mixtape, checkout lead single "Str8 Off Da Boat" and prepare yourself for the full project, hosted by DJ Winn.

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Connect w/ Blood Raw: Twitter: @truebloodraw Instagram: bloodraw1 Facebook: SnapChat: TrueBloodRaw

[Mixtape] Bigga Is Betta Vol. 3 Platinum Edition Hosted By @BiggaRankin00

Bigga is Betta Vol 3 Platinum Edition gives shine and recognition to indie artist on the move. While Bigga is on the road with his hosting gigs, showcases, and various other work he encounters artists that are ready to impact the world with their sound. His compilation tapes are a way to give the world the tracks he feels have potential from artists on the rise. Support and Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Kal Gully impresses wider audience with new single ‘Custos’

Kal Gully impresses wider audience with new single ‘Custos’

ARLINGTON, TX – Heidi J has worked with a lot of musicians over the years as a producer and manager. And according to her, Kal Gully is one of the best artists she’s ever worked with and one of the hottest new urban musicians to hit the music scene.

Originally from Chicago, IL but now hailing from the Dallas, Texas area, Kal Gully has a sound that he describes as eclectic – a little bit of urban, a little bit of pop, a little bit of hip-hop, and a little bit of R&B. It’s a sound that Heidi J first became intrigued by at a concert about two years ago.

“I was at a show in early 2014 and it was Kal’s birthday and he was performing,” Heidi J said. “My friends were starting to leave but I told them I wanted to stay and listen to him. To be honest, the first song he performed was just alright, but it was intriguing enough to get me hooked. We started working together shortly thereafter, and I soon began to see just how good he really is. He had all this great music I’d never heard, and when I did hear it I realized how good he really was and I told myself that he was too good of an artist not to be heard.

Today Heidi J and Kal Gully collaborate together on a lot of work, but Heidi J said at least 80 percent of his music is “untouched” in the studio because Kal is such a natural.

“He’s very, very good and we have a very good energy with one another in the studio,” Heidi J said. “He’s such a good artist that he doesn’t have to be produced very much.”

The most recent evidence of this is a new single Kal Gully recently released called “Custos ft. HB” – which is a slang abbreviation for “customers.” Kal Gully describes it as a trap record and a street record, though it stands out because of a hook that’s “really catchy and a verse that stupid-good.”

“It transcends to the street world,” Kal Gully said. “But it can also cross over to mainstream. Barbershops have custos. Banks have custos. Kroger’s (supermarket) have custos. It’s a song about business transactions and all the places they take place. I’m proud of it, and I’m excited for more people to hear it and some of the other songs I’m working on.”

“Ultimately, when people listen to my music, I want them to be inspired by triumph,” he said. “I grew up in Chicago, which is the murder capital of the U.S. Some people don’t make it to see age 18 or don’t graduate high school. I want to be that person that people can look to and and say, ‘He came from there and made something, and I can, too.’ I want people to know that they can make a change in this world and make the world a better place.”

A new music video for “Custos” was recently put together by Dallas’ best-respected director Jeff Adair, and is currently available for fans to view on YouTube. Fans can also check out Kal Gully’s music on his website or on his Soundcloud page.

Kal Gully and Heidi J will also be releasing a full album sometime after the first of the year called “It Took All This” – an album that will somewhat chronicle the journey of his music career. For more information about upcoming music releases or live performances, fans can follow Kal Gully on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Sno Cold: Tallahassee Takeover

Sno Cold took her movement to Tallahassee Florida over the weekend to join in the FAMU Homecoming festivities. With Florida legend Dj Winn helping her navigate the streets of Tallahassee and Superstar djs, Dj J Kwik, Dj Loosekid, Dj Nasty and many more helping introduce "Fast Money" to one of Florida's most coveted markets. Make sure to follow Sno Cold and support her movement.

#BiggaIsBetta Vol 3 #Platinum Edition hosted by @biggarankin00

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Sno Cold “Fast Money" , via No Mercy Records

Sno Cold “Fast Money" , via No Mercy Records.This track delivers hard hitting basslines with clever wordplay. Sno Cold, Florida native is gearing up for her EP release ‘SNO COLD” due some time later this year. Follow: | | | |

[Video] That Boy Poppa ft YFN Lucci - What Yall Want

Jacksonville, Fl; 16yr old rapper, That Boy Poppa makes his Worldstar debut with YFN Lucci in the premiere of his video "What Yall Want". That Boy Poppa came on the scene as someone that most were not expecting and has been on a journey headed straight to the top ever since then. Boss Security alongside Bigga Rankin have taken this young artist under their wing because the talent, determination, and tenacity that his displays is undeniable. In an age where most people just dream and sit around, That Boy Poppa has a goal and is well on his way to becoming a household name in the next few years. Checkout his video and support by reposting and sharing. Connect w/ That Boy Poppa: Twitter: @thatboypoppa Instagram: thatboypoppa

[Mixtape] The Starting Five Hosted By Bigga Rankin

Bigga is Betta presents "The Starting Five" with Tone Tone, Noochie, Balize, DeeBoi, Yung Stakks hosted by Bigga Rankin mixed by DJ Stikuhbush. "The Starting Five" are currently on tour. Keep your eyes and ears glued to the streets for "The Starting Five" in a city near you!!!! For tour information call 770.363.0748

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[Video] @ItsVain Ghost Face Freestyle

Vain kicks a freestyle using a classic beat off of Ghostface Killa's Supreme Clientele Album. Vain originally kicked it live, for the first time, up at Power 105 NYC with DJ Self while simultaneously promoting his newest single "Hello". Checkout Vain's Ghostface Freestyle Video and his hot single "Hello", that's spinning across the country and is also available on Soundcloud and iTunes today!
Connect with V.A.I.N today: 
Twitter: @itsVain 
Instagram: @itsVain 
Facebook: ItIs Vain 
Booking Info: Call PGates 914-325-3257

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[Video] That Boy Poppa ft YFN Lucci - What Yall Want

Jacksonville, Fl; 16yr old rapper, That Boy Poppa makes his Worldstar debut with YFN Lucci in the premiere of his video "What Yall Want". That Boy Poppa came on the scene as someone that most were not expecting and has been on a journey headed straight to the top ever since then. Boss Security alongside Bigga Rankin have taken this young artist under their wing because the talent, determination, and tenacity that his displays is undeniable. In an age where most people just dream and sit around, That Boy Poppa has a goal and is well on his way to becoming a household name in the next few years. Checkout his video and support by reposting and sharing. Connect w/ That Boy Poppa: Twitter: @thatboypoppa Instagram: thatboypoppa

[Mixtape] The Starting Five Hosted By Bigga Rankin

Bigga is Betta presents "The Starting Five" with Tone Tone, Noochie, Balize, DeeBoi, Yung Stakks hosted by Bigga Rankin mixed by DJ Stikuhbush. "The Starting Five" are currently on tour. Keep your eyes and ears glued to the streets for "The Starting Five" in a city near you!!!! For tour information call 770.363.0748

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

[Video] Face Fly (@FaceFlySG) ft King Louie - Head Hunta (Prod. Fiyaman)

Chicago Unsigned Hype artist Face Fly returns with his King Louie assisted collar for "Head Hunta" Produced by Fiyaman. Shot & Edited By Who Is Hi Def Follow Face Fly Instagram: @Face_Fly_ Twitter @FACEFLYSG

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

P The Prince Announces Release of Music Video for Single “All on Me”

Peoria, IL– Music has been a part of P The Prince’s life for as long as he can remember. It wasn’t until college, however, that the budding star began to take his craft more seriously. Performing in a makeshift recording studio he and a college friend made out of an apartment closet, it was while he was away at college the artist began entertaining music as more than just a hobby.  P’s music is influenced by a bevvy of musicians and genres, from Michael Jackson’s pop hits to classic rappers like Nas. Oddly enough, although the artist didn’t listen to much of Nas growing up, he is frequently told he sounds somewhat similar. The artist describes his music’s vibe as “Just flowing,” continuing, “Whatever the beat is doing, that’s where it all starts,” explaining that his inspiration for his raps come from the heart of the music – its rhythm.
The video for his newest single, “All on Me,” will be released to the anticipation of listeners everywhere soon – and it’s a track that has something for everyone. Covering a variety of topics and aspects of life, the artist explains that “it will relate to anybody that’s ever had any problems.”
P The Prince is determined to make it in the music business. Not just for himself, but for his beloved family and children, so he can free their life of worry and struggle and give them the gift of a fruitful future. His advice to other aspiring artists? “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.”  P is doing just that – ignoring the noise and embracing the grind.

[Single] Buddy Jit - Count This Money

Dugout Music Group presents Buddy Jit's breakout single "Count This Money". Listen today

Click [Here] To Listen/Stream

Click [Here] To Purchase via iTunes

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!! Connect w/ Buddy Jit: FB: BuddyJit305 Soundcloud: DugoutMusicGroup IG: @BuddyJit For Booking,Hosting,Features, Drops Contact:

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Multi Talented Rapper Releases "Champion"

Rise Rashid, the multi talented Rapper/Author/Actor/..etc has been recording music since the age of 13. He started to be come well known in Central Virginia when he began hosting his own radio show on WNRN Charlottesville.
Rise link up with DJ Illustrious, who also worked for WNRN, in 2006 and began working on Rise's 'A Mic & A Dream" album. Along with The Culphonics, a production team also from
Central Virginia, "A Mic & A Dream" became independently successful.
Rise Rashid has since then linked up with 730 (Brian Kayser) from the industry know website as they began working on a joint venture. "The Elephant's Room" which is scheduled to release July of 2011 features 12 tracks, all produced by 730 and features guest appearances from Rapper Pooh of the Hip Hop group Little Brother, Quan from Nas's "Just A Moment", and up and coming rap artist C Note$.
The first single from "The Elephant's Room" features Gavin Davis ( as well as Rise's 4 year old daughter. "Daddy Loves You" has begun to leak through internet websites such as and "Daddy Loves You" will be available on iTunes and Amazon June 2011.
Rise Rashid starred in the independent film "Jewslim" in 2009. Directed by Eli Harris

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dooley the Kountry Pimp Drops Single “Walk So Nasty”

Valdosta, GA – Valdosta, Georgia native Dooley KP has always had music in his veins. From the age of six, he was a natural born performer, gracing the stages of his school at a Christmas program, he rapped to rowdy applause – and from that moment on, knew his destiny was music. Inspired by the greatest rappers of all time, the likes of Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Jay-Z, and more, Dooley quickly learned the art of imitation, which helped him develop his rapping skills. But he admired these artists for more than their musical chops; they all had something Dooley wanted, their own record label. Dooley became CEO of Bemiss Boy Entertainment, an entity that consists of a record label the artist has always dreamed of.
Though he begun his reign in Georgia, Dooley has come a long way, opening for Grammy award winning producers Cool and Dre and the legendary Jada Kiss. But, now, the artist is ready to be a star in his own right with the release of his latest single, “Walk So Nasty.” The song, which was released to resounding excitement from listeners, is an anthem of the confident woman. “It’s about the woman who holds her own,” explains the artist.
Dooley’s clever wordplay and “Kountry Poetry” style make him a distinct artist. “My music doesn’t just rhyme – it paints a picture,” continues Dooley. The artist isn’t finished yet; fans anticipate the release of two EPs in the coming months.

Mermaid-Meets-Musician Shae Brock to Debut Music Video “Into You”

Los Angeles, LA –  Shae Brock has made her life’s work being a “mermaid on a mission,” determined to empower and encourage those who listen to her music. The ultra-talented Brock began playing piano at the young age of five, and was writing and performing her original music by twelve. At fourteen, producer and owner of The Artist Refinery Fred “Blaze” Crawford took the budding artist under his musical wing. With his help, Shae Brock cultivated a distinct sound of her own.
Now, with years of experience and success under her belt, the young singer spent the summer of 2016 doing what she does best: writing, creating, and performing. Brock’s most recent music video, entitled “Into You,” is highly anticipated to release this fall. “It’s about the moment you realize you have a crush on someone,” explains Brock, noting that the song was sparked by butterflies she felt for her own special someone. Like the rest of Shae Brock’s relatable music, the song was written as a result of personal, authentic experience. Reminiscent of summer fun, the song has a beachy, reggae-infused vibe. “And,” laughs Brock, “There’s a cute boy.”
Brock’s fun, relatable lyrics and uninhibited persona are bound to draw her audience in, and make them want to sit and stay awhile.
Follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Snapchat: ShaeBrockMusic

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Sun new single represents freedom of expression with unique sound

CINCINNATI, OH – When Bomani was in high school, he formed a group called 513 with his brother and a friend. They spent most of their afternoons and evenings creating beats and lyrics together anyway, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to turn their fun into an official hip-hop group. But when the group created a CD that they sold to classmates, it was an eye-opener for young Bomani and the opportunities he might have at his fingertips to become a professional musician.

Fast forward a few years and Bomani now goes by Black Sun and is one of the fastest-rising talents to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His new album, “Black Sun,” was just released and is available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play under the production of his independent label, L.A.W. Creations.

“As an artist, my goal is to make quality music that expresses my emotions, beliefs and attitude toward life,” he said. “By making songs that can be played in the club to songs that tackle political and cultural issues, I feel like I’m one of the most versatile artists of our time. And I want to give other artists that ability to create freely. Five years from now I want my own label to be successful and have a lot of artists on it – artists who have the freedom to create whatever art they like. Too many times today labels decide for you or try to make you into what they want you to be. I want to give artists the ability to be who they are and not compromise.”

The latest album, “Black Sun,” is one that he said has a bit of a darker feel to it and is laced with a lot of emotion. He produced most of the tracks on the album, and the lyrics are such that he hopes it will serve as a project in which people can get to know him a little bit. Ultimately he said the overall vibe of the album is one that people could put in while driving around and just cruise to.

He’s also getting ready to release a new single on Nov. 1 called “Slidin.” Like most of his music, “Slidin” is a song that’s more directed toward people who care about lyrics and what’s being said more than they do a good beat, though it also has a beat that is a “feel good, club-banger groove.”

“It’s just a song that everybody can relate to,” he said. “It’s about riding in the car, going from place to place, doing the things you need to do while you’re getting from point A to point B. It’s something more mainstream.”

He collaborated on the song with Youngin Da Sp, who he’s worked with before in the studio. This is the first single they two will have released together, however. He said this song more than most is his stamp on the music industry and his way of displaying the kind of music he wants to release to the world.

“I just want to bring back good music,” he said. “I want to bring back the kind of music that you’d let your kids listen to. That’s the kind of art and music that I want to make so that you can look deeper into it and be inspired by it. I’m not making cookie-cutter rap. I just want to be me and encourage other people to be themselves. Sometimes today that’s hard to do.”

Fans who want to learn more about Black Sun’s music, or to stay alert for upcoming live performances, can follow him on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Chella H Hits the Streets With "OOOUU" Remix

Check out the Chella H in this new remix of one of the hottest songs in the streets !! Check out the "Ooouh" Remix below ! Stay tuned with everything that Chella H has coming ! Via: @kimsomajor

RZA Unveils Contemporary Menswear Line, 36 Chambers !

 - Wu-Tang Clan's founder, RZA, has teamed up with creative Mustafa Shaikh to launch 36 Chambers, a contemporary menswear line that fuses elements of hip-hop, Chinese culture and high fashion to carve its own niche within menswear. The line is unveiled today, Wednesday, October 19th.
"36 Chambers is inspired by the Wu philosophy: kung fu, mathematics, Eastern philosophy and art," said RZA. "Using that as a foundation, we've blended together the rugged feel of streetwear, with the quality craftsmanship of high fashion, to create apparel with a classic look."
Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.18.24 PM
The initial collection features the Golden Dragon, which symbolizes energy, wisdom and strength. The dragon design is featured in a custom woven jacquard fabric created by San Francisco-based designer, Chapin Atchison. The fabric is found on the liners of the jackets, bags, and on the collars and plackets of select shirts. Renowned Chinese calligrapher, Mak Ming Chan, penned a poem for the collection, which details the story of the Golden Dragon. Written in Chinese calligraphy, the poem is featured on the hangtag that adorns the jackets, bags and shirts.
“We put a lot of attention into the execution of the line to ensure that each limited piece told a story,” said Mustafa Shaikh. “Every detail—the embroidery work, to the liner, to even the hangtag—was thoughtfully considered in order to tell a cohesive narrative.”
Items from the collection include limited edition jackets, shirts, bags, and accessories. A women’s souvenir jacket will also be made available for purchase.
Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.18.49 PM
Select pieces from 36 Chambers: The Golden Dragon Rises Collection, will be made available for pre-sale each Wednesdaystarting October 19th on at 11a.m. (EDT):
• October 19th - Satin Souvenir Jacket ($250) & Golden Dragon Enamel Pin ($5). • October 26th - Waterproof Cordura MA-1 Jacket ($300) & Cotton Long Sleeve Henley Shirt ($60). • November 2nd - Wool Suit Jacket ($400) & Waterproof Cotton Dress Shirt ($130). • November 9th - Velour Mandarin Jacket ($400) & Waterproof Cordura Square Duffel Bag ($200).
The full collection will be made available for purchase through on November 18th at 11a.m. (EST). There will be several 36 Chambers retail pop-up events in December.

Check Out Stoppa In His New Video For Single "Hype Now"

Self proclaimed pineapple papi Stoppa, returns with visuals to his energetic single "Hype Now"  directed by @edmundprieto and @epdigital. Shot in the Hollywood Hills, Stoppa brings a dope party vibe closing out his successful summer.
Check out Stoppa's wavey visuals for "Hype Now"  from his forthcoming Weed, Water, WiFi Ep and let us know what you think Via @kimsomajor !  Watch Stoppa's new video "Hype Now" below.
Follow him on all social media at @stoppaonline for new music, the rest of the dope visuals to come and MORE!

East Coast artist explores the power of the mind with new EP, single

STAMFORD, CT – Though Kesna “Kesz” Campbell has been in the U.S. for more than a decade, she takes pride in paying homage to her heritage. The music she now creates started from Jamaica when at an early age she heard her grandmother making music.

The up-and-coming artist from Stamford, Connecticut recently released a single called “Move That Body” that is getting quite a bit of positive feedback from all around the country. She said it’s a feel-good song that anyone can dance to and enjoy, but its lyrics reflect a deeper side of her that she tries to capture in all of her songs.

“It’s a love story told through an up-beat dance hook,” Kesz said. “It has a lot of components in one song, and that’s really true of most of my music. A lot of my songs have to do with different aspects of a person’s life, and for the most part it comes down to the thoughts and feelings that happen in your mind. One of my songs, for instance, is about breaking habits – and you have to be mentally strong if you’re going to be ready to break a specific habit. Another song is about memories and love, which focuses on another part of the mind. Ultimately I believe that everything we love comes from your mind and your heart, and that’s what I want to make music about.”

Kesz said she’s working on a new EP that’ll launch in early November called “Love of Mind” that will examine that train of thought. She said she’s excited to release a new project to her fans because she knows her music is a way for people to connect to one another as they look inward and discover who they are and what makes them unique.

“When they listen to my music I hope they’re finding love through their own goals and pursuits,” she said. “The type of songs I sing are really mixed genre. I’m not just R&B – I have a very bouquet song, and a pop song, and an R&B song and a hip-hop song … I’m very diverse, and I hope people love it.”

Kesz is currently pursuing a business degree at a university in Connecticut, but she said she’s always known that she wanted to be a singer. It took some encouragement from her mother a few years back, however, to convince her to actively pursue that dream and begin recording her music.

She said from day one she has tried to incorporate her Jamaican heritage into her music. She tries to visit Jamaica as often as she can, and hopes to do that even more in the future specifically to further explore her heritage and culture and the influences that make that country’s music and sound so unique.

“Really I want to get a stronger sense of who I am and the style of music I’m pursuing,” she said. “I really want to connect with my fans and connect with the world through music. I love music – it has really helped me through life. And I want to be someone who helps others get through life, as well, through music.”

Fans can check out Kesz’s music on her website, or on her Soundcloud page. She also is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

[Mixtape] Ray Face (@RayFaceSMM) - Trap Baby

Houston, Texas; The north side native with CHRONIC AMBITION, Ray Face, is back with his follow-up mixtape "Trap Baby". During the time in-between projects Ray Face has continued to release music, his current breakout hit "Bout It" remix features Master P and can be found on this mixtape. Check out the new mixtape, which brings back the streets A&R, host Bigga Rankin and continue to support Ray Face.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ RayFace: Website: Twitter: @RayFaceSMM Instagram: RayFaceSMM

[Video] Neef Buck - Straight Off The Scale @Neef_Buck

Brand new video Neef Buck - Straight Off The Scale [directed by DevKamera]

Forever Do Me 8 - Available Now (click below)
Google Play

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

‘Ambitions of a Hu$tla’ highlights Fresh new sound of hip-hop genre

FRANKLIN, TN – Fresh isn’t just the name of one of the hottest up-and-coming young rappers in the U.S. It’s also the definition of his sound – a new take on hip-hop that he says is very much needed in the industry right now.

“I feel as if a lot of upcoming new rappers all sound the same because of the flows that are hot right now and what people want to hear,” Fresh said. “But I don’t want my music to sound like other artists in the game. I want it to sound like my own style of music, while still being able to touch base with some of the new flows being established in the game right now. I want to build a sound that nobody in the hip-hop industry can mess with or has ever heard of before. That’s why I call myself Fresh.”

That new sound is readily displayed on Fresh’s new album “Ambitions of a Hu$tla,” which is now available for purchase worldwide. The album started off as a mixtape about four years ago, and over the years as it has continued to develop Fresh said he saw that he could be very intentional with the first project he released to the world. He started getting picky with the songs that he wanted to put on the album, and ultimately capped it at 13 songs that he says are a mixture of rap, hip-hop, R&B, soul, grit, club and all hits.

“Every song has a message,” he said. “It’s one of those albums that you want to listen to all the way through. There’s some songs in there for the women, and there are some songs that are really smooth. There are songs that incorporate a lot of my life stories – the downfalls and betrayals I’ve had in my life. There are songs about money, about ambitions, and about the things I’ve been through and the things I’ve had to do to get to where I’m at right now. And through all of it I’ve put my feel of the new flows into the music.”

The first single off the album is called “Birds.” It’s a song that Fresh said highlights the gaggle of girls that seem to all flock together – talking and gossiping about anything under the sun. He said the song is told from the perspective of a man who wants a deeper relationship with a girl, and he’s telling her that if she wants to be serious then she has to have his back instead of going to her girlfriends and always talking about him behind his back.

In conjunction with the single’s release, Fresh partnered with Miami Film Kings to create a music video, which will be launched on Worldstarhiphop within the next two weeks. Miami Film Kings has worked with some of the hottest new artists out there to produce music videos, and Fresh said he was humbled to be approached by them to put together some music videos in conjunction with the release of his album.

Fans who want to check out some of Fresh’s music can do so on Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube. Fans can also follow him on social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For booking questions or any other inquiries, contact

3rDimension creates music that represents a rising new generation

CHARLOTTE, NC – There’s only one way that a group of musicians makes it over the long haul: don’t hold grudges.

This is especially true when the group is made up of all brothers. And fortunately for 3rDimension – the hot young hip-hop group out of Charlotte, N.C. – laughing off disagreements has been pretty easy so far. More than just brothers, these best friends have been making music together for as long as they can remember.

“We grew up in a house of music,” said Jelani, the middle of the three brothers. “When we were younger we used to put family shows together and perform in front of our parents and stuff.”

“Everything comes natural to us,” said Dash, the oldest of the three brothers. “It’s just a vibe that we feed off each other. The music comes on and we turn into someone else. Usually we’re all really chill, quiet people. But when that instrumental comes up, we turn it up.”

In the same way that many boy bands have done over the years, 3rDimension is ready to take the strong core of fans along the East Coast and expand that following across the world. They say the way they want their music to sound is reminiscent of the “good vibes” of music from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“it gave you a whole different feeling,” said Jawara, youngest of the brothers. “That’s what our music does. It’s new, good-feeling music. You can listen to it when you’re bored or upset and it can change your whole attitude. And we want people to hear our music and be inspired to feel that no one can stop them from doing anything. Don’t let people stop you from realizing your dreams – from getting what you want.”

3rDimension’s sound is unique in that it’s a blend of rap, rock and pop. And having performed professionally since the ages of 4, 6 and 7, respectively – including recording the song “Rufus Lynx” with their older brother Milan Hightower, which became the title song for the Charlotte Bobcats mascot – they’re familiar with the hard work and professionalism necessary to have a lasting career in the music industry.

Over the past two years they’ve focused their music into a sound that they describe as more mature – a statement, if you will, of their ascension into young adulthood. They say they see themselves as leaders for their generation, and feel that it is their responsibility to produce positive, entertaining music with heavy beats that are more than just rap.

“Our music is the music of this new generation,” Dash said. “It’s music that’s produced and performed by a group that consists of multiple layers: rapping, singing and dancing. Thus the name 3rDimension.”

A year ago the group released a single called “Slim Thick,” which has since received more than 40,000 views on YouTube and more than 50,000 listens on Soundcloud. They’re also working on an EP right now called “Gnarly Talk” that they hope to drop later this year. It’s an EP with “different types of beats that will give you a combination of summertime vibes and winter laid-back vibes,” Jelani said.

Fans who want to check out more of their music can visit their Soundcloud or YouTube pages. Fans can also find out more about upcoming live shows or new music releases by following them on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[Mixtape] Mystics ENT and Team Bigga Rankin presents Mystic Frequency 7

TampaMystic presents the 7th edition of her Mystic Frequency mixtape series.

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Listen to SahBabii in “S.A.N.D.A.S.”

SahBabii is a musical sensation that the world has yet to be amazed by.  Hailing from the raw streets of Chicago his music doesnt leave any room for mediocrity in the game, you have to keep up!  Getting his start in music influenced by Apparatus Production CBMG brand, owned by his father -- a former high ranking member of a notorious Chicago street gang who turned his life arounD; SahBabii has firsthand knowledge of hustling and grinding. His father also instilled him leadership qualities, as well as a fierce work ethic. CBMG recently joined forces with ZeekyEnt. to help further SahBabii in his career. SahBabii Has just released his 3rd project entitled SANDAS available now on spinrilla! Be on the look-out because SahBabii is UP NEXT.  

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Pianosa Debuts Album Dogana (Delle Emoizioni Altrui)

New York, NY– Florence native Simone Pomposi (better known on stage as Pianosa) has had music running through his veins throughout his entire life. “It’s always been a part of my life,” explains the artist, “So, at some point I decided, ‘Why not?’” At age eleven, he began playing electric bass and dabbling in a variety of genres; from funk to fusion, jazz and progressive rock. No matter the genre, however, Pomposi has always kept it simple: pulling from the melodies and rhythms and textures of life to create a sound one might call “ambient music.”
In 2011, Pomposi made the move to New York and decided to pursue his passion wholeheartedly. His debut album, entitled Dogana (Delle Emoizioni Altrui – Italian for “Customs of other people’s emotions”) was released in the summer of 2016. The album is authentic and refreshing, and was recorded live with a simple setup, a modular synthesizer, an analog monophonic synthesizer, and a drum machine with delay and reverb effects. With minimal editing and production, the album is a work of raw authenticity, each error and ambient noise adding to the songs’ beauty. Notes are repeated in succession, with the sound changing and evolving, giving the listener a perspective of “organized chaos.” The album is named for the transformation the audience experiences – they go through a “metaphorical customs, both physically and metaphorically.”
Dogana (available on all digital platforms) leaves something for every listener, and pulls each person in with its genuine and transformative qualities.

Find the album:

Tallent Releases Video "Lifetime"

American independent Hip Hop recording artist, University of Rhode Island Graduate, and former Division 1 Football player from New London County, Connecticut. 
tAllent released his debut mixtape Suite Life: The CT Come Up on March 5th, 2013 to critical acclaim and recognition, followed by More Than It Seems on June 3rd, 2014. 
Following the opening of his brand new recording studio in New London CT, tAllent plans to take his skills and showcase his music at the next level.

Working with Pro Tools, tAllent has been engineering his own music since 2009. His hit single "My Zone" has over 150,000 views on YouTube, and is a prime example of the witty verses and powerful melodic choruses that tAllent delivers time and time again. tAllent has done shows all over Connecticut as well as New York and Rhode Island. His biggest shows were multiple sold out venues, where he headlined for Sammy Adams on two occasions, and Chris Webby on two occasions as well. tAllent has recently given his life over to the Lord, and as a result his style is more powerful than ever. His message is important, and his music is polished, professional. He is currently working on a new album, which will be titled “God Given”, showcasing his new Christian lifestyle. The release date for project is yet to be determined.

Twitter: @OfficialtAllent

[Mixtape] The Starting Five Hosted By @BiggaRankin00

Bigga is Betta presents "The Starting Five" with Tone Tone, Noochie, Balize, DeeBoi, Yung Stakks hosted by Bigga Rankin mixed by DJ Stikuhbush. "The Starting Five" are currently on tour. Keep your eyes and ears glued to the streets for "The Starting Five" in a city near you!!!! For tour information call 770.363.0748

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[Single] Monsta Kodi "Wipe Your Tears"

Strictly Kong Entertainment presents Wipe your tear, a song dedicated to Breast Cancer  Written and perform by Strictly Kong Recording artist Monsta Kodi. [Single] Monsta Kodi "Wipe Your Tears"   

Wipe your tears was inspired by a local On air personality that ask Kodi was he up to the task to create the project. Kodi says this song hits home dear to his heart and he hopes it can help bring the awareness for breast cancer.
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Naybahood elevates street music with ‘educated’ take on hip-hop genre

CHICAGO, IL – Raw and unique.

That’s the words often used to describe the unique sound of up-and-coming hip-hop artist Naybahood. The young rapper from Chicago projects a “rugged” sound that fans all over the country are starting to get excited about. And with the release of his new mixtape, ‘Dope Shit Only 3,” Naybahood is set to take the hip-hop scene by storm.

“It’s raw and unique in a sense that it’s an original sound,” Naybahood said. “It’s educated street music that paints a picture. My flow is a mix of my story that represents stages of my life and environment, but it’s also inspirational at the same time.”

Naybahood said he wants to leave behind a mark on the world with his music – a “memory of what real hip-hip is supposed to be like.” He said he works hard to develop dope artistry and lyrics through his music, and he hopes that as he gains popularity fans will recognize his legit skills and abilities within the hip-hop industry.

“I want to give people a positive vibe based on the stories from my life,” he said. “I want to be felt through my music, and I want you to never forget me. Ultimately, I want to be one of the best.”

Most of the stories in his music stem from his environment and his peers. Some come from memories of his childhood – living in a house where music was everything. Some comes from inspiration from other artists, or beats he finds from other producers that he feels compelled to write lyrics to.

“Most of the time it just comes to me,” he said of his songwriting. “It’s just everyday life that comes off the top of my head. When I’m really feeling it I’ll lock myself in a room and brainstorm and let it flow. When I’m really feeling it is just comes easy to me, and that’s how I know this is something I’m supposed to be doing. I was meant for it. It just comes up out of me – up through my whole body. I have a real passion for it and I feel like it’s my calling.”

Some of the artists he points to as inspiration include Jadakiss, DMX and Nas because of their raw, rugged feel – a sound that he wants to emulate while still creating something new and unique. He wants to project a street mentality he said, though with an educated take on stories that come from that world. Ultimately, he wants people to be able to relate with his music no matter where they’re coming from or what subject matter his songs are talking about.

“I want to stretch your mind and make you think about life,” he said.

Fans who want to sample his sound can visit his website, or check out his Soundcloud page. Fans can also follow him @_Naybahood on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram to find out more about upcoming music releases or live shows.

Avokid takes inspiration from rap legends to create timeless music

DANVILLE, VA – If you ask Avokid’s parents, they’ll tell you that he was born to make music.

Before he was even walking, he was dancing. Some of his earliest memories are of dancing with his parents to “Hip Hop Hooray” by Naughty By Nature. By the time he was in middle school, he was making CDs and selling them at school. People began to come to him for requests, and two years later a friend suggested that they make a rap album together. Every day they would come home from school to record in his house or make beats in his friend’s basement. Eventually they wrote and recorded their own song and released it to the world.

“I thought it would be a lot of work, but I went ahead and wrote a song and people liked it,” he said. “I made CDs and gave it to certain chicks in school and they really liked it. And then more people became infatuated with it, so just stuck with making music. Ever since then I’ve just been growing and growing to see how far I can go.”

He’s come far in the years since. Having already released a number of singles over the course of his career, Avokid has just released his latest mixtape called “4Ever Rich Project.” The mixtape includes 16 tracks of recordings he’s created – including producing 10 of those 16 tracks – over the past two years. He says these 16 songs best represent who he is as an artist, and they’re ones that fans have listened to and provided the most positive feedback on. The first single off the mixtape is “Vixen Chick.”

“It’s a song about finding somebody I can be with,” Avokid said. “It explores the ambition and the effort it takes to do something and be somewhere special in your life. It talks about finding that special someone to help you get to the next level, and how you also help them up. It’s got one of those types of vibes that you feel when you’re around somebody that you’re super comfortable with. It’s got a smooth vibe to it, but it’s not so smooth that you couldn’t play it in the club. It’s not going to be the loudest song you hear in the club, but it’s definitely something everybody can relate to and it has a good beat to it.”

“Ultimately I want every single song that I make to be relatable to the people who hear it,” he said. “I want people to listen to my music and say, ‘Wow! I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone else to know how I’ve been feeling.’ I want them to listen to my songs and get that warm feeling. Every single song I make I want people to feel that.”

He said part of his desire to make music like that stems from the inspiration he’s taken from other artists over the years. He specifically points to 2Pac, who’s music he listened to as a child more than 20 years ago and still finds inspiration from today.

“I can listen to his songs because they’re timeless,” he said. “I know every word to those songs and back then I never really paid attention to the words. But now – 20 years later – I’m appreciating the legacy of it and how that music can live on. That’s what I want my music to accomplish.”

Fans who want to sample some of Avokid’s music can visit his Soundcloud page, or purchase his single “Vixen Chick” on iTunes. Fans can also follow him on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Other places to sample his music include MXTPZ, Spinrilla and Datpiff.