Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Cameera @Omari_Gnbt x Endia Monè "Self Love (Don't Take It Personal)" Single

Indy artist Cameera links up with Endia Monè on her single "Self Love (Don't Take It Personal)". Monica's debut single served as inspiration for Cameera and she put her own spin on an R&B classic, giving it a new feel and she shows that R&B still lives on. Check it out and support the new wave of R&B queens.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Meloyoung (@Only1Meloyoung) - "Today" (Video)

Meloyoung is a Minnesota R&B/Soul artist. He was recently featured on "The Drive on Shade45" with DJ K Yung for his hit song "Today" which was produced by his good friend the wonderful Robert O'Neal. The record talks about how we sometimes neglect our spouses by not giving them the time they deserve. Time is a precious commodity and you can't get it back once it's gone. When you listen to this masterpiece you can feel the passion in his voice as he is expressing his feelings on spending quality time with his significant other. Meloyoung is on the track to becoming one of top R&b singers and songwriters in his area. He creates music that will stand the test of time, his music is for those who have either been in love , looking for love or done with love. We all fall in one of those categories, Meloyoung also writes music for the world to feel loved, sexy, and beautiful!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Headkrack (@headkrack) - "Violence" (Video)

Ever watch someone destroy themselves? The show could come across to some as either a campy 70s horror flick or art…maybe both. One thing is for certain. Watching and listening to Headkrack destroy his inner demon is a bit disturbing, entertaining, and thought-provoking. VIOLENCE directed by Kansas Bowling is dingy, ominous and something we’ve all been through. While we all don’t have the creative muscles and lyrics showcased in this imagined tribute to self-destruction we can relate to. “The problem is him,” Krack rhymes. “I’m a m’fn problem.” This is not a sad journey by any means. He even chooses to do it with a smile. Cinematically, VIOLENCE is crazy fun to watch as you dissect the clever word-play line by the ‘what the F am I watchin?!’ line. Bass thumps as a skittering beat doubles back and forth. Over this backdrop, HeadKrack declares, “Woke up today and chose violence, came here to kills this shit while I’m smiling” “Sometimes, you will be smiling, and other times, you will be smiling because you have a knife in your pocket,” he muses. “It’s the same smile. Some people smile because they’re crazy. Other people smile because they’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing throughout the day. It took me going on spiritual journeys to learn more about the universe and, at the same time, myself. I’m truly dialed into not only what makes me work, but the nature of what makes a lot of the world work. I have a better understanding of people,” explains Headkrack. This video is an offering off of his upcoming project called MikroDose and lyrically addresses the need to reset and re-engage. Wildly imaginative projects have never been a problem for Headkrack the ultra-professional wordsmith, MC, Radio / TV Personality, and Professional Boxer among other things. The song itself is produced by: Higgy Beats while the video was shot, edited, and directed by Kansas Bowling. This is your day to kill those inner demons and be inspir-tained (yeah we just made that word up). Wake up and choose VIOLENCE.

Monday, October 10, 2022

Eye Traveler (@eyetraveler) - "Tape From A Stolen Starship" (BeatTape)

Less than a year after the release of "Kingdom of the Gold Tooth Nubians" Eye Traveler returns with his third instrumental hip hop album "Tape From A Stolen Starship". Creative inspiration struck Eye Traveler earlier this year and instead of second guessing the process, he got out of his own way and let the spirits guide him. Eye Traveler came up with the moniker Brahms of the Beat Machine (19th century German pianist and composer) while recording this collection of beats that helped shape and guide him during this process. By using this simple phrase it helped push him while using his MPC2000XL to make compositions and arrangements that felt more complete than simply a beat playing for a minute and a half before a fade out. Please check out the attached promo video which serves as a first salvo of what's in store on this collection of beats. The album is available on all streaming platforms including bandcamp. Eye Traveler is a Los Angeles, California native and former co-owner of streetwear boutique Regal Tenant where he also put on numerous hip hop shows with artists from Blu to Sa Ra Creative Partners. When he is not hunched over his beat machine he is a seafarer of the cosmos and collector of ancient antiquities.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Freaky Loopiano (@Freaky_Loopiano) - "Uhh Huhh"

Freaky Loopiano delivers his latest single "Uhh Huhh" Tyriq Reeves known professionally as Freaky Loopiano is an American rapper. Born and raised in the South Bronx section of New York City, he chose to embark on his music career in early 2012. Loopiano is an independent artist with a crazy delivery, witty wordplay, and hard-hitting punchlines. Freaky Loopiano releases his first single "Uhh Huhh" off the "Audio Contraband 2 - set to drop on 12-13-22. This Uptempo Beat and Freestyle Type Flow is his Element. Whenever Freaky Loopiano has extra money, he spends his time writing and going to studios. Freaky has released several freestyles, singles, and mixtapes titled "Get in the Loop" and "Audio Contraband 1." The single "Coming For Blood" is an original freestyle off the mixtape, “Audio Contraband." Freaky Loopiano is now back and coming for what is his - The Throne. Loopiano strives to be the Best Hip-Hop Artist ever. Be sure to connect with Freaky on all social media and digital music platforms.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

One Fame (@1Fame_) - "Legit" (Video)

Houston, Texas artist One Fame just releases his new visual “LEGIT” off his latest EP “Self Invested”. The Video legit dope and the vibes are another level. One Fame has been on a run lately with his consistency and he’s not letting up. Performing live shows , traveling and doing interviews. One Fame is demanding to break into the industry soon and become a household name. Stay out and look out for more content from the ambitious artist One Fame.

(NEW MUSIC) Ruthless Juveniles release 30th Anniversary Album

Very few entertainment dynasties last the test of time, much less more than 30 years in the business. Proud leader of the Mobo Click and owner of Mobo Records, Ivory “Mobo Joe” Paynes, has long been a forerunner in modern Hip Hop music. He founded the label in 1991 and over 3 decades later, he continues to release nothing but solid gold.

Mobo Records’ most recent offering is a golden, classic collection honoring Ruthless Juveniles’ 30th Anniversary. It is available on all digital platforms in the form of a 16-track release. There is also an 18-track release souvenir CD available. Mobo Joe himself is selling the collector’s CD via all of his label’s social media accounts. Ruthless Juveniles’ most well-known hit ("Run Dat Sh*t) has been remixed and included on the anniversary album. Foe Shabb (@foeshabb15) features on his breakout hit, along with internationally acclaimed Fiend (@504fiend). And no Mobo Click production would be complete without the addition of L.Mont (@loyalmont_), the label’s secret weapon who brings youthful energy and incredible talent. There are also a plethora of other artists on the imprint. Mobo Records is proof that urban music can not only stand the test of time, but it can fuse classic artists with young, vibrant artists to make magic.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Babs Bunny F/ Riah B - "Energy"

Brooklyn, New York female artist Babs Bunny releases a new drip with "Energy" featuring Riah B and produced by Matlockonthetrack and Charles "Audio Crack On The Track" Hudgins. You know Babs Bunny from Making the Band, the classic MTV reality series.

Monday, October 3, 2022

J.J. Tha Wikid 1( @JJthawikid1) - "Get Up" (Video)

J.J. Tha Wikid 1's new single "Get Up" recently hit number one on The Beach, 562 Live, Long Beach, CA.

J.J. Tha Wikid 1's single "Get Up" is strong and showcases his immense talent as a rapper and artist. In 1995, J.J. started writing rhymes as a teen and producing beats in 1998. For several years, he was the producer and a member of the hip-hop group WSM (Wikid Style Music). Afterward, he was the producer and member of the hip-hop duo - J.J. & Whydhe Write.

While he has several influences as a rapper, some of the top favorites are 2Pac, Eminem, NWA, Outkast, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Do or Die, Twista, Tech Nine, 8ball & MJG, UGK, Lords of the Underground, Beastie Boys, Sir-Mix-a Lot and many more. His biggest producer influence is Dr. Dre. Along with Timbaland, Pharrell, Lil Jon, Scott Storch, and Kanye. He is 100% independent and makes his beats, writes, raps, records, and mixes.

J.J. Tha Wikid 1's single "Get Up" is a motivational song that helps you forget about your problems and have some fun. The tastemakers and music lovers help the single amass over 73,000 streams on Spotify alone. Music Reviewers like Leech Music says “Slick flows and catchy hooks define rapper and artist J.J. Tha Wikid 1, and it’s definitely the case in "Get Up." Billy Wilson of the Billy Wilson Entertainment Group says “I critique music daily; I give the good, bad, and a "final conclusion" to many artists. Some have good music, some have "ok" music, and some are downright rotten... Your music is across the board SUPERB!" Lastly, G-Holy said “I like his energy. That’s a good dude right there. The vibe he is spreading is just all positive. I was wondering why he is so refreshing, it’s because this dude’s energy is so positive.” 

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Pierre Rushing: Advocates Continue to Seek Justice for Wrongful Conviction | @pierrerushing_

Pierre Rushing has been wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit. Pierre’s team needs help by bringing awareness to the story and helping stop wrongful convictions in the US. Wrongful convictions have been occurring way too often and it needs to be discussed. Currently, 35% of prisoners are wrongfully convicted. At the age of 22, Pierre was arrested in his hometown of Oakland, California. Now 33 years old, Pierre Rushing was an average teen who attended college while following his dreams of being an inspiring artist. According to "Unjustly," in the early hours of April 15, 2011, Dawonye Taylor was murdered in Oakland, California for a stolen iPod. The occupants of a car gave the police a description of the murderer and referred to him as "C." Weeks later, Pierre Rushing also known as "Stank" would find himself arrested and charged with murder, even though he did not fit the description and had an alibi. Pierre Rushing has spent almost a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to 50 years based on the unreliable testimony of an eyewitness that picked him out of a lineup. Rushing did not fit the original description of the suspect at all. Overall, Rushing is represented by a productive legal team and support system that includes Jordan Grotzinger, Jason Flom, Lori Rothschild Ansaldi, and others. The team is making efforts towards an exoneration for Rushing. Despite all the negativity regarding this case, Pierre Rushing has continued to keep a positive mindset, write music, and strive toward the goals he wants to achieve. He has merchandise called "Justice for Pierre" that can be seen on social media as @justiceforpierrerushing. The donations will go toward his legal fees to help fight for Pierre's justice. Pierre Rushing has been heard on “Wrongful Conviction Podcast with Jason Flom, Unjustly Podcast, and Round Table Radio Podcast.” Additionally, he has been seen on “Mercury News, KTVU Channel 2 News, and Sway in the Morning.” Please support Pierre Rushing’s campaign by signing the petition. He needs 799 more signatures to reach the 7,500 goal. For more information on this case, visit the website
For media or press inquiries – contact Kyerra at