Saturday, April 29, 2023

Leek Muney - "County Smell" (Video Trailer)

Chicago Rapper Leek Muney County Smell is the first official release of Leek Muney since being released from state prison on weapons charges.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

D-Lo G | "Like"(Zaza) | Music Video

like d-lo g

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D-Lo G | "Like"(Zaza) | Music Video

Artist: D-Lo G
Track: Like/Zaza
Producer: Macfly Beats
BPM: 157/151
Genre: Hip-Hop
Mood: Aggressive
Emotion: Flamboyant/Confident
Label: Independent
Hometown: Brooklyn/Atlanta

Description: D-Lo G drops a double single to reinforce his pursuit to stamp Atlanta drill. “Like” and “Zaza”, both produced by the talented Macfly Beatz, differ in vibes but they both encompass the aggressive tone attributed to drill music. As the founder of ATL drill, D-Lo G has been consistent in creating a lane for himself and makes it clear that he’s willing to put in the work to put his sound on the map. Listen to “Like”(Zaza) on any streaming platform, watch the official music video and be on the lookout for new content. Booking/Features: |

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D-Lo G - Like-ZAZA

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SG2OMARI (@OmariForReal) f/ Conway The Machine - "Steppaz"

Relentless Music Group recording artist SG2OMARI links up with Conway The Machine for his new single “Steppaz.” SG2OMARI, also referred to SG2, is a Jamaican-American musician born and raised in Jamaica. He immigrated to the United States when he was 10. He released his debut mixtape “Omari” on November 15, 2022. SG2 is the founder of Relentless Music Group record label and C.E.O and owner of Omari Apparel.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Dangerous Rob (@fattwoo) F/ Mark Bryan - "I Love U" (Video)

Oklahoma has produced some of the biggest names in the music industry. The Gap Band and Charlie Wilson, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Wayman Tisdale, and Hanson. Oklahoma`s premier hip hop artist Robert C. Daniels II aka Dangerous Rob, known to his friends as D-Rob, has already made his mark in Japan, Germany, Australia, and the UK. D-Rob recorded his first rap record at the age of 15, with a group named THOB-MOB. Rob graduated from Thomas Edison Prep School, and then he went on to Langston University where he majored in Broadcasting & Journalism. Ultimately, he put his educational goals aside and released his second record. With the combined forces of Partners-N-Rhyme, a local rap group, this record was distributed nationwide through an Independent label called ACI Records based out of Los Angeles, California. Their record independently sold more than 500,000 copies of the single “Cold Chillin in the Middle”. This popularity allowed the group a feature on the Arsenio Hall Show and national tours across the country. In 2022, Dangerous Rob released the single Dangerous Wayz and in March of 2023, Rob is set to release the new single and accompanying visual “I Love U” from his 8th album. In the single, Rob explains, “Let me explain because this game is needed. Treat people how you want to be treated.” Per usual, Rob’s seasoned lyrics relay a message that people of all different walks of life can relate to. Now that the official video is here, the power that “I Love U” holds will continue to grow and capture the attention of real Hip-Hop fans. The seasoned rapper has had previous success with singles, “Work It”, “To the Top” and “Real Sh!t”, and now beginning the year with "I Love U," the most impactful song of this generation. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to connect with Dangerous Rob on all social media and digital music platforms.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

[Single] Wunder - Rebound | @wundermusic12

Wunder has been making music for over 12 years. Music has always been an outlet for him and an artistic form of expression he could tell his story through. Although his sound and direction may have changed over the years, his musical vision hasn't. The sound of music has the power to heal people at the deepest emotional level so Wunder uses music as a way to consciously elevate the listener's frequency. He dreams to use his talents to inspire and motivate people in a positive way to help them manifest what brings them happiness. His true purpose is to make music and document his life along the way sonically. Transmuting the painful and hopeless times into stories of transformation, redemption, and rebirth. Elevating consciousness through the sound of music.
Wunder's new single "Rebound" is an important track for Wunder as was created during a very difficult and transitional time in his life. We asked Wunder how the song came about and he said and we quote:
I wrote this song during a very dark time. I vividly remember writing this song in the car (while I was driving) and I have never done that before. Driving a rental car because I had recently just totaled my Honda Accord in a drinking and driving accident. Living away from family in KC for four years I made some pretty bad decisions that resulted in blessings disguised as curses. Generally, I am always the most positive person I know but this song came from a really dark place when I needed to vent. This song helped reinvent my perspective on music, as I should use music as therapy before anything. If you get a second chance, don't squander it. My life could have ended in numerous ways on the day of the accident.
"Rebound" also just debuted at #25 on the HipHop/Rap Songs Chart at iTunes!!!! So please take some time to check out Wunder's new single and consider adding it to your favorite stations, playlists, and rotation today!


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Supa ChuLi (@Big_Supachuli) - "Dear Bestfriend"

TTG signed rapper Supa ChuLi releases his new single “Dear Bestfriend.” With this single Supa ChuLi lives up to the fanfare and hysteria surrounding his charismatic personality that has fans and media alike gravitating towards his energy and sound. “Dear Best Friend is my first single on the TTG and the song is about couples out here that like to be secrets to the rest of the world and their friends. So out and about when they're in public, around other friends who don't know, they'll play it cool like best friends. But behind closed doors they’re secret lovers, they just want to keep people out of their business,” Supa ChuLi explained. A self-described “emotional melodic trapstar,” Supa ChuLi humorously compares his style to the unknown character in the Japanese video game Tekken. “I'm an artist that can fit in or stand out as far as like, I don't know if you're familiar with a video game named Tekken. Basically, it's an unknown player up there. He knows everybody's style, but I feel like that's me, like, without being like a copycat, you feel me? But like, I could fit in or I could stand out. So I’m really, I really can say like, I'm an emotional artist. I'm an emotional melodic trap star man,” Supa ChuLi said. "People like, oh yeah, he's turnt might be too turnt. Nah, I'm just regular. It's just that when it's that time to activate, that's when I activate. Other than that, I'm chill. I don't even really talk like that. For real, for real.” And while Supa ChuLi is known for his charismatic style while performing on stage and in music videos, he candidly says that he is somewhat “anti-social” when it comes to everyday life off camera. “Crazy thing is, man, that's just me, man. Like this ain't like no act, you know? I get along with everybody, you know, everybody gravitates towards me, but I consider myself sorta kind of anti-social, honestly. I don't talk to everybody. I'm really like a homebody unless I'm out and about, ya dig? I just try to stay out the way, man, but as far as on camera, the charisma, everybody has seen me jumping and getting hyped. It's because of the music, man. I love music. I feel like without music, the world will be obliterated. Like, it would be nothing.” Raised in a house where his family was always singing, rapping and playing music from the R&B greats like Earth, Wind and Fire to BET Freestyle Fridays, Supa ChuLi fell in love with music at an early age but it wasn’t until later in life that began to take his God-given talents and abilities more seriously. “My dad and my mom always played music around the house, my dad's a music junkie. He never did music himself, but he could sing like he could sing his tail off. He and my late-uncle used to sing and stuff, and I just fell in love with that,” Supa ChuLi said. “What really got me was the Freestyle Fridays that BET used to do. My cousins and them, you know, we would be all outside in a big circle. I used to beatbox before I knew I could rap, I just watched them rap, they were pretty good at it. Then, you know, fast forward to middle school, I started playing around with it, and next thing you know, boom. Okay, I can rap.” From there Supa ChuLi continued to develop his style making music until he was ultimately signed to TTG Records along with his labelmate Baby Cheef. “My label is amazing man. Independent, the fastest rising, the greatest in my eyes, the greatest independent label ever. TTG you feel me? Trained. To. Go. It speaks for itself. Trained To Go. We are ready for any and everything and we’re going to leave our mark on this game man.”

Tek-Neek (@Tek_Neek) - “Play Some Tek-Neek”

Check it out as LA-based and South Carolina-bred rapper Tek-Neek continues to push his new single, “Play Some Tek-Neek” which swindles Siri with a command to play his new single at the top of the track. Hoping to infiltrate phone after phone, Tek-Neek hangs on to words and themes he found as a youth reading comic books and diving into the world of superhuman characters of anime. In releasing this song Tek-Neek hopes to set off every Apple phone within earshot of the DJ spinning his record almost like an anime supervillain taking over people’s phones. “You know, Play Some Tek-Neek is a crazy song because first and foremost, the song starts off, like, ‘Hey Siri, play some Tek-Neek.” I’m hoping that when the song plays, everybody who has an Apple phone will immediately see their phone go off with the command. And it kind of like, it’s my way of hacking Apple, you know what I mean? But I'm the first to do it. I'm doing it as an artist almost like an anime villain would do, you know what I mean?” Growing up in South Carolina, Tek-Neek comes from humble beginnings as his rap career started off with nothing more than a Casio keyboard and a vision that he wanted to make music with and for his friends. Extremely proud of his roots in South Carolina and the Gullah Geechee way of life, Tek-Neek hopes to help people find their own roots by discovering his music as he seamlessly incorporates the Gullah culture in his music. “Gullah Geechhee is where, my people basically come from. We are all from places like Sierra Leone, the Congo, Angola, you know, and the islands were like a mixture of all of that into one. When we were brought into slavery, it was either that we were born into slavery or we were brought into it. So, if you were brought into it, you know, you still stuck to your roots, your heritage, the way you talk and everything. So, us Gullah people, we're the remnants, we are exactly, what it was when we got here, how we talk, how we eat, how we carry ourselves, our culture, everything,” Tek-Neek said. Also influenced by his mother's work in the church playing for the gospel choir, Tek-Neek grew up around 80’s R&B, gospel and soul music which you can hear permeating through his music to this day. “If I wanted to listen to music, I was listening to it on record. So I was listening to Billie Holiday records, you know, the Herbie Hancock records, the gospel records, that was first and foremost for me. Then my mother, she played piano in the church, so when she wasn't there I was always playing on it and learning my way on the keys. But the music I was really influenced by was eighties music, really heavy. You can definitely hear that in my sound.” Bringing everything full circle and aside from the trickery of “Play Some Tek-Neek,” this Gullah Geechee artist is more than 2500 miles away from home with a passionate vision to live out his dreams of musical success while also sharing his cultural roots which have clearly and rightfully made him proud to be who he is, Tek-Neek. “I want to be 1% better than I was yesterday. That's, that's my goal for every day, every single day.” Continuing forward, Tek-Neek has plans to perform at The Virgil, a popular venue in Hollywood at the end of the month, culminating with a month-long promotional push to fill up the venue. “Between rehearsal and selling these tickets, I’ve been super busy. We got DJ Pia B, DJ Ash D and a bunch of very special guests so I’m expecting a great turnout and attendance for the show,” he explained.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Rae Bandzz - "Ain't A Stain On Me" Remix (Video)

Rae Bandzz is not new to the music industry, but now we get to see this Chicago influencer in a more creative light as an artist! Check out her latest visual for “Ain’t A Stain On Me" Remix from her “Toxic” EP. The Chicago female artist music visual was shot by Famouss Tae Visuals.

(Article) Meet The Infamous Producer Luminess Beats | @LuminessBeats

Luminess Beats, also known as Iz Dat Luminess, is a one of a kind producer that has been perfecting his craft for over 7 years now. Luminess Beats was originally started in 2015. Having lived in Los Angeles most of his life he had also lived in NY for a couple of yours. Therefore, Luminess Beats has versatile influence in hip hop, boom bap, drill, & trap type beats. Equipped with a heavy kick and crisp snare, he dominates the drums to another level. Luminess Beats recently stated that “music is his language.” In 5 years, he sees himself as a well known producer in the industry. Having mentors like Dr. Dre & Scott Storch, his creativity is endless. Luminess Beats is far from done, proving his success as an independent producer in the music industry. Luminess Beats said that he isn’t after the clout or money, but he is more after the respect and legacy he can leave for the younger generation coming up under him. He is simply a go-getter and a dream chaser fighting to be successful by any means necessary. Luminess Beats knows what it takes to make it in the industry and definitely has what it takes. He has many new projects in the works and he cannot wait to show them to his supporters. He always makes sure to give credit where due, which separates him from most producers in the industry today. Luminess Beats has started his producer journey by networking with individuals on different social platforms. He is staying busy and being published nationwide in articles. From magazines to news sites, he is taking over the industry day by day and making it look very easy. Luminess Beats is on the path to success and he’s never going to look back. Be sure to follow Luminess Beats on all social media platforms and be on the lookout for new beats coming very soon. You don’t want to miss out on anything he’s putting together or releasing, because he’s on a true roll to be the best, next up producer!