Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Marino showcases inspirational music with new mixtape ‘Yesterday’s Favorite, Tomorrow’s Icon 2.0’

UTICA, NY – Marino was born to rap, and he knew it as early as age 5.

If you ask his mom, she’d tell you that she’d often find him in his room at that young age “performing” for imaginary crowds – shirt off and fake microphone in hand, rapping just like the rappers he saw on TV. Many of those early inspirations were artists that his mother – a hard-working, single mother with a stellar reputation in the community – listened to around the house. Artists such as Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane and other hard-core rappers were her favorites, and Marino’s first foray into the world of hip-hop.

By age 7 he was writing his own raps. He and friend would play tape cassettes of other artists that they loved and practice rapping over the top of them.

“I didn’t really have a formula for my delivery then, but I had a gift for performing,” Marino recalls. “Even when I pretended it felt like a lot of people were staring at me. I felt like people were calling my name, so I’d hold my hand like I was holding a microphone like I saw on TV and played to the crowd. I loved that feeling – the feeling of being powerful. I knew right then that it was a calling.”

Today his professional music career has soared to new heights, and with the release of his new mixtape “Yesterday’s Favorite, Tomorrow’s Icon 2.0” – which came out New Year’s Eve – he hopes fans all over the world will begin to become used to his name.

The mixtape features 15 tracks of various topics and concepts, all packaged in a “Hollywood” style. He said it was an intentional strategy to bring forth a high-end professional persona through these songs and impress on his fans that he means business with this new wave of music.

“My style is kind of like … well, my friend calls me ‘Hollywood’ because my music has that red carpet feel,” he said. “It has that kind of feel that you’d expect with stars and paparazzi. But the music talks about all kinds of different things. It’s versatile. I tell some stories sometimes, but mostly I write about whatever comes with the mood and inspires me. I could be out at the basketball court and see a little kid jumping rope and be inspired by that. It’s a gift – God put ideas in my head and I have to put it down. Sometimes I’ll even just stop and write it on a napkin or record it on my phone like a voice memo. Almost always, though, I’m inspired by real-life situations and things I’ve experienced.”

Though the new mixtape is an intentional attempt to be a bit flashy, Marino said he doesn’t want to be too cocky and hopes people can see past the marketing side of his music to the humble musician at the core. And mostly he wants to pull people together through his music and inspire them to find their own sense of discovery through his music. If he can accomplish that, he said, then he knows he’ll be able to leave his mark on the world.

To sample some of his music, fans can visit his Soundcloud page, or check out some of his music videos on his YouTube channel. His music is also available on all the top music platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. Fans can also follow him on Instagram @315marino, on Facebook @visualrecords315 and on Twitter @MARINO315.

Dynamic Artist Aaron Jordan Releases Single “Better Move”

Nashville, TN – For a young man raised amongst the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, with only a single mother and older sister to guide him, life could have taken a dark and negative path. But Aaron Jordan, a talented and dynamic artist, found music as a refuge and never looked back – only forward. “I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life. People were doing crazy things,” he confesses, “but I was in the band room practicing my music. It showed me there was power in music.” What started as a hobby became a lifelong passion and career for Aaron, who started his career writing songs for other people. Aaron was eager to take ownership over his music – having heard his songs not performed with the caliber and integrity he would like – and he quickly moved from songwriter to performer, much to the delight of listeners everywhere.

Jordan’s music is, in a word, “nostalgic.” It possesses an essence of older, simpler times when music still had integrity and lyrics were thoughtful, fun, and clever. “My music is like a blend of hip-hop / rap and R&B – it’s a lot of melodic structure and a lot of rhythmic pattern,” explains the artist. Influenced by eccentric artists like Party Next Door, you can expect the unexpected from Aaron Jordan.

His newest single, which is available now on all digital platforms, is entitled “Better Move” and has an interesting (and funny) backstory. It all began with a simple case of writer’s block: Aaron was in the studio and had fallen madly in love with a beat, but couldn’t find the words in him. “I wasn’t doing it any justice,” he laughs, “I thought, It’s not coming to me.” So, in search of some inspiration and fun, he found his way to the club. A few drinks in, he met some girls and found his inspiration on a good night out. Immediately, the words fell into the song, like tipsy musical serendipity. Taking advice from famous writer Ernest Hemmingway who suggested writers “Write drunk, and edit sober,” he found himself a hit at the bottom of a bottle.

Fans wanting to follow along on social media can find him on Instagram and Facebook as @iamaaronjordan and on Twitter, @aaronjordan502.

[Mixtape] Ray Louchie - Perfect Timing

Bigga Rankin took his Street n Greet tour to Tallahassee and linked up with Who Got Juice for an artist competition. Ray Louchie outperformed the others and came out on top winning a mixtape hosted by none other than Bigga Rankin himself, today we are proud to deliver "Perfect Timing". Support this independent artist by sharing his tape and comments are always welcome.

Click [Here] To Download/Stream

Connect w/ Ray Louchie: Twitter: RayLouchie Instagram: TheRealRayLouchie Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRealRayLouchie/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/raylouchie Snapchat: RayLouchie For Booking Email: WeWantRayLouchie@Gmail.com Connect w/ Bigga Rankin: Twitter: @BiggaRankin00 Instagram: BiggaRankin00

Swoozy & Rodge Release Album Nothing But Facts

Beaver County, PA  – You’ve likely never met a duo quite as dynamic as Swoozy & Rodge. The two met through a mutual friend, Alvin’s cousin Chris. It was musical love-at-first-sight for the two immensely talented artists. They hit it off and have been making musical magic with one another since then. Chris has since passed away, but Swoozy & Rodge continue to create together in honor of his memory. The pair is making waves with more than just their voices and rhymes, but with the way they are bridging the gap between races. The first thing one might notice about the two artists is that they are an interracial musical duo, and while that’s not unheard of in progressive 2017, it still has impact on the musical community. “I think it represents unity,” they explain, “and to a lot of people, it represents unity,” which is one thing the world could use more of. Another thing the world could use more of? Hit songs, courtesy of Swoozy & Rodge.

Alvin (Rodge) Rodgers and Bradley Salada (Swoozy) are not your average local rappers. They are, in a word, eclectic. The two listen to all kinds of music and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places and genres – Rodge was raised in the church amongst the harmonies of a gospel choir, while Swoozy derives inspiration from everyone from The Doors to Eminem. The artists’ collective ability to think outside the box and love of all genres from country to classic hip-hop makes their music unlike anything you ever heard. “We’re artists first, rappers second,” confesses Swoozy, “A lot of hip-hop artists sound like they only listen to hip hop, but because we were raised on all kinds of music, we aren’t locked in to a specific sound.” Adds Rodge; “You can’t put us in a box.”

The duo is bringing their talent to their brand new album, released on February 14th, entitled Nothing But Facts. The album is a twelve-track project that exhibits all of the qualities that make Swoozy & Rodge such a captivating group. The main single off of the album, an R&B-esque clever song “Sprung,” has people vibing to it so much that its created its own movement on social media, appropriately named “The Sprung Challenge.”

Fans who want to take a listen to Nothing But Facts can do so on the duo’s SoundCloud page. To stay up-to-date with all things Swoozy & Rodge, follow them on social media (@Swoozyandrodge).

Mississippi-based hip-hop trio announces ‘Skurf Season’ with release of new mixtape

ABERDEEN, MS – There’s a new hip-hop trio out of Mississippi that’s riding a wave of success, and the release of their new mixtape “Skurf Season” is set to expand that success in big ways.

The trio is called SKURF – a term that the group uses to refer to the way they surf, or “skurf” the waves of the beat. As Cameron “Ski” King describes it, SKURF’s music is “real wavy” and different from anything coming out within the hip-hop genre today.

“We’re wavy and your music is real wavy and we’re just different,” Ski said. “We’re trying to do something positive. Our music is all about putting out positive vibes. We want you to feel like you’re there in the studio with us in that moment.”

Rounding out the trio with Ski are Cameron “Ecuas” Johnson and Trent “Astro” Davis. The three are cousins who grew up with each other in Aberdeen, Mississippi and fell in love with music all around the same time. Ski’s influence started with a father who was a producer and who would always have artists around the house or be playing new music. Astro had an uncle who used to rap and who influenced his love for the genre and Ecuas always loved music and enjoyed rapping with his cousins even from a young age.

“When I was young I never thought about growing up and being a rapper, it was just something fun to do because we loved music,” Ecuas said. “Now I love that we get to rap about everyday situations. When people hear our music I want them to feel the same things I feel. If I’m turnt, I want them to be turnt. Plus our sound is unique. We don’t try to use the same sound that’s already out. We’re originals. Most rappers today use a sound that’s already out, but we make our own sound.”

Astro said making music together has always been something that’s been relatively effortless for the trio of cousins. Over the years he said they’ve been able to develop a sound that features “a little bit of trap mixed with pop culture.”

“Making the music is easy,” he said. “We have a style that’s familiar to each other, so the process is easy. We have a good chemistry.”

“Skurf Season” is a 13-song mixtape that the group released on Spinrilla.com in mid-February. In the short time since its release it has already garnered a lot of chatter throughout their city, with buzz spreading throughout the state. Ski said it has helped to create interest in the group, enough that they’re already starting to book shows in places like Tupelo and Hattesburg; and some venues from as far away as Tennessee and Georgia are also calling asking the group to headline shows.

Fans who want to sample the album can check it out on Spinrilla, or visit the groups YouTube page for music videos of their singles. Fans can also follow SKURF on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information about upcoming music releases or live performances.

King Varciti drops hot new trap single with ‘Pack’

ORLANDO, FL – You never know where inspiration is going to strike. For Orlando-based hip-hop artist King Varciti, inspiration for his most recent single “Pack” struck while in the car on a long drive.

“I was putting notes on my phone and the hook just came into my head,” he said. “I wrote the whole song before I even found the beat. And then one day I was in my emails and a producer sent me a whole list of beats – like 20 beats – and I started listening and found the perfect beat to go with what I’d written. It’s a real trap song that basically tells the story of how I moved from Orlando – running from the police and having to face the news – on my way to Atlanta. The music video for it has a fun storyline to it.”

The song is a good display of his talent as a musician and of his unique sound as a trap artist. His music label – AMG Hoodstars, of which he is the CEO – not only creates trap music and works with a handful of other artists, but also produces and edits music videos for others. AMG has a studio in Orlando and one in West Virginia. King Varciti said there are even four or five producers on the team, though the producer he used for “Pack” is a producer not affiliated with AMG named Jay Armotto.

All of the music he and the label creates is upbeat and positive. He said the intention behind the music is to get people energized and having fun – forgetting their worries for a little bit and just letting loose and enjoying life.

“I want them to feel the feeling of being turnt up when they listen to my music,” he said. “I want the youngins to listen to somebody who’s been through it. A lot of rappers talk shit but haven’t been through nothing. I think it’s better to listen to somebody who’s been through it. And in my own way I’m telling people to just go out there and get it, however you can get it. But be safe and know that there are consequences to everything you do.”

Some of that mantra he said he learned from a young age. He grew up with a family that had close ties to the hip-hop industry. His uncle worked under the stage name Shambu and worked with a number of bigger names in the industry. And a close family friend whose stage name was The 45 King worked with Eminem and Jay-Z. King Varciti said he learned much watching those artists – as well as EPMD and LL Cool J – and hopes to be able to emulate their success in his own life and entrepreneurial endeavors.

“I’m very versatile,” he said. “The old-heads will like my music as well as the youngins. I have that boom/bap style along with the trap. I do a little harmonizing, also – so I’m touching everything. I don’t sound like anybody else. I just sound like me. I’m different and I’m not trying to sound like anybody else. In fact, before anyone was rapping on dubstep beats I was doing it. I was the first one rapping on dubstep. That just shows you how creative I am and should show you that I have a sound that’s going to touch everybody. Put that together with real lyrics and no gimmicks and you can see why I’m the king.”

King Varciti also performs with a hip-hop group called the Hoodstars, which also includes Pope and Giulio4. To find out more about King Varciti or Hoodstars, fans can visit his website at hoodstarhiphop.net/kingvarciti, or check out his music on Soundcloud or iTunes. He also has music videos on his AMG’s YouTube channel. And for more information about new music releases or live performances, fans can follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spitta "Pressure"

IMG 1052
Spitta has been making some serious noise in the Baton Rouge music scene as of late. His 2016 mixtape Shottas 2 was a staple in all BR neighborhoods during the Summer and the tape featured the local hit single “Pressure” which has racked up an impressive 145k streams on YouTube despite not having an actual video for the song all in build up for his newly released project entitled “Pressure” with features from VL Deck, Boosie Badazz, B. Will, Ray Vicks & More. Stream the project below!
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hatin front
BEAT BPM - 102
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Legacy The Great "Ratchet Walk"

IMG 1052
Ratchet Walk Single Cover  Final   1
Song Name: "Ratchet Walk"
Artist Name: Legacy the Great
Producer Name: Cash Money AP & Shaypz
Beat BPM: 148
Song Length: 3:41
Brief Description of Track: Ratchet Walk is a high energy club banger that emphasizes the every day hustle, paper chase and grind that women are on!
Contact for Booking Info: Anan Momin (310) 560-2140
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