Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Massholez - "Phantom" (Video)

New England (Boston) based rap group The Massholez has released their new single “Phantom.” Made up of the three friends Filthy Rich, MG and Natethoven, they spit hard verses over banging beats illustrating the streets as seen through their eyes. From bars to storytelling, these guys are reviving hip hop. The Massholez are breaking down doors and bringing top-notch quality back to the game. Their sound is original and their flow is purely authentic. Hip hop is their lives, streets are in their blood and freedom is in their hearts. They fought for their families, they fought for their country and now they fight for their dignity.

Monday, December 5, 2022

CuhDeeJah "Blue Racks" Single | @CuhDeeJah ft Blueface

CuhDeeJah is a 25-year-old Los Angeles native. A product of a Sierra Leonean African mother and a father from Chicago, CuhDeeJah raps about money moves and female empowerment. CuhDeeJah has collaborated and performed with her cousin mega-producer Sean2 miles, American rapper Blueface and her cousin R&B Singer Paschan. However, CuhDeeJah started her music career under the label 2 Miles Ahead. Cuhdeejah has a debut single called "Blue Racks" ft Blueface.

CuhDeeJah being a young artist and a mother, there is no losing. "IT CAN BE DONE" is the young superstars' motto. Successful careers and motherhood do go hand in hand. In CuhDeeJah's eyes, being a mother is number one, which means getting that "Blue Racks" by any means necessary. CuhDeeJah believes that once all the bias against women is dismantled, the playing field becomes level, and women can assume a free and equal place in society by simply cloning the male competitive model. CuhDeeJah looks forward to where this new direction will take her.
"This song is special to me because everything I’m saying is a reflection of my life right now. I came up with specifically blue racks because if I’m getting money, I want the whole rack full of new hundreds. This song gives real LA girl vibes, and that’s me!" - Cuhdeejah 

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Friday, December 2, 2022

(New Single) Dredoe - "Pillow Talk"

Dredoe keeps his focus on the ladies with his new single “Pillow Talk”. From the jazzy beat to his lyrics and flow, Dredoe creates an inviting atmosphere for a sexy night in with this record. Tagging in QC DJ, DJ Money Mook, on the intro, Dredoe is stamped as a smooth hip hop artist to be recognized. Stay tuned for more from the South Carolina artist and stream “Pillow Talk” by Dredoe on any streaming platform, after listening to the exclusive version with DJ Money Mook, below.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2 Door Gzzly f/ Billionaire Black (@Billion_Ballout) - "I Wanna Know"

2 Door Gzzly is back with another banger featuring Billionaire Black. "I Wanna Know" grabs the attention of the listener and doesn't let go until the very end. The Chicago & New York repping duo tag team the beat to deliver nothing but pure fire. If 2 Door Gzzly & Billionaire Black can continue to deliver songs like this, they will certainly be a staple in the near future. Be sure to check out the new single, now available on all major streaming services.

Ernie Wayne & LITFRANK - "444" (Video)

The rap scene in Indiana is on the rise as new artists emerge and attempt to make new sounds for the Midwest. One artist who has perfected his own sound is actually someone who is not so new. Ernie Wayne has been in the industry for 8 years, and he is reaching new heights after dropping new music. The Montego Bay, Jamaica born artist has been able to balance being a single Father ,a great live performer & a dope MC all at once. His upbringing in Indiana wasn’t always easy but he found a way to channel his energy through music. LITFRANK is an artist and social media influencer out of Clearwater, FL. He started his music career in his early stages of middle school and gradually excelled in entertainment as the years went on.

Rockness Monsta f/ Ron Browz, Bo Blakk & Milly Dod - "Feast" (Video)

Heltah Skeltah's own Rockness Monsta returns with his latest album single, “Feast” featuring Bo Blakk and Milly Dod. Produced by Harlem hitmaker, Ron Browz—who's produced for the likes of Nas, Big L, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and many more—this high-powered street anthem marks the third official focus track taken from the Boot Camp Clik affiliate's forthcoming album, Ether Rocks. “Feast” hits DSPs on June 3rd via American B-Boy Records in partnership with Fat Beats. On American Bboy records @thelastamericanbboy Since making his mark in the '90s through the early aughts as a part of the legendary Boot Camp Clik and one half of "Da Incredible Rap Team" and duo Heltah Skeltah, Rock (also known as the Rockness Monsta) has been conservative with solo efforts. With one of the most distinct voices in hip-hop, the Brooklyn emcee released his full-length debut solo album Rockness AP in 2017, and now looks to step back into the spotlight with his sophomore album, Ether Rocks. Produced entirely by Harlem, New York's Ron Browz (Nas's "Ether", Jim Jones's "Pop Champagne", etc.), the project sees Rock's ominous tone and sharp flow transposed from the traditional Boom-Bap beats of Da Beatminerz and others, into a sonic backdrop that retains grit yet bolsters an updated and more sophisticated style from the legendary emcee. The 12 track LP boasts guest appearances from Method Man, Steele (Smif-N-Wessun), Ruste Juxx and more, and is out through American B Boy Records in partnership with Fat Beats. "Dope is dope. I'm trying to break out of the underground rap box and ease into 'grown man rap'. This album is basically my way of showing y'all more sides to myself musically and conceptually. A lot of our culture wants you to do the same thing over and over. That's understandable but not realistic as we are forever evolving as human beings. So, while I continue to serve jedi level barbarian bars, I'm adding some things to the menu." - Rockness Monsta

Rorshax - "Bars Behind Bars" EP

RORSHAX is a hip-hop enigma. He is a lyrical doomsday scenario NASA scientists and religious prophets failed to foresee. Every track he records is an onslaught of hard bars and punchlines. There is no mercy. May God help us all. Something is not right with this dude. He needs to be studied, and so do his lyrics. What we do know is he is mixed race (German mother, Pakistani father). And him being raised in a multicultural environment could be why his approach to music seems to blur together different styles. He loves America, served in the US Army for 14 years (five years Active, nineyears Reserve) and worked in Federal Prisons as a Correctional Officer for almost six years. He is extremely impulsive, and quit his federal job with great pay and benefits to record rap music even though he had no experience. Rorshax ran out of the gate and into the studio like a rabid dog. His introduction to the world of Hip-Hop with his first EP titled Bars Behind Bars, includes six tracks, over 490 bars, and features by M-Eighty and Canibus. On the track titled Why’d You Do That, A&R Extraordinaire M-Eighty rips through twenty-four bars coming at the throats of established billionaires, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, as well as all his haters.He is followed by a very clever verse from Rorshaxacknowledging M-Eighty took a huge gamble dealing with him. The Final Test featuring Canibus is the first time Canibus ever recorded a 100 bar verse for a feature. And is followed by another 100 bar verse from Rorshax, totaling 200 bars from US Army Veterans for a 9 minute 24 second rap epic. Every track on Bars Behind Bars has Rorshax lashing out at the world over topics such as the need to execute sex offenders, the Afghanistan disaster (Rorshax served in Afghanistan in 2017), and even his disappointment with the Fast and Furious franchise. As angry as he is with the world, it's abundantly obvious he loves to rhyme, and demonstrates an amazing skill of syllable compounds and lyrical endurance. Rorshax is still writing and recording music, and if he keeps ripping through tracks the way he does, he will be cemented as an all time great.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Miss Sosa puts life experiences to music in new single "Not The One"

When life gives you a calling, it may take years before you understand why it's calling, why you’re the one chosen to give the world a gift you knew you had but wasn't quite sure it was for you. A lot of artists dive into the music world because it’s a trend but when music is your gift, it becomes the reason you stand out. Sometimes you must go through painful life lessons before you take that risk, but once you do it’s all elevator from there ask Miss Sosa.

Miss Sosa is an R&B artist from Kentucky who has lived in Atlanta for the last 8 years. Miss Sosa learned that music was her calling and with constant validation from those who heard her music, she took the opportunity to introduce those who don't know her, why they should. If you love R&B, then you were introduced to a type of music that will emotionally put you in different places often. Miss Sosa's music is just that, so to continue with that R & B feel she teamed up with producers Brittany Mayes & Chris Davis for her new single "Not The One".

Before we dive deep into her new single, it’s important to learn more about the artist. Miss Sosa writes her own music and at times brings in her friend Mika Means to help during the creation process.

If you've ever been in a relationship where the person you were with failed to treat you right, and took you for granted then you will relate to "Not The One''. Miss Sosa talks about catching a man with another girl and thinking he can come back, that’s when she quickly lets him know I’m"Not The One".

Everything from beat production, engineering and vocals are top notch when listening to this record. The music she is currently making has been lost for a long time and Miss Sosa is determined to bring R&B music back as she knows it and true fans know it today.

Stream "Not The One" available on all digital platforms now.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Please check out Up and Coming Artist Sirrom

Alex Morris, also known by his stage name, Sirrom, is an American artist. He started his Hip Hop journey in 2020 and has always had a passion for the art. He is mostly known for his hit single Big Ole Hater featuring Sickwitit where his message is, there will always be haters, you just have to stay focused. As a new artist, he's had over 1 million streams on all music distribution platforms with hit single Big Ole Hater getting most of those streams. Sirrom has done several performances including one in front of Yung Joc. He has done comedy skits with Fatboy SSE & Famousangel.

He has also been associate with other artists, such as, Mpr Riche Rich, 90Rackss, and WillGotTheJuice. He has upcoming songs with a few artists like Lausane, Fatt Macc, Scout, PNF Rockie, Yayo Da Don, Biggie Bluw, KrazyMann, Chef Trez, PBE Pluto and more. He already has songs with QuezzyQuae, Sickwitit, Dubbygotbars other artists. Aside from his musical talent, Alex and his brand The Visual Goat is well-known globally for videography that has cultivated musical talent among other indie & mainstream artists. He also has his own Record Label called Young Goat Enterprise which currently is looking to sign some artists. Check out Sirrom Radio curated by Spotify. Sirrom has also featured on songs from Keymoe the Key to More Greatness, Rashad Malice, and more.

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Yung Emmy (@MervinDavis19) - "Run Your Mouth" (Video)

Rising star “Yung Emmy” Island Boy From The Bahamas. Making noise overseas with his unique sound UK Drill. With only a few releases out Yung Emmy already creating a buzz on his social media platforms. Check out his latest visual for “Run Your Mouth”.  Be on the lookout for more material as the last quarter ends for Yung Emmy.