Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hot New Model "Curvy Red Bone" | @curvyredbone

The internet is going crazy over the Financial District, Manhattan, New York model Curvy Red Bone. Checkout her website and shop for exclusive content along with her own custom mugs; "Curvy Mugs".  

Sam Collier - "A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God's Plan" (Book)

Speaker, Pastor and National TV/Podcast Host Sam Collier Releases New Book A GREATER STORY, Revealing His Journey From Poverty to Purpose Collier Reunited with Birth Family On “Steve Harvey Show”, Launching His Gripping Story of Hope Despite Adversity In his deeply personal and universally relatable upcoming book, A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan (August 2020, Baker Publishing Group), Collier tells the inspiring journey of his experiences of abandonment, sacrifice, rescue and gratitude that led him to discover his purpose and place in God’s plan. In the book, Collier shares that your purpose is wherever your passion, gifting and God’s provision intersect. Collier also releases a brand new theme song on Mytrell Records/ Universal Christian for the book called “A Greater Story” by 2x Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H. Feat. Sam Collier and Tyra Scott.  About the Author: Sam Collier is a pastor, speaker, writer, and host of the “A Greater Story with Sam Collier” TV show and radio podcast. He is a speaker and host at North Point Ministries, founded by Andy Stanley, and he also communicates nationally and internationally as a speaker and contributor to the ReThink Group, Orange Network, Orange Tour, Alpha International Leadership Conference, Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, Culture Conference, and more. He has also been interviewed on numerous TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs. Collier lives with his wife, Toni, and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia. Support Speaker, Pastor and National TV/Podcast Host Sam Collier order New Book A GREATER STORY now.

Big Homie Esounds - "Where's The Money"

E-sounds was formally e-lumni was started in 2011 with group members s.b,Yung jey,nino poppy. The group put out three mixtapes e-lumni test one e-luzionz and empire before dissolving in 2013 but nino aka Mr old school continue to make music started the hip hop brand E-SOUNDS then went on to recruit young Jay now known as big homie they started dropping singles and dropped there first mixtape together called never ending thoughts then big homie recently dropped his mixtape nothing is promise out now e-sounds has collaborated with many unsigned artist point blank ent CEO Jesse James and many more song rapstar has been featured in thisis50.com.
We released our video rapstar early in November our sound is a blend of old school and new school over trap beats and smooth hip hop beats the only hip hop brand with such an diversity in there sound never a stale moment or boring sound from E-sounds Mr old school leader of E-sounds song was charted on the drt charts the song lit stayed 8 weeks on the drt charts they also have accumulated a lot of play on soundcloud but there real goal is to provide real smooth hip hop to the masses e-sounds wants to deliver a new wave of real hip hop for your listening pleasure starting out as just a vision has now become a full blown reality of hard work and dedication to the hip hop game E-sound is not a hip hop group it’s a movement Mr old school and big homie are here to stay.

Connect: Twitter: @brandsounds Instagram: elumni

Monday, August 3, 2020

Artist/Producer Ace Drucci Releases New Song 'Bimma' Charts #1 In Belgium and #10 In Canada.

Ace Drucci is an artist/producer in Atlanta who previously had a hit with the song 'Run It Up' featuring Rick Ross has released a new single called 'Bimma' under new contract with Tuff Gong/Universal Music Group. The song has a good start this week by charting overseas in Belgium at number 1 and in Canada at number 10. An executive at the label stated that the music video is coming soon and will capitalize of the growing buzz.

Tuff Gong is the brand name associated with a number of businesses started by Bob Marley and the Marley family. The Tuff Gong label is distributed by Universal Music through Island Records and is the official Caribbean distributor of Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group.

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Connect w/ Ace Drucci:
Twitter: @AceDrucci
Instagram: AceDrucci

Hugh Lee (@WhoIsHughLee) - "Cabrini" (Video)

Chicago’s newest addition to the music scene, Hugh Lee, drops off his new video for “Cabrini” directed by Kerrigan Productions. Premiering as the title song from album “CABRINI”. This debut album is focused around the often digressed mentality of thinking one needs materialistic things to “make it”, based on experiences growing up in the projects of Chicago.

Interview >> Bigmoneybrezzy Exclusive 1 on 1 w. Breezy Says + his Single "TikTok"

Bigmoneybrezzy is on a million dollar stroll on the road to riches, with hit after hit and the time has come for a new visual and so we bring to you "TikTok". This is for the clubbers and will most definitely be in your top ten summer anthems. From being on indie Spotify and some major hitter playlists, it was only right the visual be released. Check out the interview and visual below.

Welcome to Mollie's World (The Breezy Says Hot Seat), Bigmoneybrezzy

BS: What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

BMB: I go by Bigmoneybreezy, I started rapping at the age of 12, then around the of 16, I went in the studio and laid down my first song, then after that it was history with tons of mixtapes, singles, and albums being released.

BS: Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

BMB: I'm from Austin, Texas the capital of Texas, also its the music capital of the world with one of the largest music festivals such as SXSW and ACL. But I think Austin is mainly known for like Rock or Country music, I feel there hasn't been any rappers to really put it on the map like that.

BS: What was highest and lowest point in your career?

BMB: I have had many high points in career such as getting verified on many platforms and I still have some more to go, but this is all indie, no label or investors backing me up. Also, I really haven't had any low points in my career, everything has been blessing on blessings for me.

BS: How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life?

BMB: There's always a time for everything, but I basically just juggle everything in a day’s schedule from work, to family time to music, I have too many jobs in life, I don't get tired.

BS: What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of?

BMB: One of my favorite tracks ever, I would have to say Hide N Seek, because the thought process behind it was just crazy and that’s what I was going through at the time, so it all came together just right with the lyrics, the song, and the visuals. Well the track I'm the proudest about would have to be one of my latest singled called "Tik Tok" and that's also a fan favorite. Everyone that hears the song gravitate to love me for my style and all.

BS: Please tell us about your current project "TikTok"?

BMB: "Tik Tok" is that song where you just want to elaborate on all your accomplishments and just flex on your haters and naysayers who didn't believe in you, but you still making noise and staying in their face at the same time. More like a flexing type song or even a club banger I would say.

BS: Being that there is a huge social media platform with the same name, how has social media changed your journey as a music artist?

BMB: I love social media and all it does, because it basically gives you a platform to be independent in this music world and as long as you have everything set up, the rest will just land in your lap. It is so much you can do with social media these days, from going viral to marketing yourself and making yourself a global name all from the comfort of your home, I mean it don't get no better than that.


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BS: How do you separate yourself from other artist?

BMB: I'm quite different from many artists because most rappers these days sound the same on every track, I might wake up one day and want to sing something. The next day I might want to do a club banger, so I just feel I'm one of a kind and very versatile with my art.

BS: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor?

BMB: I would have to say Ty Dolla Sign...I feel I'm mainstream but haven't reached the level there on, but that's who I compete with.

BS: What is the hardest part of the music industry?

BMB: Managing everything and doing all the marketing/promo all indie no help, that's one of my biggest obstacles.

BS: What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed?

BMB: It's changed a lot, everybody now really sounds like Young Thug with a little spice to them, if you asked me, I really miss the Mase Harlem world, Dipset, Lil Wayne's Carter Series and a few earlier 2000's music.

BS: Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

BMB: My family, I'm going to make this happen for my family.

BS: What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you?

BMB: You can catch a whole bunch of Brezzyness coming your way. I'm dropping n EP by the end of this year, which was going to be called "Jesus Carter", but decided to change the name to "Saucy Money Carter". Then you can catch some more great visuals on the way, and you might catch an album ya diggggg.

Connect with Bigmoneybreezy:

Website: www.bigmoneybrezzy.com

Email: yungbrezzy512@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialbigmoney

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bigmoneybrezzy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bigmoneybrezzy

Snapchat: Bigmoneybrezzy

Nario Da Don "Bottom Baby" | @NarioDaDonCBR

Connie Boy Records presents Tallahassee, FL. based rapper and recording artist Nario Da Don. "Bottom Baby" a hard hitting ode to the streets produced by Syndrome for Connie Boy Records. Any self respecting southerner knows how sweet the come up is when you come from the "Bottom", Nario Da Don drops off another feature track from the stellar mixtape "The Kid From Ebony Gardens hosted by Living Legend, Bigga Rankin. "Bottom Baby" Directed By Charlie Sky and Hollow is available on all streaming platforms.

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