Sunday, July 3, 2022

Def Poet MC (@defpoetmc) - “Gotta Tell The Truth”

Def Poet MC Delivers His Latest Single “Gotta Tell The Truth” Def Poet MC started performing at a poetry club called (S.P.E.A.K.), short for Student Poets Eloquently Articulating Knowledge, at Florida International University in 2010. Little did he know that he had begun his journey to becoming a renowned rhymester in the musical sector. Since then, he has decided not to turn back. He is an independent artist with branches in the Eastern Shore of Maryland and roots in the beautiful state of Florida. He is popularly known for his groundbreaking poetry, raps, and spoken word lyrically rich and meaningful enough to any audience. His goal is to breathe life into songs in hopes of pioneering his way into the creative world of music. Personally known as Layo Moridon, he has an extensive family origin. He and his brother were the first generations born in Polk County, Florida, to parents who migrated from the countryside in Haiti. He also has two sisters and a stepbrother who were born and raised in Haiti. He chose creative writing and music as a platform to express himself because these are the areas that inspire him the most in life. In 2012, he traveled to Harlem, NY, to audition for the Amateur Night show at the prominent Apollo Theater. He emerged as the 1st place contestant, which proved to be an exciting showcase of the artist’s talents. The witty and energetic entertainer is always on the move capturing moments, forming connections, and creating new memories. Whenever he takes center stage, there is no limit to his flair. This area of his expertise will make you catch more inspiration from his voice and lyrics as you have never done before. Be sure to connect with Def Poet MC on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sardonic and Naz140 join forces on a new EP: "Open Doors"

June 2022 - Sardonic and Naz140 have two different approaches to hip-hop, yet their styles are incredibly complementary, showcasing their great energy and creative chemistry. Recently, these two budding rap talents set out to collaborate on a brand new EP named "Open Doors". This song is a big achievement for the two, and it is a great calling card to describe their work and vision. What makes "Open Doors" stand out is that the EP is very diverse. With each song, Sardonic and Naz140 took the opportunity to try new things and showcase their versatility. As a result, the sound of these tracks is catchy, but also very open-ended and creative, combining the punch and warmth that the audience would expect from the best hip-hop, with the daring mentality and forward-thinking attitude that is most commonly associated with the best alternative music out there. One of the songs, “Pain Away,” kicks off with a somber piano melody, showcasing Sardonic and Naz140’s penchant for more emotional and personal lyrics. The piano is sweet and melodic, while the 808s are big and impactful, creating a very compelling contrast. “Run It Up” has something special to it. This song might remind the audience of modern-day legends such as XXXTENTACION or Lil Uzi Vert, but with a more personal and direct touch. “Open Doors” is one of the most distinctive tracks on this release, and it is not surprising to see that this actually happens to be the title track itself! The song has a really wonderful flow to it, which brings a bass-heavy, massive beat together with some nocturnal and awe-inspiring melodies in the background. Sardonic and Naz140 brought their best game on this one, so it is not surprising to hear that this is actually the title track of the EP! The song “Split Up” is just as dynamic and memorable, and it has some of the best melodies on the entire release, giving it an emotional vibe as well. Last, but not least, there is also room for “Glass,” an outro that feels like a perfect curtain closer to this EP overall

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Flori Da Don "Stay Out The Mix" Video

Flori Da Don releases "Stay Out The Mix", which is a detailed message of how street life is no joke. "Stay Out The Mix" is another way if saying, "stay out of the streets", if you are not prepared to deal with its harsh realities, such as betrayal from loved ones, long jail sentences for drug crime offenses, and more. Flori Da Don briefly describes in third person how he just wants to share his gift with the world and “Stay Out The Mix”.

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Ruff Endz "Congratulations" Single | @THEREALRUFFENDZ

Ruff Endz, the hip-hop soul duo of David "Davinch" Chance and Dante "Chi" Jordan, formed in Baltimore in the mid-'90s. Named after the "Ruff" parts of the city, the group came up in West Baltimore originally as part of a quartet. Soon after they broke out on their own as a duo in 1999, they were signed to Epic Records. In that same year Ruff Endz was featured on Martin Lawrence's "Blue Streak" with a song entitled "Please Don't Forget About Me", which was produced by superstar producer Nokio from the platinum group "Dru Hill". They followed up in 2000 with their first album entitled Love Crimes. Their first single, "No More", reached #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts and peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2002, the duo released their second album, Someone To Love You, which peaked in the top 10 on the R&B charts and top 50 on Billboard. The album's first single, "Someone To Love You", went on to spend 11 weeks at #1 on the AC charts and with their second single, "Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes" rounding out the top 50 on Billboard.

They have shared the stage with music industry icons such as Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, and Christina Aguilera while also featured on CNN, MTV, BET, Top of the Pops (UK), and Much Music (Canada), just to name a few. Their music has been showcased in several feature films including Chris Rock's "Down to Earth", Eddie Murphy's "I Spy", and Ice Cube's "Barber Shop". Their success has grown and crossed US borders to headline their own tours throughout Europe and Japan, building a major international fan base.

After splitting in 2004, the group decided to join forces once again after their hometown of Baltimore erupted into a historical uprising that left their city in flames. With the city in unrest, they were compelled to record their first song entitled "Time 4 Change", which speaks out against injustice for their city and all cities alike. "Time 4 Change" is also the groups tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ruff Endz was also recently featured on one of Fox TV's latest breakout TV films, "Shots Fired". The song, "Speak to My Heart" aired in episode 7 on March 22, 2017.
Ruff Endz partners with Sono Recording Group and in 2021 the group releases their 5th studio album entitled "REBIRTH " Ruff Endz brings you back to the heart of R&B with their latest single " Congratulations " impacting radio NOW!

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Fellon Phelps (@FellonPhelps216) - "Its Your Life" (Video)

Fellon Phelps releases the official music video for his new single "Its Your Life." This is an up-tempo song with positive energy perfect for working out, dancing, or sports. With over 1 million streams on SoundCloud, "Its My Life" is already creating a huge buzz. Fellon Phelps is an African-American hip hop recording artist from Cleveland, OH. With seven albums and over a dozen singles on Spotify, Phelps has a very strong catalog of hits. His most popular single "Blow" has over 1 million streams on Spotify. Besides being an artist, Fellon Phelps is also a member of the Naacp active community and has helped over 3,000 people in Cleveland, OH start their own businesses, bankrolling them, teaching them marketing, promotion, and advertising plus cleaning their credit. Phelps has helped them build both business and personal credit to be eligible for home and auto loans to keep life on track.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

D-Lo G | "Don’t Forget The G" | EP

D-Lo G has come a long way from the release of his leading single, “Things”. After a year filled with dropping singles, videos and a summer tour with 22Gz, D-Lo G presents his first project, “Don’t Forget The G”. The EP, executive produced by Macfly Beatz, showcases a wide repertoire of sounds in 6 songs, ranging from ballad to drill. D-Lo G takes listeners through his journey of ups and downs with this body of work and will be following up with plenty of visuals to support his debut project. Stay tuned for more and enjoy the EP “Don’t Forget The G” by D-Lo G, available on all streaming platforms. Listen here. 

D-Lo G - “Don’t Forget The G” EP

Macfly Beatz Executive Producer

  1. 2 Often

  2. Can’t Go

  3. 20

  4. Man Down

  5. Got Me

  6. Know Me

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

E-Reign (@EREIGNESM) - "Leading Me On"

East Coast Rapper E-Reign delivers his latest single “Leading Me On” Long Island, New York, rapper E-Reign began writing raps as a youngster after being influenced by Nas, 2Pac, and LL Cool J; regardless of their career trajectories, they were all born in New York — the city that he consistently holds down. E-Reign has solidified himself in the industry, and as of late, the public is starting to take notice. To date, he’s performed over 80 shows across the East coast alongside acts like the late drama king DJ Kay Slay and Jae Millz. Additionally, he has earned radio spins, and a feature in The Source Magazine. Currently, he’s preparing to tour overseas and promote his brand globally, as well as release his clothing line, L3. His new record, “Lead Me On,” is blazing up the web, and already has well over 54k YouTube plays. Full of NYC swag, and bars that show off just how much potential the artist has. Give it a spin — and as always — if you’re feeling it, knock that share button. Also, connect with E-Reign on his website, social media and digital music platforms.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Money Picks & Americas Realest Podcast: Pop Up Mixtape


America’s Realest Podcast collaborates with DJ T-Money for surprise mixtape, “Money Picks & Americas Realest Podcast: Pop Up Mixtape”. The collection of songs features artists from June’s music review on America’s Realest Podcast. With a Spotify and YouTube playlist dedicated to the listening session, the mixtape represents the extra steps America’s Realest & DJ T-Money take to support independent artists. Listen to “Money Picks & Americas Realest Podcast: Pop Up Mixtape” on LiveMixtapes, MyMixtapes, Audiomack and MixCloud.

Track List:

1. D-Lo G Feat. Mori Briscoe - Politics

2. 302Smoove - Good Time

3. Dappafn - On Lock

4. Suave Colione Feat. Lewis Dudley II - Sitcom Love

5.Dj Rootsqueen Feat. C.O.E. Mook - Don't Stop

6. Vish-K - Shrimp Fried Rice

7. Zeeko Major - I Kan't FWY

8. Dredoe - Once Upon A Time

9. Bluzi Feat. Kxng KO - Starz

10. Flash E Williams Feat. Mulah Davinci - Heathen

11.Yayo Ali - Shake Sum

12. Yung Haze - Counted Me Out

D-Lo G - "Politics" feat. Mori Briscoe (Official Music Video)


D-Lo G continues his quest to put ATL drill on the map and brings in NY drill artist, Mori Briscoe, for reinforcement on "Politics”. The record produced by Macfly Beats hosts the artists' boisterous lyrics. Still in the midst of dropping content for his introductory EP, "Don't Forget The G""Politics" is the first single released since its debut. Watch D-Lo G and Mori Briscoe come together in the official music video and stream "Politics" on any platform. Bookings | Features:
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Mac & A.K. (@mac_and_ak) F/ King Cydal & Money$Mont aka Mr. Fetti - “Don't Play with Me” (Video)

Eric “Mac Pacino” Gordon and Keith “A.K.” Gordon, fraternal twin brothers hailing from East Palo Alto California in the San Francisco Bay Area formed the group Mac & A.K. The two honed their craft while living in Palo Alto, the then noted murder capital of the United States. Eric “Mac Pacino” first started in a group called Black Jack, which released their acclaimed album “Streets 2 Da Grave” on Ichiban Records, before forming Mac & A.K. with his brother. They eventually signed with Tommy Boy Records based in New York, which was handling acts such as Coolio, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, and House of Pain at the time. While on Tommy Boy Records, Mac & A.K. released their first EP Westbound: For Riders Only on their imprint Streetlife Records. Despite the record doing well, and them receiving a gold plaque for the song Way 2 Saucy featuring Mac Mall, also from the Bay Area, things did not workout at Tommy Boy, so the group asked to be let out of their contract. They then launched E&K Music Group and released Money Rhymes as their first release, which featured heavyweights like E-40, Mac Mall, Above The Law, and local legends like Chunk and Neva Legal. The second release was Hustle Music, which featured The Game, Young Noble from the Outlaws, Chunk, Sean T and other Bay Area Legends. The last album was “Legendary”, which was also well received. Unfortunately, Eric “Mac Pacino” Gordon died in 2013 and A.K. was left to fully run the record label and continue releasing projects on E & K Music Group. The first release of many was the single “Gasoline”, which is on the forthcoming coming album “Only The Strong Survive”. The project will feature notable artists Planet Asia, King Cydal, JT The Bigga Figga, M-Dash and many more. If the single “Gasoline” is to be remembered as an exercise in golden-age revivalism of groove-induced banging, the follow-up “Don’t Play With Me” ft. King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti prioritizes bringing that style into the here and now. Fully loaded and lyrically on target, Mac & A.K. is in red-hot form throughout, firing shots like a high-powered artillery gunner. The track is jam-packed with incendiary moments, as the funky bass booming production forms the foundation for a trip back to the glory days of hardcore booth-spitting which is a rarity these days. “Don’t Play With Me” possess a palpable sense of focus. Unlike so many modern hip-hop tracks, it wastes no time with unnecessary fluff. The song is concise and straight-to-the-point, with no signs of over-indulgence. In short, it’s the kind of track Mac & A.K. is capable of making with effortless ease. The song’s punchy, head-banging sound should be a reference point for other artists trying to tap into its buoyant infectiousness. Driven by Mac & A.K.’s fussy perfectionism and the desire to create a singular, mesmerizing listening experience, the end result is an undeniable success. Mac & A.K. , King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti shine bright on “Don’t Play With Me” with their vocal performances, and this is also where their unselfconscious approach pays the greatest dividends. These men have been around the block, and it shows in their flow and smooth rhyme schemes. Across the record, they jumps from hushed to full-ahead and everything in between, rapping like they truly mean every word. Mac & A.K. and his featured guests, King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti have constructed an effort that is a groove-driven rap tour de force. It is totally exhilarating. The sharp, shapeshifting deliveries and the explosive hair-trigger beat propel the track forward from start to finish. In fact, one of the best characteristics of “Don’t Play With Me” is the production, giving a backdrop that manages to be both smooth and luxurious, yet slapping in the spirit of West Coast rap. Bros around the world are going to be getting loose to this song for months to come. “Don’t Play With Me” represents one of Mac & A.K.’s most passionate performances, getting an exceptional lift from his features too. The understated swagger Mac & A.K., King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti exude on the track is uncanny, portraying a time when rap was all about technique and braggadocio. It’s a track that makes you believe these artists can literally rap over anything. In the end, Mac & A.K. does what he does best on “Don’t Play With Me” ft. King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr Fetti – making a fully-fledged hard-hitting banger.