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[Video] ​Raphael Ratliff - Money Train @​​RaphaelRatliff1

Raphael Ratliff born in Pageland, South Carolina and migrated to the small town of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Within the earlier stages of life, Ratliff became lyrically inspired to transform his musical talents into a future. Alongside participating in church events, Ratliff showcases his abilities in club performances and talent shows performing his latest self-made hit singles. Ratliff has performed as the opening act for several established artists such as: Yo Gotti, TI’s artist Big Kountry Kane, SnootieWild, Kirko Bangs, Pastor Troy, and Rico Love.
Driven by the struggles of his upbringing, Ratliff is differentiated by his work ethic, perseverance, and natural ability to produce hits. Ratliff’s unfortunate life experiences of growing up experiencing a lack of water, no toilet, boarded windows, tin front doors, and no electricity has lyrically inspired Ratliff. Ratliff’s latest hit single “Money Train” expresses the struggle of his background in various dimensions, attracting listeners in a sentimental yet contemporary aspect. Ratliff sparked the attention of the social media audience when the hit single and musical video for “Money Train” took effect on many listeners and supporters. “Money Train” has captivated a diverse group of listeners allowing Ratliff to become one of the most publicized and relevant R & B artists within his area. Ratliff continues to search for musical perfection as he plans to persist on producing quality hits that contour to the 21st century R & B artist.​

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[Video] PBM ​#NoTalking (Prod. Flexx Beats) @MiztaPrettyBoy

Filmed in Miami, the urban visual for PBM’s new track, “No Talking,” does exactly what it is supposed to do—illustrate the story. Take a look at what a long day at the trap with PBM looks like.
The Florida Rapper's self-titled PBM Projects drops September 30 and Will be available on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music and More
Booking info: or 941-549-2559

Spotlight on HOMEFRONT NATION (@wepushworldwide) - Build Up

Born and Raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Homefront was founded by 4 Brothers. The street life was not an option and the life of music was their comfort zone. From Hit artists such as Doughboy Cashout and Chedda Boyz, Homefront felt a change in the music. We wanted to bring a new sound to the city and later added many additions to the group. Homefront's members include The Unit, Ken, J Rick Kush & female artist VX Da Icon. Starting their journey to become one of the hottest rap groups from the city of Detroit they've performed in front of live crowds and held their title at the Bullfrog Bar & Grill. Homefront is full of talented creative artists claiming their time to shine.

Click [Here] To Listen / Stream

Contact and/or Booking Info 1 (866) 831-0471

[Video] Dasha (@thedivinedivah) - Loving You

Dasha New single “Loving You” from her debut album ‘The Howard Roark Project’ on Roark Records. You can follow Dasha through all social media at @thedivinedivah.

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[Mixtape]- Mystics Frequency hosted by @tampamystic

Mystics Entertainment & Team Bigga Rankin Team up to bring the streets "Mystics Frequency". A Mixtape featuring Various artist from differnet markets. Released Via Spinrilla this mixtape series is one to get your hands on

Saturday, September 24, 2016


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – When you grow up loving “Star Wars” culture and have the name Lajuan, it makes sense that your best friends would start calling you Obi Juan.

But when most people think of hip-hop, they don’t associate that culture with the “Star Wars” subculture or anything within the “geek” stereotype. Lajuan Stephens – AKA Obi J – wants to break stereotypes, though. In fact, he’s embracing that “geek” lifestyle and using it as a way to make himself unique as a rapper. Under his label GeekOut Entertainment, Obi J is releasing singles that are starting to get some great response throughout the Midwest and parts of the South. He hopes that his new single, “Xanxiety,” will help grow his reputation on a more nationwide scale.

GeekOut Entertainment is a description of how I am myself,” Obi J said. “I find myself being nerdy, and that just describes me. But I don’t think you have to be the next gangster to be the next hip-hop star. I think what it really takes is somebody with talent. Anybody with talent can make it if they’re willing to work hard.”

Obi J knows all about the hard work it takes to make it in the music industry. While he was in high school he joined a rap group called Presidential hood Boyz, based out of Oklahoma City. The group became successful and was connected to an A&R with TVT Records – one of the more prominent record labels during the 2000s. But in the midst of contract negotiations, TVT fell victim to the recession of 2008 and eventually filed for bankruptcy. PHB dissolved shortly thereafter, but Obi J said he never lost his passion for making music. His experience taught him that if he worked hard, he could be successful – and so that’s what he did. It started with exploring and discovering his own unique sound. Much of his music is influenced by artists like 2Pac and Juvenile – artists he considers to have a “laid-back” style that is something he tries to emulate in his own music.

“I like laid-back music you can just sit down and ride or listen to,” he said. “Music that you don’t have to get up and do anything to. With 2Pac, you could just listen to his music over and over again. You could be in the car and you just roll to his music and you knew all the lyrics and just ride to it. I love that, and so I took all those styles and created my own. That’s what I want my music to be – music that when you put it in you just listen and it doesn’t ever get old.”

Obi J’s sound is a style that has again caught the attention of popular record labels. In late October, he’s scheduled to fly from his hometown of Oklahoma City to Los Angeles to meet with A&R Shawn Barron, the vice president of urban music for Atlantic Records. He’ll be performing his new single, “Xanxiety,” while he’s there – hoping to convince the label to sign him to a new album deal.

“(Oklahoma) is known for country and not that much talent,” Obi J said. “You don’t really see too many people making it out of our state doing rap. But we have as much talent as anybody in the world, and I want to be the one to get our name out there. I want other artists from Oklahoma to have opportunities, as well – and if I can help more people from here make it, that would be awesome.”

Fans who want to purchase Obi J’s new single can do so on iTunes. Fans can also follow him on social media on Soundcloud, @obij12 on Facebook and Instagram, and @stephenslajuan on Twitter. For booking information, please contact

Southern rapper uses brother’s tragedy to spark musical career

MOBILE, AL – Five years ago, JayGotti had the worst birthday of his life.

At 4 a.m. of that day, he was awakened to a phone call saying that his older brother – one of the people he was closest to in his life – had been shot and killed outside of a club. At the time, JayGotti wasn’t making music, but his brother was. In fact, his brother – BrandariusDodie” Hill  – was starting to make a name for himself, and JayGotti loved getting to be a part of that lifestyle as he saw his brother succeed at something he loved.

Today, JayGotti makes music every day – and he points to his brother as the inspiration for that.

“It’s something I talk about a lot in my songs,” JayGotti said of his brother’s influence on his musical career. “When my brother was killed on my birthday, it was the worst thing I’ve ever gone through. But I’ve learned that nothing in life comes easy. You’ve gotta’ grind and you’ve gotta’ work. Nothing is gonna’ happen overnight – it’s gonna’ take time. So don’t give up. Everybody can do it, and that’s what I want my music to be about.”

Over the past five years, JayGotti has worked to build his music career. He’s dropped singles on major mixtapes such as DJFiestiaBoii’s “Bangers of the Week” series, and the infamous DJ Miles’ “Tracks of the Month” series. His most recent single, “Litt,” was on DJMiles tracks of the month for August. It’s a party song that JayGotti said is a bit of a different sound than what he’s become known for, but something he’s proud to share with fans because it displays his diversity as a musician. To date the single has had nearly 300,000 plays and more than 113,500 downloads.

“That’s pretty big for a country boy from the middle of nowhere doing everything on his own,” JayGotti said. “And you can expect many more big things. This is just the beginning of my soon-to-be-luxurious career.”

Toward that end, JayGotti is announcing two new singles about to be released. The first is called “Ambition,” and is a song that is true to its title as it explores the effort it takes to realize your dreams. He said it’s a song that a lot of people can relate to, especially those who are “coming from the struggle.”

The second single is “Rolling Around,” a track he said was inspired by Kevin Gates’ “Roaming Around.” He said his song has different beats with his own unique rhythm. The song is about “riding around the city at night and thinking about all the stuff you’ve got on your mind.”

Fans wanting to get a sample of JayGotti’s music can check him out on Soundcloud @JAYHILL42, or follow him on social media @jaygotti42 on Instagram and @JAYHIIL42 on Twitter.

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Street Pound Productions Wow Crowds With “TIP’N 2 SLOW”

BADazz LUCK, Stan “TRONIK” Washington, and Lo$ta bring their many talents together to shake awake the digital and radio airwaves with their newest hit, “TIP’N 2 SLOW,” featuring DIAMOND (formerly of Crime Mob). Each with unique backgrounds and musical genius, the trio has taken their talents from the streets of Nashville and beyond from planning events featuring 50 Cent, Ashanti, Jermaine Dupri, DipSet, Webbie, Rick Ross, Lil Boosie, and more. With over 15 years of collective experience, and a distinct flair they call their “Street Pound Beatdown,” this meeting of minds is musical serendipity - and the world is starting to take notice.

Their current single has an interesting (and comical) beginning. The song took roots when the group was promoting prior music in a strip club. They quickly noticed that one of the hardworking dancers was being taunted and teased with a small amount of “ones”, seemingly…endlessly. Finally, due to frustration her response?? “Y’all fools need to GO!” “Y’all tippin too slow!” What started as a joke became an anthem for many in the service industry (a business that has a vast experience of non-tippers and ungrateful patrons). While the song is genius in and of itself, it’s also birthed a movement and t-shirt campaign. “It’s funny, but the service industry has shown a lot of affection for the slogan,” the group explains. Since, the slogan has been trademarked and used across the country.

The song had humble beginnings, but has climbed to reach the attention of many. Street Pound Productions has made its way to the heights of the digital airwaves, once climbing to #14 on SoundCloud’s hip hop charts. STREET POUND is currently one of the Top 5 independent labels listed on the Digital radio charts. And TIP’N 2 SLOW can be found in the Top 100. The single can now be heard invading FM stations as well.

Soulja Blac uses personal life stories to inspire others through music

KNOXVILLE, TN – Soulja Blac has always had a deep desire to make it rich.

As a young man, this desire got him into trouble – so much so that he ended up serving a five-year prison sentence for selling drugs. And it was in prison that he was faced with the harsh reality of life – that there are consequences to actions, and that hard work and effort go a lot further than cutting corners to make a quick buck.

Evidence of that is perhaps no truer in his life than through his music. Since being released from prison, Soulja Blac has dedicated his life to inspiring others through music. And though he still has a desire to make it rich someday, he knows now that the big payday comes with hard work and effort. And so it’s with pride – and a healthy dose of humility – that he is ready to release his first single, “Lizard Lick Da Money.”

“When you watch a lizard lick his tongue out to eat a fly or whatever, it’s real quick,” Soulja Blac said. “We always used to call robberies a ‘lick,’ and the whole point of a Lizard Lick is like a quick lick. Back when we were younger we were lizard licking the money – all about getting quick money. This song is a nod to that. It’s a club song with a summertime-type feel. When you hear it you’re gonnalight up to it.”

Soulja Blac said the song is poking fun at the bad decisions of his past. And though he admits his music is raw and might be misconstrued as celebrating a criminal life, he insists that it’s more about telling his own life stories through music in ways that others can relate to.

“I’m from the streets, and I know how to talk to people,” he said. “When I make music I’ll talk about something from my life, and if you really pay attention to it you’ll see what I’m saying is that I did all this bad stuff, but it’s not what I’m promoting. I’m talking about it because it’s my life. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. The only way for me to make you feel and understand my story the way I went through it is to give it to you how I felt when I went through it. When it’s raw, it becomes real. I think people will understand that when they hear it.”

“I want people to view me as real, not just someone who makes music just to make money,” he said. “This is my story – and every song I make isn’t something that every person is going to like. But it all comes from a situation in my life. And they’re stories that I can project through music in any way you want – you could hear it and turn up, or be inspired, or laugh. I can grab your mind mentally, emotionally, or in a way that makes you just want to celebrate at the club. At the end of the day, I don’t look at my music as something just to do – it’s my therapy. It’s what I do to keep myself sane. It’s my outlet. And I hope it becomes that for other people, too.”

Soulja Blac said he owes a lot to the people around him – from the city of Knoxville and the support they’ve provided throughout the years, to his “beautiful, strong mother,” and his personal assistant, Brittney Kristen Phillos. He also mentioned his nephew, “Lil Bug,” who is founder and CEO of Craving Power Records. He said he knows that with their help he’ll be able to reach the goals he’s set to someday hit that big payday and be able to take care of his friends and family in ways he’s always dreamed of doing. Soulja Blac’s label is MSC – which stands for Mobb Style Clik Entertainment. Fans can purchase Soulja Blac’s music on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

For a sample of his sound, visit his Soundcloud or Youtube pages, or find out more about him at Fans can also follow him on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mavi NYC Inspires with Single “4 A.M.”

Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn native Andrew Cancel, known to fans as “Mavi NYC,” has always had a fierce passion for music. His career sprouted from an early knack for writing. “I was always good with writing, even as a child,” explains the artist, “It was like second nature to me.” At first, music was a hobby; and a way to escape from the everyday stresses of life. But at the encouragement of his deceased grandfather, Mavi NYC knew that music could be more than just a past time. After serendipitous events led him to witness how rap superstars the likes of French Montana and Wyclef Jean cultivated their music careers, he earned an insider’s look into the buzzing music industry. The artist was determined to begin on a musical journey all his own.  

Influenced by his Hispanic background, the artist draws inspiration from Hispanic Hip Hop legends such as Fat Joe and Big Pun (to name a few) drawing in fans with his distinctly lyrical content and catchy, clever chorus lines. His focus as of late has been writing meaningful songs that a wide range of people – young, old, and in between – can relate to. Mavi NYC recently released his newest single, his first entrance to the music game as a solo artist. The song, “4 A.M.,” is a tribute to his introduction to the music industry. “It’s about the struggle, the discouragement, there are always going to be critics. You have to keep going,”

Contact Info:

[Video] ​​Armour "Pharaohs & Monte Carlos" @PharaohArmour​

East St. Louis rapper, Armour is a student of the hip hop game. Armour delivers his fun and smooth new visual “Pharaohs & Monte Carlos,” in which pays a visit to Left Coast to create a “Friday” themed visual rendition of one of his favorite movies.
Social Media: IG​ & Twitter​: ​@PharaohArmour​
Booking: WeGlobalWorldwide@Gmail.Com

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Young Bull headlines music from Peso Gang Over Everything

HOUSTON, TX – Jordan Jones – AKA Young Bull from the 903 – has a gang. It’s not a criminal gang; it’s a gang made up of all his family and friends – the people he’s closest to and who help make his dreams of becoming an influential musician a reality.

He calls his gang PGOE, which stands for Peso Gang Over Everything.

“Peso Gang can mean two things,” Young Bull said. “It can refer to dope weight, or to money. The way I use it, though, is that peso gang means whatever you have to do to make it out of the bad world and be successful. It’s my gang, my friends, my family – all working together to do what you gotta’ do to get through the struggle.”

It’s a vibe and message of unity that permeates his music, and is especially straightforward on a new mix tape he’s going to drop later this fall. Two singles off the mix tape will be released before that, which he said he’d announced on his social media links on Twitter and Instagram.

The first single is called “Work at 4,” and is a hip-hop piece that talks about the daily grind and putting in the effort over and over again to provide for family. It’s a song that laments the loss of free-time – of going what you want to do – because of the routine of work. He said it’s a song he’s sure most people will relate to and a single that could become an anthem for his generation.

The second single is called “Savage Mode,” and is a rap song that plays off the ideas of “Work at 4” by honoring those who exhibit the dedication it takes to stick to their dreams and continue to push forward to realize those dreams, even when facing seeming insurmountable opposition.

“I love to party, I love to get krunk and I love good vibes,” Young Bull said. “I want people to feel good vibes from my music, and to realize that my music is not more of just a sound but of something you listen to that inspires you. When you listen to it, it’ll help you get through stuff. So far the response from fans has been amazing. Twitter fans are coming at me from all over the place – and that’s honestly what inspires me to keep going. I love that response from fans. By next year I want to be able to go out on tour. That’s what I love, and I think I could be influential to a lot of people.”

Young Bull went on to say that his music and his PGOE message are intentional. Not only do they show people who he is and what he stands for, but he hopes it’s something that will inspire others to chase their dreams – to break free from the nine-to-five and do whatever it takes to realize their dreams.

“There are lots of ways to make it in this world, you just have to believe in yourself,” he said. “Some people aren’t meant for college. Everybody has a different path in their life, and you just have to be bold enough to chase it.”

Monday, September 19, 2016

St. Louis rapper brings unique new sound with single “Like This”

ST. LOUIS, MO – When Ray G was little, his mother always used to tell him he could grow up to be anything he wanted to be. His response to her was always: “I’m going to be something different.”

Today, the up-and-coming St. Louis-based hip-hop artist is living out that self-proclaimed prophecy by sharing his unique sound and style with the world. Over the past two years he’s released music that has gained notoriety among St. Louis-area DJs and developed for him a loyal fanbase. His most recent single, “Like This,” is a next step, he said, in further developing that fanbase and advancing his music career in bigger and better ways.

“I’m all about standing out and always being different,” Ray G said. “I look at it as curating my style by trying to take what’s trending and making it mine in a way that will stand out but still have a trendy style. Ultimately the music I make is motivational. I want people to hear my music and want to make the best of themselves. And I want them to listen to my stuff and realize that I’m the next up. My sound is unique – I think I have the most organic flow in the rap game. And the things I’m rapping about are things people can relate to and are filled with life messages.”

Ray G said his new single is a high-energy club song that all kinds of rap-lovers will like. He said the lyrics talk about a person who thinks a lot of themselves and is always bragging about how good they are at things.

“There’s always somebody who thinks they stand out every time you see them,” Ray G said. “They’ll try to imitate something, thinking that they’re as good as the original, but they can’t ever do it quite like the original. There’s an old saying that says, ‘Anything you can do, I can do better,’ and this song kind of flips that on its head and says, ‘No … you really can’t. You might be able to do it like that, but you can’t do it like this.’”

Ray G said his music is something that comes very organically, and is usually developed late at night in the recording studio as he and his producers are discovering new beats. Once they find a beat they all like, Ray G will come up with lyrics and a hook – putting together a chorus and verses. With “Like This,” Ray G said once they had the first verse put together they knew they had a hit on their hands.

The single is currently available for purchase on all digital media download sites. Ray G has also developed a music video for the single that can be found on YouTube. Fans can also follow Ray G on social media @rayg_flopro on Instagram and @RayG_FloPro on Facebook and Twitter.

[Mixtape] @smoovatl The Smooovie hosted by DJ SUCH N SUCH #Smooovie

After the Success of his single "Goin" Mystics Entertainment artist Smoov ATL wanted to Feed the Streets with nothing but pure fire over legendary industry beats hosted by none other that DJ SUCH N SUCH AKA SUCH The God. This Mixtape Properly titled "The Smooovie" is the perfect appetizer as he prepares to release a full project to end off 2016.


C.White aka Tom Brown A&R at TIG and Cool Running , USADJ Dj Chill Will coming together to bring you the hottest song. Sing A Long is guaranteed to have you Singing A Long @black_Cwhite229

Click [Here] To Stream / Download

[Audio] Deshawn Washington (@deshawnmusic23) - Make Your Night

DeShawn Washington a native of Natchitoches, Louisiana is one of ten children who all grew up singing gospel in church. He knew his gift of singing would eventually lead him to his dream of becoming an entertainer. Although he’s a small town guy with big city dreams, he worked on achieving his dreams in college, but he had to quit in order to support his family. DeShawn was a finalist on season six of NBC’s the hit musical stage competition The Voice. Since The Voice he has continued pursuing his career as an R&B/Soul artist. DeShawn has opened for National Sports teams like the Grizzlies singing the National Anthem. He has also opened for R&B recording artist R. Kelly and countless weddings. DeShawn is eager to show the world what he is made of. He prides himself on his classic soul sound, which is hard to find in such a young voice. DeShawn wants to show that no matter what the obstacles are, he will achieve his dreams. Contact and/or Booking Info 1 (866) 831-0471

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[Music] Kardone - Trunk Bang ​​@​​kardone_16kmg

16 King Music Group's Kardone releases new single "Trunk Bang"
The Louisiana native has collaborated with artist such as Plies, Paul Wall, Ray J, Young Scooter and more. Stay tuned for his upcoming project "A.N.W" which will be released later this year thru Empire Distribution and holds production features from producers 808 Mafia, Issac Flame, Black Metaphor and Superstar 0. The new signee will also be on tour this November.
Twitter & IG: ​​@kardone_16kmg ​
Booking: 16KingEnt@Gmail.Com​

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{Music Alert} CARDI B & KSR Group Present "The Underestimated Album" DJ Pack!!

CARDI B & KSR Group Present "The Underestimated Album" DJ Pack!!

cardi b underestimated The Album
Finally! Fans who missed The Underestimated Tour with Cardi B and friends, now have the opportunity to download the anticipated album. The Underestimated Tour Album is a collaboration between KSR Group artists Cardi B, Hood Celebrity, SwiftOnDemand, Cashflow Harlem, and Josh X. The release was available exclusively to tour attendees and is now available to the masses. It features all genres of music including reggae via Hood Celebrity, Hip Hop through Cashflow Harlem, urban dance via SwiftOnDemand (with his viral hit "LYVE BOUNCE" ), R&B by way of JOSH X and the voice of rawness from Cardi B. Josh X's "Heaven on my Mind" ft Cardi B is currently in rotation on Hot 97, Power 105.1 and more. Cardi B, whose single is currently #49 on urban radio says, "I wanted to make a song that would make girls dance, twerk and at the same time encourage them to go get that Shmoney," in regards to the single "What a girl Likes." KSR Group proves their team is the new wave in music entertainment.
DJ Drops, Business Inquiries & Media Requests:
Cardi B Underestimated back