Saturday, February 25, 2023

Jamar Jamarcus Ward aka "Lil J Mar" drops "123" Video

Jamarcus Ward was born May 31,2009 to a proud mother Ms. Gail Williams a graduate of Wheatley High School.Located in the Houston,Texas 5th Ward Area. Jamarcus(Jamar) aka J-Money's first years of education.,were spent at Felix Cook and Kashmere Elementary School where he was a shining star.Loved by the entire staff because of his humor, he quickly gained popularity.He also enjoys playing football, video games and of course rapping and singing. He also enjoy hanging out with his friends in which he has become a sort of celebrity.Jamarcus received high praise in the deliverance of his extremely well orated Black History speech.
His future goals are to be a professional football player, as well as a pastor. He now attends Key Middle School in Houston,Texas.Jamarcus's mother plays a major part in his career and is adamant about him attending church services. He looks forward to Sundays at his local sanctuary where he is commonly called "Pastor Jamarcus."
Jamarcus has become the one to watch.His clarity and delivery shows his talent .

Connect w/ Jamar:
LET'S GO!!! See Ya at the TOP!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Tan DaGod - "Controlla Freestyle" (Video)

Oakland California female artist Tan DaGod releases her official music video for her track entitled "Controlla Freestyle" shot by WeThePartySean. The record was produced by rising producer Panama The Kid. The visual already has over 100K views on YouTube. "The inspiration for the song was just to showcase my freestyle and show my pen can not be touched no matter what sound or wave," said Tan DaGod. Her top influences in the rap game are Mr. Fab, Blasta and Khaos. Tan DaGod would love to work with artists such as Drake, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll and Burna Boy. Is Tan DaGod the hottest female artist coming out of the Bay Area.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Just Jerick - "No Pressure" (Album)

‘No Pressure’ by Just Jerick is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The album consists of eleven tracks and lasts around forty minutes. Although ‘No Pressure’ is technically grouped under one genre classification, each track delivers a diverse range of compositional elements that showcase Just Jerick’s songwriting talent. From the powerful lyricism and ethereal instrumentation which merge to form the immersive soundscape of ‘Lemons - Prod. by so Special’, the smooth keys, creative backing vocal elements, and layered rap that adds depth to the overall sound of ‘Reasons’, to the catchy hook, rhythmic beat, and ominous vibe of ‘No Pressure - Prod. by Redxskull’. From the well-balanced production and creative instrumentation to the authentic vocal performance, fans of Just Jerick, as well as those who appreciate new music, will definitely want to hear this album.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

City Wind (@CityWind773) - "Go Get It" (Video)

Chicago born hip hop artist City Wind releases his new song and video “Go Get It.” This is a high-energy track with an infectious beat and catchy hook line that will make you want to dance in your seat. City Wind, a recent hip hop sensation, has popped up on the scene and has been making waves in the industry. City Wind is a new voice in music with an old-school feel. He started by writing poetry, which led him to an organization for poets where he was introduced to a guy who made beats, but all of his beats were ones you could rap on. City Wind took up rapping and began practicing for months until he mastered his craft.

Spotlight on Erin Stevenson @ErinStevenson

Artist Erin Stevenson has been very busy and today we share a spotlight on her and her music.

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Recently Erin dropped the single "Believe", which she says, "I can't get enough of it and I refuse to give up on it...maybe because I am it...and if I am what I sing about then love is all I have to give. If you believe in me then you believe in believe in us". Listen to it here:

Stay tuned to her follow-up single "Smooth Soul" dropping on March 17th, which she says "It's the question no one can seem to get right, men can't figure me out nor can the music industry...But I've figured it out...maybe its the Gemini in me, but I love it and it seems others do too so I put it in a song." Pre-save the single here:

Connect w/ Erin Stevenson:






Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Mic C. Craz (@mic_c_wit_it) F/ ShaiVA (@ShaiVA23) - "Gumption Freestyle"

Mic C. CraZ is an American recording artist from Newport News, Virginia releases his single entitled "Gumption Freestyle" featuring fellow Virginia artist and founder & CEO of Out The Trap ENT ShaiVA. Mic C. Craz began his career creating in 2015 after graduating high school. He began making beats in his bedroom, to then recording local artists around the 757 area of Virginia. He released his first EP 'No Different' in 2018. Eventually, He relocated to the Bay Area and he released his second body of work 'Prolific' in 2019. His influences are among Pharrell Williams, Ninth Wonder, Master P, Ludacris & more.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Kash XO (@IamKashXO) F/ Fivio Foreign (@FivioForeign) - "Clear The Room" (Video)

LA-Native Kash XO takes the world by storm with his music video "Clear The Room" featuring Fivio Foreign; courtesy of Columbia Records. The Diamond Empire Production visual speaks volumes on how far Kash has come in his career. Kash XO is no stranger to the music scene. Showcasing his captivating skills he has made himself a big deal and is growing as an artist. Ever since he signed his contract with J.U.B Records owned by L.A. Dre and CEO Jubbie; Kash XO has been a force to be reckoned with dropping music videos and singles back to back. He reached his first million views in 2020 after the release of his song "Big Racks" shot and directed by upscale LA-videographer Ben Marc. Kash XO was born in Oxnard, California and would move to Los Angeles later on which would have a huge impact on his career. Here he would meet L.A Dre and sign an artist development deal with J.U.B. Records. Kash's main goal is to create a legacy for him and his family; being able to provide for his small son. After junior high Kash played hoops and thought about going professional before he found music. Influences like Drake and Lil Baby keep him motivated as an artist to keep him in the studio making music. His label keeps him busy taking every booking while creating non-stop as he debuts the release of his album. The single for "Clear The Room" is also now available to stream on all platforms

Headkrack (@headkrack) - “Resolutions (Oh My God!)”

HEADKRACK, the acclaimed hip-hop artist’s “Resolutions (Oh My God!)” speaks on what everyone does on New Year’s Eve, the promise - to do or not do something to accomplish a personal goal or break a habit. Dejuan Cross and Roark Bailey are responsible for the song's-nostalgic East Coast sound showcasing Headkrack’s distinctive flow along with some lyrical truth. The video design is by Bonji Rum. “Same Shit But a New Year! Oh, My God! What We Do Here? Pushing Through Yeah! Oh, My God! We felt that “Resolutions (Oh My God!)” can be featured at any time as a powerful reminder of your temporary life goal. Need a little help with keeping your resolution? “Resolutions (Oh My God!)” can be seen on HeadKrack's YouTube channel. Also, HeadKrack's fans can also follow him on social media for more updates on future projects and tours. For more information about HeadKrack, please visit and follow him @Headkrack on all social media.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Bezzle (@Flawless_Bezzle) - "The Pose" (Video Trailer)

Bezzle releases his video trailer for his single entitled "The Pose", to give the fans a snippet of what's to come in the near future. "The Pose" can be streamed right now on Apple Music and Spotify. "This song is motivation for all upcoming entrepreneurs. Inspiration for music all around. Anyone who is working toward their dreams, going through their journey with a focused vision, will relate to this track for sure. A little new school melody with the old school flow. Im getting the message out there", words from Beezle himself about his record "The Pose".

Saturday, February 11, 2023

VerseBorn - An Empowering Voice in Music

Born into a musical atmosphere in the San Francisco Bay Area, VerseBorn is a rising talent in the hip-hop scene. A member of the KonQuest Now artist collective, VerseBorn has been making waves with his socially conscious music and thought-provoking lyrics. His latest release, "Veritas", produced by Jae1 from San Francisco, is a powerful statement about personal accountability and the impact of the pandemic on our lives.
In "Veritas", VerseBorn speaks about the negative effects of the pandemic on our health, plans, and relationships, and encourages critical thinking and knowledge sharing for the next generation. The song is a reflection of the artist's commitment to using music as a vehicle for positive change and promoting equality for underprivileged and misrepresented youth.

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VerseBorn's musical journey began with the release of his EP, "It Is What It Is". He went on to release "One Life" and "Policy", which were well received by audiences and earned him recognition in various music blogs and magazines, including LA On Lock, Spit Fire Hiphop, and The MSQ Blog. He has also collaborated with Flaming Fred on the project, "F.O.U.R: Fight Or Use Reason", which was dropped last month.
VerseBorn's inspiration comes from a diverse group of musicians, ranging from Wu-Tang to Nipsey Hussle, as well as prominent black leaders of history, such as Nat Turner, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Afeni Shakur, and Frederick Douglass. He also takes inspiration from modern leaders who are shaping history today, such as Victor Glover, Amanda Gorman, and Rashida Jones.
The artist's commitment to making a difference is evident in his future projects. VerseBorn is set to release his EP, "F.I.V.E: Freedom Is Very Expensive", which features Jae1, Es, Mickey Factz, and other notable MCs making waves in the underground hip-hop scene.
VerseBorn can be reached through his management team at, or directly at Fans can also connect with him on Twitter @verseborn, Instagram @versebornmusic, and Facebook @versebornmusic.
In conclusion, VerseBorn is a rising voice in the music industry, who is committed to making a difference through his music. With his powerful lyrics, socially conscious messages, and commitment to positive change, VerseBorn is an artist to watch in the coming years.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Headkrack (@headkrack) - “Mona Lisa’s Scars”

HeadKrack Releases New Women’s Anthem “Mona Lisa’s Scars” The acclaimed hip-hop artist HEADKRACK has released his latest single “MONA LISA’S SCARS”. The song showcases his distinctive flow and lyrical prowess, as well as the smooth vocals of Mahdi and Travii the 7th. A powerful and thought-provoking track that delves into the complexities of the human experience, tackling themes of love, loss, and resilience. For the ladies. All of’em. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” is that aromatic blend of acceptance and empowerment laid down over a soul stirring track produced by Local Astronauts. It’s TikTok worthy. And it’s about damn time. There’s something phenomenal when men come together to celebrate the Divine Feminine. Noooo, not talking about ass and gushy…but about real people with real history to overcome. In today’s social climate, Women find themselves inundated with serums, creams, hairstyle and clothing choices that are aimed at making them feel less than who they are. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” is a laid-back wake-up call for Women to relax and embrace themselves as they are. The track features lyrics from Mahdi and Travii the 7th in a pace that allows the message to breathe and resonate. The hook “Be glad to know you’re perfect as you are. No, you don’t have to be a superstar. If I had a second chance, I would choose you the way you are. But it’s up to you for you to love your scars,” repeats just enough times for the message to hit ladies where their scars live. Straight from the gate, HeadKrack words of a chance encounter, a street meet and greet sets the tone for Men who actually get it. Yup! They exist and “MONA LISA’S SCARS” lets it be none loud and clear. This is a jam that we can see women of all races, ages, sizes, and financial backgrounds embracing. It is NOT the everyday superficial song that they don’t need. “So many women don’t see the perfection in every flaw that truly makes them perfect. Women are often too hard on themselves and fail to recognize their own unique qualities, beauty and worth. I want to celebrate and encourage self-acceptance and appreciation for one’s individuality”, expressed HEADKRACK. That’s it. Something so simple. Arriving at the perfect time, on the perfect canvas. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” will be a healing anthem, mantra, and affirmational tool in the arsenal of Women everywhere guaranteed…or your money back. “MONA LISA’S SCARS” is now available on all streaming platforms and the music video (a visually stunning work that perfectly captures the mood and message of the song) can be seen on HeadKrack's YouTube channel. HeadKrack's fans can also follow him on social media for more updates on future projects and tours. For more information about HeadKrack, please visit and follow him @Headkrack on all social media.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

SMOKEY ROBINSON delivers “If We Don't Have Each Other” Single

Legendary singer/songwriter SMOKEY ROBINSON delivers “If We Don't Have Each Other” impacting R&B Radio Now!!

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Connect w/ Smokey Robinson:
Acclaimed singer-songwriter Smokey Robinson's career spans over four decades of hits. He has received numerous awards, including the GRAMMY Living Legend Award, NARAS Lifetime Achievement Award, Honorary Doctorate (Howard University), Kennedy Center Honors, and the National Medal of Arts Award from the President of the United States. He has also been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters' Hall of Fame.
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Robinson founded The Miracles while still in high school. The group was Berry Gordy's first vocal group, and it was at Robinson's suggestion that Gordy started the Motown Record dynasty. Their single of Robinson's "Shop Around" became Motown's first #1 hit on the R&B singles chart. In the years following, Robinson continued to pen hits for the group, including "You've Really Got a Hold on Me," "Ooo Baby Baby," "The Tracks of My Tears," "Going to a Go-Go," "More Love," "Tears of a Clown" (co-written with Stevie Wonder), and "I Second That Emotion."
The Miracles dominated the R&B scene throughout the 1960s and early 70s, and Robinson became Vice President of Motown Records, serving as in-house producer, talent scout, and songwriter.
In addition to writing hits for the Miracles, Robinson wrote and produced hits for other Motown greats, including The Temptations, Mary Wells, Brenda Holloway, Marvin Gaye, and others. "The Way You Do the Things You Do," "My Girl," "Get Ready," "You Beat Me to the Punch," "Don't Mess with Bill," "Ain't That Peculiar," and "My Guy" are just a few of his songwriting triumphs during those years. He later turned to a solo career where he continued his tradition of chart-topping hits with "Just to See Her," "Quiet Storm," "Cruisin'," and "Being with You," among others.
He remained Vice President of Motown records until the sale of the company, shaping the label's success with friend and mentor Berry Gordy. Following his tenure at Motown, he continued his impressive touring career and released several successful solo albums. Recently, Robinson was singer/co-writer on the certified gold track "Make It Better" from Anderson Paak's album Ventura and Rita Wilson's Now and Forever: Duets album joining "Where Is The Love." His latest single, "If We Don't Have Each Other," is the first song off his highly anticipated new studio album set for release in Spring 2023 via TLR Music Group/ ADA.
Throughout his 60-year music career, Robinson has accumulated more than 4,000 songs to his credit and continues to thrill sold-out audiences worldwide with his high tenor voice, impeccable timing, and profound sense of lyric and style. , "If We Don't Have Each Other," is the first song off his highly anticipated new studio album set for release in Spring 2023 via TLR Music Group/ ADA.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Dheezy (@DheezyDoesIt) - "12 Singles Or Less" (Mixtape)

Born and Raised in Brisbane, Australia alongside his Mother and Grandparents, Aussie Emcee “Dheezy” (born Leighton Teys) is the next promising rap candidate from down under looking to make a major splash across the globe. His career started in 2013 with Dheezy releasing countless mixtape tracks gaining the attention of his peers throughout Brisbane and beyond. Dheezy’s greatest musical influences include the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Limp Bizkit, Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso and you can definitely hear those influences in his versatile abilities to engage his audience with storytelling Hip-Hop tracks, Rock and Club Edm inspired party tracks, Jazzy and Blues inspired sentiment tracks of his life trials and tribulations and much more. Follow Dheezy on Instagram at: @dheezydoesit