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Artist Binkie Blues Makes Debut with EP In Plain Sight

New Orleans – Since the moment Boyd Edwards, known to fans as “Binkie Blues,” got his hands on a guitar, it’s been musical serendipity. The self-taught musician was raised in the rich, cultural hotspot of New Orleans with a deeply embedded respect for the blues. He recalls his childhood, reminiscing about growing up to the melodies of Muddy Waters and BB King; his father introducing him to the musical heroes that would inevitably inspire his music’s persona. Above all, however, Binkie Blues is a storyteller, using his words and slide guitar to take the listener on a melodic and emotional journey. His career began writing music for advertisements and film, but 2016 marks the beginning of his career as a solo artist and self-proclaimed storyteller. “I kind of look at songs as stories, I look at songs as little movies being played in the listeners head,” explains Binkie Blues.

The artist has experienced and witnessed more than most. Binkie Blues has been to war and back and worked as a paramedic. As he puts it, “I’ve seen the worst life has to offer. But what I’ve found is that in all that pain and hurt and everything, there is greatness.” That greatness and hope drove Binkie Blues to record his first EP, In Plain Sight. Boyd is both a father and combat veteran, and fans can expect to hear him draw inspiration from every role he’s played in his full, adventurous life.

Refreshing, honest, and hopeful; Binkie Blues is an artist to watch.
In Plain Sight will be available on all digital platforms on September 6th, 2016.

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Listen on ReverbNation and YouTube.

Chris Anthony brings raw emotion to new album “Black Heart”

REDWOOD CITY, CA – When Chris Anthony first told people he wanted to make music, most thought it was just a gag. The people from his home town in the Bay Area of California assumed he was trying to get some girls or increase his popularity. But Anthony said making music for him isn’t anything like that. In fact, making music is such an integral part of his life that it’s almost as natural as breathing.

“Making music is just something I have to do,” he said. “My soul was telling me to do it. It’s a higher calling. It’s not a persona – it’s just me being myself and talking about things I’ve experienced and putting that into music.”

Anthony said he loves the outlet that music provides for his raw emotion. He said his unique sound it a mix of trap and pop and R&B and hip-hop, all combined into a soulful sound that is 100 percent him.

“I have my influences and people I like to listen to, but my music is 100 percent me,” he said. “I’m not trying to copy anybody’s style. Too many people are trying to be carbon copies of other artists, but everything I write is 100 percent me. I just put myself out there.”

Anthony said there was a time in his life when he felt like a “tainted soul.” He had a lot of anger about previous relationships and a lot of experiences throughout his youth where lost some of that young innocence was particularly painful. It was through the exploration of those feelings and self-doubts that a lot of his early music was formed.
In the 10 years since, Anthony has put a lot of study and research into what it take to become a successful recording artist. He’s honed his sound and has modeled his career after other self-made artists. And now he’s just about ready to release his first album, “Black Heart.” Eight of the 13 tracks on the album are already complete, and Anthony said he’s planning on releasing it in January 2017.

“Black Heart is dedicated to that feeling of figuring it all out,” Anthony said. “It’s dedicated to people who are misunderstood and people without a voice, people who are hurt by things and won’t speak out. This album is a portrayal, from my point of view, of life. Things aren’t all great and happy and PG rated all the time. This is real life, and this album is about getting through the different things that have caused me pain – and the cool things, too. It’s unfiltered – not distasteful, just honest and real. ‘Black Heart’ stands for being hurt and broken, but overcoming that – realizing there may be a problem and pushing through it.”

The first single off the album, “Juice,” is one of the best examples of that unfiltered approach to Anthony’s music. It’s a song about a girl that a guy knows he always has the upper hand on. Anthony said he’s observed that almost every girl has a guy in her life that they’ll always go back to – no matter who they’re with at the time.

“There’s always an open spot for you and she’ll let you slide back into her life no matter what the situation,” he said. “That’s what the song’s about. There’s a line in there that says, ‘You better tell him you don’t have the juice like that,’ which just means that she’s settling with that other guy and that he doesn’t have the same swagger that I do. And that’s the kind of music on this album. There’s a song that talks about the feeling you get when you’re driving to a girl’s house to sleep with her and how you have her where you want her. But there’s also a song about being hurt by a girl and how deep that pain is. There’s always someone you’ve had a romantic relationship with who’s gotten the better of you. And this album explores all the emotions that come from those things.”

Anthony said he doesn’t want people to pigeon-hole him into a reputation for being a morose ballad singer, and so he’s already started looking ahead to a second album that will be more upbeat and feature a lot of trap, pop and “worldly music” that anybody can listen to.

Fans can listen to Anthony’s music on his Soundcloud page, or on YouTube. They can also follow him on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Notcho - "I Can’t Take It" ft. Lavelle [Video]


"I Can't Take It" [Video]

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Nocho ICantTakeItArtwork 640
"I Can't Take It" is set to appear on Notcho's upcoming EP The Peril. The entire project is dedicated to the senseless violence and killings by both the police and Black on Black crime, as is illustrated in the visuals for "I Can't Take It." A natural storyteller through his music, Notcho shares experiences, and conveys messages of positivity and inspiration. The themes in his music range from pride and family, to politics as he delivers an important message: the sky is the limit.
Twitter: @NotchoMusic
Instagram/Facebook: itsNotcho
About Notcho:
At fifteen, Notcho began developing as an artist when he took notice of the Hip Hop scene. His interest in the industry led him to participating in rap battles. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reactions of peers, he was inspired to pursue his career further.
Inspired by his mother’s martial arts teachings, it became a creative outlet, used to rid negativity and to help build the discipline and character that he is now known for. Notcho went on to share his learnings with others, teaching classes to the youth and performing in-person demos. It was through one of these demos that he was discovered by a representative from boxer Lenox Lewis’ camp, who immediately added Notcho to their team.
His new role as a bodyguard for Lenox Lewis allowed Notcho to travel the world, accompanying Lenox Lewis to all of his fights. This experience opened the doors for other bodyguard opportunities where he was assigned to guard some of the biggest names in entertainment. Eventually, Notcho returned to his first love—music. He released a single titled “Legacy” and it 2010 it was featured on the motion picture soundtrack for the film “Fathers of the Sport.”
Media Inquiries:
Edna Sims, ESP Public Relations
310.770.8117 or

[VIDEO] Corey Finesse - Vagabond @COREYFINESSE

[Mixtape] Chris Millz (@MrMillyNC) - MoneyVation

Since the dawn of hip hop in New York City's notorious South Bronx, rap music has been the voice of the ghetto. Broadcasting live from the streets of inner city America, rappers serve as news reporters walking a beat while simultaneously making us move our feet to the music.The newest street correspondent set to make his mark on the world is North Carolina rapper Chriz Millz. Checkout his latest release "MoneyVation" hosted by Streets A&R, Bigga Rankin.

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Connect w/ Chris Millz: Twitter: @MRMillyNC IG: MRMillyNC

Toney Blanco - "The Future" [Video]


"The Future" [Video]

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Toney Blanco The Future 640
Donation  Cover 640
New Haven, CT rapper/producer Toney Blanco releases the visuals for "The Future" off his recent mixtape "The Donation." Beat produced by Jigz the Flyer x Serious Beats. Watch the video and download the mixtape below:
Twitter/Instagram: @toneyblanco_rm
Bookings / Drops:

Artist GUNSMOKE to Debut Single “No Feelings”

Paterson, New Jersey – Tucked away in industrial New Jersey, you’ll find Paterson, nestled on the Passaic River. Paterson was once known for it’s manufacturing industry (nicknamed “the silk city”) but has since become a place of hardship and crime for the youth. GUNSMOKE (born Dennis Chapman) has experienced and endured adversity, and is breaking through the mold with his newest project. After a tumultuous childhood and several run-ins with the law, GUNSMOKE did soul searching and decided his life was meant for more than what his environment had to offer. Music, a longtime passion and love for the young artist, was his ticket out and up, and now he’s using his talents to set an example for the youth in his beloved community.

GUNSMOKE’s talents originated as a knack for rhyming in the form of poetry. “I was in school, had to write a poem, and I wrote a poem, and liked it – I said, ‘Well, I can rhyme,’ and eventually turned it into rhyming on beats.” Influenced by the sounds of classic hip hops artists such as Tupac, Jay Z, Biggie, and more, the artist pulls old school influence to fuse with new age hip hop. “A lot of artists have shied away from the art of punch lines and making people ooh and ahh to their songs,” explains GUNSMOKE, but he’s not afraid of telling stories with his music. His songs are colorful and full of clever metaphors, with a certainty in his delivery.

The artist’s latest project, a single entitled “No Feelings,” is an inspirational song geared at males. It comes from GUNSMOKE’s perspective, as a man who has reached out of hardship and pain and has come full circle, to tell them that there is more to life than their circumstances.
You haven’t seen the last of GUNSMOKE, who is eager to hit the ground running with his innovative music. As the CEO of his own label, and an artist, he poses this question to his fellow musicians: “How much do you really want it? Is it in you?” One thing is certain: GUNSMOKE is tenacious, hardworking, and is willing to do whatever it takes to be the next big thing in music.

Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @Gunsmoke400
Listen on SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] Yung Stakks (@1yungstakks_) - In My Own Lane hosted by Don Cannon

West Side Chicago street soldier Yung Stakks is definitely feeling like 'ballin' today as the first single off his recently released full-length, "In My Own Lane", the Zaytoven-produced "Ballin", entered Billboard's Hot Single Sales Chart at #6 this week and it holds the #3 spot on the Hip Hop/R&B chart as well. To celebrate, he is unleashing the follow-up video to "Ballin", entitled "Ignorant", throughout which the Chine Music artist takes you on a visual journey of the two hoods in which he grew up; North Lawndale and Austin Community, giving us a glimpse of how he gets his hustle on even while surrounded by the perils of the streets. "Ignorant" was produced by KingzOf.

And to top all this great news off his mixtape "In My Own Lane" will now be available for download/stream for you all to see exactly what this artist is made of. Support is greatly appreciated.

Datpiff Link: Spinrilla Link: Live Link: Connect w/ Yung Stakks: Twitter: @1yungstakks_ Instagram: 1yungstakks_

Otto Silence Fuses Rock and Rap with Release of Skin Tone

Texas – Kanye’s swagger meets Rage Against the Machine’s pure, uninhibited grit in Otto Silence – a South Texas group unafraid of ruffling feathers and getting listeners to stop and think. The four-man group pulls together sounds that range from rock to 90’s hip hop in a fusion that the band calls “Heavy Hip Hop.” There is no one box that Otto Silence checks off; at a show, you can expect to journey amongst a vast spectrum of musical genres, starting with jazz, dabbling in R&B, adding in a dose of rap, and then fusing each sound together to create one, awe-inspiring sound. Their latest project, an album entitled Skin Tone is a culmination of thought and hope for the world, and a cry for help in a dark and troubled society.

Skin Tone is, as the group puts its, “controversial.” While racial disparity and political unrest are at an all time high, the group is using their no-holds-barred music to encourage the nation to come face to face with the facts. The album in and of itself is an awakening to the complacent, passive participants in the country’s most severe issues. “It’s an album of awareness more than judgment,” explains group founder Dermon “Yung Silence” Smith, “It goes against everything people want to acknowledge, and makes people face the facts. All parties have to acknowledge that everyone has played a part in all of this.”
While Skin Tone deals with heavy, difficult topics, Yung Silence insists that the album spreads a message of hope, unity and progress.

With riveting rhythms and a must-hear message, Otto Silence is a group to keep your eyes and ears on.

Listen on:

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[Single] Gatah (@GATAH_NBE) x Malaki (@MALAKINBE) - Come From The Streets

NuBreed ENT and DJ Winn team up to release "Come From The Streets", by Gatah x Malaki prod by DEEMoney. Support and Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ Gatah x Malaki: Twitter: @GATAH_NBE, @MALAKINBE Instagram: GATAH_NBE, MALAKINBE

Monday, August 29, 2016

[Single] Stakkhouse D (@STAKKHOUSE_D) - Do What I Want

448 Music Group presents Stakkhouse D new single "Do What I Want"

Click [Here] To Stream

off the upcoming Mixtape "Blue Strip" @stakkhouse_d @448MusicGroup

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California rock band combines throwback sound with modern vibe in new album

MONTEREY, CA – When Ron Wright was a young child, his grandfather had an affinity for Chile Con Carne. Wright loved it when his grandfather would order it, but as a young child he couldn’t pronounce it well and when he would mimic his grandfather it came out sounding like “Chile Colorado.”

Over the years, Wright came to use the phrase frequently. It’s taken on a life of its own and, for him, is a phrase implies taking it easy and enjoying life. So when it came time to name his new rock band, it seemed like a no-brainer to go with Chile Colorado.

“It’s something that just kind of stuck,” Wright said. “I’ve been making music for many years and I’ve recorded with some pretty famous people – like the Doobie Brothers, Robin Trower, Pablo Cruz, Toto and Little River Band. I’ve done tons of studio sessions in LA and all around the area, but I never really had a band of my own.”

And so Wright began to form the trio that makes up Chile Colorado. The band consists of Wright, songwriter, lead guitarist and vocalist; Paul Goss, bass and backup vocals; and John Ferraro, drummer. All members of the band are longtime residents of California and have spent tons of hours in the recording studio.
Wright said the purpose of the band is to take a classic old rock sound – similar to ZZ Top – and put a modern-day twist on it.

“I don’t think a lot of people are putting out records with our type of sound right now,” Wright said. “People have said they hear a little bit of this and a little bit of that – from Hendrix to some of the hotter classic rock bands of the 70s. When people hear our music I just want them to want to party – to feel like they’re kind of going back a bit in time but at the same time moving forward. We just want to bring back the old classic rock sound with a bit of a modern twist to it.”

Earlier this summer the band released its first studio album, “Getting Restless.” Wright worked with notorious engineer and producer, Chris Minto, who worked on many of the KISS albums and has multiple gold and platinum records. Minto’s wife, Janet Planet – notorious in her own right within the music industry – helped with some of the lyrics.

Since its release in June, the album has gone on to be played on 80 radio stations throughout the U.S. The single “Getting Restless With Your Love” scored No. 18 on the Jambands airplay chart, and has also made its way onto the AMA charts.

Fans can check out the album by visiting Chile Colorado’s Soundcloud page or visiting their website at They also have music videos from many of their songs on YouTube. For more information about upcoming live shows or future releases, follow the band on social media on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Friday, August 26, 2016

[Video] King Zan 'Problems' Prod by @RaxxTheWorld

King Zan and Raxx Junnie are back with new visuals for their the single 'Problems'. It was also just announced that BluBlok and RaxxTheWorld will be collaborating on an entire project together. So there is much more still to come from these young men.

Shot By: Marcus Romeo Of Sky Life Visuals @marcusromeo_flight618 Produced By: Raxx Junnie Of Raxx The World

Follow Raxx The World And Blu Blok on instagram: @raxxtheworld @zanblublok @raxxjunnie @mzonpointpromo @tonyultramusic @im_all_in10k

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Atlanta artist mixes R&B, hip-hop and reggae for hot new sound

ATLANTA, GA – Emilio Ruffin has to make music. It’s more than just an urge or a fun pastime to pursue. Music is part of his DNA, and he considers it his purpose in life to make music on a daily basis.

“It’s just part of me,” said the Miami, Florida native who’s been making hip-hop music professionally for the past decade. “My family have a lot of reggae bands and Hispanic-influenced music, so I saw people in music my whole life growing up. My father is a singer, as well. But even without that I think I’d still be making music because it’s just what I love to do. Even if I’m not making an album, I’d want to collaborate with other artists or be a songwriter and producer. I just want to take music as far as it’ll let me go. I don’t want any boundaries or limits. The sky is limit.”

It’s that mentality that Ruffin brings to his most recent project – an album called “Luv N Lust” that was released last last year and has been getting positive reviews nationwide throughout 2016. Ruffin said the album is filled with songs that are filled with multiple storylines that just about anybody can relate to. He describes his unique sound as dark R&B, hip-hop and reggae all mixed together.

“It’s full of songs that have a whole bunch of things that people can relate to,” Ruffin said. “No matter what age you are – high school on up – you can really relate with something on this album.”

Ruffin said the album took about two years go complete, and he gives a lot of credit for the completion of the album to his producer, JVique. He and Vick have worked together quite a bit in the past, and since Ruffin began dropping mix tapes in 2012 – along with three short Eps – he has been seeing a lot of positive buzz from friends and fans. As his music has grown in popularity, the buzz via social media has spread nationwide, and he’s anxious to see how many more eyes and ears he can get his music in front of.

He said the main single off the album, “Go Up,” is the best way for new people to be introduced to his music. It’s a party vibe, he said, that talks about every conceivable situation in which someone might want to just cut loose and have fun.

“If it’s the weekend – like a Friday night – then you’re gonna ‘Go Up’ and have fun,” he said. “It’s just another term for celebrating and kicking back with some good friends and vibing out. It’s totally a Bob Marley inspired song.”

Ruffin said he’s working on booking a tour that’ll start in early 2017. Fans can find out more about his live performances by following him on social media on Twitter and Instagram, or by checking out his website at Fans can also sample his music on his Soundcloud page.

Artist Cannz Releases Groundbreaking Single “Do You”

Mississauga, Canada (Greater Toronto Area) 22-year-old Mike “Cannz” has always known his destiny was to perform. Entertainment, on any platform, is his true calling and the root of his identity. His artistic journey began as an actor, performing for television and film, but he always knew music was his fate. Three years ago, the artist decided to take his hobby and make it a career, beginning his endeavor by creating his own production company, Ten Ten Entertainment. Now, the young Canadian is eager to make his debut with single “Do You” which is bound to leave listeners wanting more from Cannz.

Influenced by fellow musician and Canadian, Drake, Cannz has carefully calculated his entrance onto the rap scene. Says the artist of Drake, “How he releases music, everything happens for a reason. He knew what he was doing. Everything flowed perfectly.” The performer has used the same strategy in carefully planning the release of his single, “Do You. The song is a testimony of growth and dreams on the part of the young rapper, who calls the song “a spark, that will light a fire” in his life and career.

Being Canadian and white, Cannz knows he stands out. But, it’s not just his diversity from the traditional rap demographic that makes him unique – his music is a sound that’s yet to be heard, and his lyrics aim to entertain. “If you’re in a bad mood, you come to my show, and your mood is turned around.”

Ultimately, it’s Cannz’s music that will do the talking. “I’m confident in my music,” says the artist. “I just want to show people your dreams really can come true.”

Listen to “Do You” on Tidal, iTunes, and Google Play.

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[Mixtape] That Boy Poppa (@ThatBoyPoppa) - Est 2000

Jacksonville, Florida 16 year old indie artist That Boy Poppa is here to cause a commotion. Hailing from the streets of Duval, known for its good and bad things, That Boy Poppa is chasing his dream. An artist that has a story to tell at such a tender age. With Bigga Rankin and Boss Security behind his movement, you are guaranteed to get a project that is tagged with talent and quality. Press Play and support Est.2000 the mixtape.

Click [Here] To Stream/Download

Connect w/ That Boy Poppa: Instagram & Twitter: @ThatBoyPoppa

Luckyy Bam "Usher (Dem)"

Check out new single from Central Florida artist Luckyy Bam "Usher (Dem)".  
Click the link below to hear!  

Follow him on all social media @LuckyyBam to see the upcoming video release. 
Booking & Info: 

Heightz Interview with Dj PrimeTime From 91.7 The RawFM

Dominique Marogani - "Green" Prod: Metro Boomin


Green Front Cover
Dominique Marogani - Green
Aritst: Dominiaue Marogani
Track: Green
Producer: Metro Boomin
Twitter - @dmarogani
GREEN brings a more dynamic account of Marogani's lifestyle. With a highly charged delivery, raw and descriptive at times accompanied by Metro Boomin stellar effort on the boards.
Tags: d marogani, dominique marogani, green, metro boomin, promo vatica, cool running djs, core djs, coast2coast djs, rap, hiphop,

CDon - "Get Behind Me" Video


"Get Behind Me" [Video]

Click Here to Watch

C Don video 640
CDon Divine Order-front-large
Detroit rapper Conscious Don, a.k.a. CDon, premieres the visuals for "Get Behind Me" off his recent mixtape release "Divine Order." Watch the video and download mixtape below:
Social Media: @LoveCDon
About CDon:
For the retro hip-hop junkie, CDon blends the new age sound with a classic, old-school urban flavor that expands his hip-hop genre across vast age range of passionate listeners. "Divine Order" brings together soulful production and thought provoking lyrics recognizing CDon as a true underground sensation. Having graced the stage with Pusha T and Malice, Talib Kweli, Danny Brown, and The Cool Kids, the Detroit native has been featured on Datpiff Artist Spotlight along with various music sites. CDon produces conscious inspiration, motivationally delivering music that will encourage a generation to reflect on and evaluate real-life decisions and experiences with an unconventional, positive and mature delivery.

YB Puerto Rico & Scottie Christ - Cut It / Panda

Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks (Project Baby Edition) [Mixtape]

Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks (Project Baby Edition) [Mixtape] Rubberband OG hosts the Project Baby Edition of the Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks mixtape series. Featuring new and exclusive music from Young Scooter, Skippa Da Flippa, Young Buck, Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, 21 Savage, Super Nard, and many more. Direct Link: Embed Code: Twitter: @TrapsNTrunks @RubberbandOG

K Camp x Sy Ari Da Kid - Julz

Sy Ari Da Kid + K Camp's latest collaboration titled, Julz. If you are online and/or familiar with Yes Julz, then you may catch on to this catchy hook. Produced by MajorMusicX & TEAUXNY. Link: Embed Code: Artwork: attached Twitters: @SyAriDaKid @KCamp427

Dray Davinci - That's Bae

Image  1
New single


Written by Dray DaVinci
Produced by Ado the God

Connect w/ Dray DaVinci

email facebook twitter
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