Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Young Bull headlines music from Peso Gang Over Everything

HOUSTON, TX – Jordan Jones – AKA Young Bull from the 903 – has a gang. It’s not a criminal gang; it’s a gang made up of all his family and friends – the people he’s closest to and who help make his dreams of becoming an influential musician a reality.

He calls his gang PGOE, which stands for Peso Gang Over Everything.

“Peso Gang can mean two things,” Young Bull said. “It can refer to dope weight, or to money. The way I use it, though, is that peso gang means whatever you have to do to make it out of the bad world and be successful. It’s my gang, my friends, my family – all working together to do what you gotta’ do to get through the struggle.”

It’s a vibe and message of unity that permeates his music, and is especially straightforward on a new mix tape he’s going to drop later this fall. Two singles off the mix tape will be released before that, which he said he’d announced on his social media links on Twitter and Instagram.

The first single is called “Work at 4,” and is a hip-hop piece that talks about the daily grind and putting in the effort over and over again to provide for family. It’s a song that laments the loss of free-time – of going what you want to do – because of the routine of work. He said it’s a song he’s sure most people will relate to and a single that could become an anthem for his generation.

The second single is called “Savage Mode,” and is a rap song that plays off the ideas of “Work at 4” by honoring those who exhibit the dedication it takes to stick to their dreams and continue to push forward to realize those dreams, even when facing seeming insurmountable opposition.

“I love to party, I love to get krunk and I love good vibes,” Young Bull said. “I want people to feel good vibes from my music, and to realize that my music is not more of just a sound but of something you listen to that inspires you. When you listen to it, it’ll help you get through stuff. So far the response from fans has been amazing. Twitter fans are coming at me from all over the place – and that’s honestly what inspires me to keep going. I love that response from fans. By next year I want to be able to go out on tour. That’s what I love, and I think I could be influential to a lot of people.”

Young Bull went on to say that his music and his PGOE message are intentional. Not only do they show people who he is and what he stands for, but he hopes it’s something that will inspire others to chase their dreams – to break free from the nine-to-five and do whatever it takes to realize their dreams.

“There are lots of ways to make it in this world, you just have to believe in yourself,” he said. “Some people aren’t meant for college. Everybody has a different path in their life, and you just have to be bold enough to chase it.”

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