Monday, September 19, 2016

St. Louis rapper brings unique new sound with single “Like This”

ST. LOUIS, MO – When Ray G was little, his mother always used to tell him he could grow up to be anything he wanted to be. His response to her was always: “I’m going to be something different.”

Today, the up-and-coming St. Louis-based hip-hop artist is living out that self-proclaimed prophecy by sharing his unique sound and style with the world. Over the past two years he’s released music that has gained notoriety among St. Louis-area DJs and developed for him a loyal fanbase. His most recent single, “Like This,” is a next step, he said, in further developing that fanbase and advancing his music career in bigger and better ways.

“I’m all about standing out and always being different,” Ray G said. “I look at it as curating my style by trying to take what’s trending and making it mine in a way that will stand out but still have a trendy style. Ultimately the music I make is motivational. I want people to hear my music and want to make the best of themselves. And I want them to listen to my stuff and realize that I’m the next up. My sound is unique – I think I have the most organic flow in the rap game. And the things I’m rapping about are things people can relate to and are filled with life messages.”

Ray G said his new single is a high-energy club song that all kinds of rap-lovers will like. He said the lyrics talk about a person who thinks a lot of themselves and is always bragging about how good they are at things.

“There’s always somebody who thinks they stand out every time you see them,” Ray G said. “They’ll try to imitate something, thinking that they’re as good as the original, but they can’t ever do it quite like the original. There’s an old saying that says, ‘Anything you can do, I can do better,’ and this song kind of flips that on its head and says, ‘No … you really can’t. You might be able to do it like that, but you can’t do it like this.’”

Ray G said his music is something that comes very organically, and is usually developed late at night in the recording studio as he and his producers are discovering new beats. Once they find a beat they all like, Ray G will come up with lyrics and a hook – putting together a chorus and verses. With “Like This,” Ray G said once they had the first verse put together they knew they had a hit on their hands.

The single is currently available for purchase on all digital media download sites. Ray G has also developed a music video for the single that can be found on YouTube. Fans can also follow Ray G on social media @rayg_flopro on Instagram and @RayG_FloPro on Facebook and Twitter.

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