Friday, September 23, 2016

Soulja Blac uses personal life stories to inspire others through music

KNOXVILLE, TN – Soulja Blac has always had a deep desire to make it rich.

As a young man, this desire got him into trouble – so much so that he ended up serving a five-year prison sentence for selling drugs. And it was in prison that he was faced with the harsh reality of life – that there are consequences to actions, and that hard work and effort go a lot further than cutting corners to make a quick buck.

Evidence of that is perhaps no truer in his life than through his music. Since being released from prison, Soulja Blac has dedicated his life to inspiring others through music. And though he still has a desire to make it rich someday, he knows now that the big payday comes with hard work and effort. And so it’s with pride – and a healthy dose of humility – that he is ready to release his first single, “Lizard Lick Da Money.”

“When you watch a lizard lick his tongue out to eat a fly or whatever, it’s real quick,” Soulja Blac said. “We always used to call robberies a ‘lick,’ and the whole point of a Lizard Lick is like a quick lick. Back when we were younger we were lizard licking the money – all about getting quick money. This song is a nod to that. It’s a club song with a summertime-type feel. When you hear it you’re gonnalight up to it.”

Soulja Blac said the song is poking fun at the bad decisions of his past. And though he admits his music is raw and might be misconstrued as celebrating a criminal life, he insists that it’s more about telling his own life stories through music in ways that others can relate to.

“I’m from the streets, and I know how to talk to people,” he said. “When I make music I’ll talk about something from my life, and if you really pay attention to it you’ll see what I’m saying is that I did all this bad stuff, but it’s not what I’m promoting. I’m talking about it because it’s my life. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. The only way for me to make you feel and understand my story the way I went through it is to give it to you how I felt when I went through it. When it’s raw, it becomes real. I think people will understand that when they hear it.”

“I want people to view me as real, not just someone who makes music just to make money,” he said. “This is my story – and every song I make isn’t something that every person is going to like. But it all comes from a situation in my life. And they’re stories that I can project through music in any way you want – you could hear it and turn up, or be inspired, or laugh. I can grab your mind mentally, emotionally, or in a way that makes you just want to celebrate at the club. At the end of the day, I don’t look at my music as something just to do – it’s my therapy. It’s what I do to keep myself sane. It’s my outlet. And I hope it becomes that for other people, too.”

Soulja Blac said he owes a lot to the people around him – from the city of Knoxville and the support they’ve provided throughout the years, to his “beautiful, strong mother,” and his personal assistant, Brittney Kristen Phillos. He also mentioned his nephew, “Lil Bug,” who is founder and CEO of Craving Power Records. He said he knows that with their help he’ll be able to reach the goals he’s set to someday hit that big payday and be able to take care of his friends and family in ways he’s always dreamed of doing. Soulja Blac’s label is MSC – which stands for Mobb Style Clik Entertainment. Fans can purchase Soulja Blac’s music on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

For a sample of his sound, visit his Soundcloud or Youtube pages, or find out more about him at Fans can also follow him on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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