Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spotlight on HOMEFRONT NATION (@wepushworldwide) - Build Up

Born and Raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Homefront was founded by 4 Brothers. The street life was not an option and the life of music was their comfort zone. From Hit artists such as Doughboy Cashout and Chedda Boyz, Homefront felt a change in the music. We wanted to bring a new sound to the city and later added many additions to the group. Homefront's members include The Unit, Ken, J Rick Kush & female artist VX Da Icon. Starting their journey to become one of the hottest rap groups from the city of Detroit they've performed in front of live crowds and held their title at the Bullfrog Bar & Grill. Homefront is full of talented creative artists claiming their time to shine.

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Contact and/or Booking Info 1 (866) 831-0471

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