Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dynamic Artist Aaron Jordan Releases Single “Better Move”

Nashville, TN – For a young man raised amongst the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, with only a single mother and older sister to guide him, life could have taken a dark and negative path. But Aaron Jordan, a talented and dynamic artist, found music as a refuge and never looked back – only forward. “I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my life. People were doing crazy things,” he confesses, “but I was in the band room practicing my music. It showed me there was power in music.” What started as a hobby became a lifelong passion and career for Aaron, who started his career writing songs for other people. Aaron was eager to take ownership over his music – having heard his songs not performed with the caliber and integrity he would like – and he quickly moved from songwriter to performer, much to the delight of listeners everywhere.

Jordan’s music is, in a word, “nostalgic.” It possesses an essence of older, simpler times when music still had integrity and lyrics were thoughtful, fun, and clever. “My music is like a blend of hip-hop / rap and R&B – it’s a lot of melodic structure and a lot of rhythmic pattern,” explains the artist. Influenced by eccentric artists like Party Next Door, you can expect the unexpected from Aaron Jordan.

His newest single, which is available now on all digital platforms, is entitled “Better Move” and has an interesting (and funny) backstory. It all began with a simple case of writer’s block: Aaron was in the studio and had fallen madly in love with a beat, but couldn’t find the words in him. “I wasn’t doing it any justice,” he laughs, “I thought, It’s not coming to me.” So, in search of some inspiration and fun, he found his way to the club. A few drinks in, he met some girls and found his inspiration on a good night out. Immediately, the words fell into the song, like tipsy musical serendipity. Taking advice from famous writer Ernest Hemmingway who suggested writers “Write drunk, and edit sober,” he found himself a hit at the bottom of a bottle.

Fans wanting to follow along on social media can find him on Instagram and Facebook as @iamaaronjordan and on Twitter, @aaronjordan502.

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