Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mississippi-based hip-hop trio announces ‘Skurf Season’ with release of new mixtape

ABERDEEN, MS – There’s a new hip-hop trio out of Mississippi that’s riding a wave of success, and the release of their new mixtape “Skurf Season” is set to expand that success in big ways.

The trio is called SKURF – a term that the group uses to refer to the way they surf, or “skurf” the waves of the beat. As Cameron “Ski” King describes it, SKURF’s music is “real wavy” and different from anything coming out within the hip-hop genre today.

“We’re wavy and your music is real wavy and we’re just different,” Ski said. “We’re trying to do something positive. Our music is all about putting out positive vibes. We want you to feel like you’re there in the studio with us in that moment.”

Rounding out the trio with Ski are Cameron “Ecuas” Johnson and Trent “Astro” Davis. The three are cousins who grew up with each other in Aberdeen, Mississippi and fell in love with music all around the same time. Ski’s influence started with a father who was a producer and who would always have artists around the house or be playing new music. Astro had an uncle who used to rap and who influenced his love for the genre and Ecuas always loved music and enjoyed rapping with his cousins even from a young age.

“When I was young I never thought about growing up and being a rapper, it was just something fun to do because we loved music,” Ecuas said. “Now I love that we get to rap about everyday situations. When people hear our music I want them to feel the same things I feel. If I’m turnt, I want them to be turnt. Plus our sound is unique. We don’t try to use the same sound that’s already out. We’re originals. Most rappers today use a sound that’s already out, but we make our own sound.”

Astro said making music together has always been something that’s been relatively effortless for the trio of cousins. Over the years he said they’ve been able to develop a sound that features “a little bit of trap mixed with pop culture.”

“Making the music is easy,” he said. “We have a style that’s familiar to each other, so the process is easy. We have a good chemistry.”

“Skurf Season” is a 13-song mixtape that the group released on Spinrilla.com in mid-February. In the short time since its release it has already garnered a lot of chatter throughout their city, with buzz spreading throughout the state. Ski said it has helped to create interest in the group, enough that they’re already starting to book shows in places like Tupelo and Hattesburg; and some venues from as far away as Tennessee and Georgia are also calling asking the group to headline shows.

Fans who want to sample the album can check it out on Spinrilla, or visit the groups YouTube page for music videos of their singles. Fans can also follow SKURF on social media on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information about upcoming music releases or live performances.

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