Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Swoozy & Rodge Release Album Nothing But Facts

Beaver County, PA  – You’ve likely never met a duo quite as dynamic as Swoozy & Rodge. The two met through a mutual friend, Alvin’s cousin Chris. It was musical love-at-first-sight for the two immensely talented artists. They hit it off and have been making musical magic with one another since then. Chris has since passed away, but Swoozy & Rodge continue to create together in honor of his memory. The pair is making waves with more than just their voices and rhymes, but with the way they are bridging the gap between races. The first thing one might notice about the two artists is that they are an interracial musical duo, and while that’s not unheard of in progressive 2017, it still has impact on the musical community. “I think it represents unity,” they explain, “and to a lot of people, it represents unity,” which is one thing the world could use more of. Another thing the world could use more of? Hit songs, courtesy of Swoozy & Rodge.

Alvin (Rodge) Rodgers and Bradley Salada (Swoozy) are not your average local rappers. They are, in a word, eclectic. The two listen to all kinds of music and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places and genres – Rodge was raised in the church amongst the harmonies of a gospel choir, while Swoozy derives inspiration from everyone from The Doors to Eminem. The artists’ collective ability to think outside the box and love of all genres from country to classic hip-hop makes their music unlike anything you ever heard. “We’re artists first, rappers second,” confesses Swoozy, “A lot of hip-hop artists sound like they only listen to hip hop, but because we were raised on all kinds of music, we aren’t locked in to a specific sound.” Adds Rodge; “You can’t put us in a box.”

The duo is bringing their talent to their brand new album, released on February 14th, entitled Nothing But Facts. The album is a twelve-track project that exhibits all of the qualities that make Swoozy & Rodge such a captivating group. The main single off of the album, an R&B-esque clever song “Sprung,” has people vibing to it so much that its created its own movement on social media, appropriately named “The Sprung Challenge.”

Fans who want to take a listen to Nothing But Facts can do so on the duo’s SoundCloud page. To stay up-to-date with all things Swoozy & Rodge, follow them on social media (@Swoozyandrodge).

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