Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mermaid-Meets-Musician Shae Brock to Debut Music Video “Into You”

Los Angeles, LA –  Shae Brock has made her life’s work being a “mermaid on a mission,” determined to empower and encourage those who listen to her music. The ultra-talented Brock began playing piano at the young age of five, and was writing and performing her original music by twelve. At fourteen, producer and owner of The Artist Refinery Fred “Blaze” Crawford took the budding artist under his musical wing. With his help, Shae Brock cultivated a distinct sound of her own.
Now, with years of experience and success under her belt, the young singer spent the summer of 2016 doing what she does best: writing, creating, and performing. Brock’s most recent music video, entitled “Into You,” is highly anticipated to release this fall. “It’s about the moment you realize you have a crush on someone,” explains Brock, noting that the song was sparked by butterflies she felt for her own special someone. Like the rest of Shae Brock’s relatable music, the song was written as a result of personal, authentic experience. Reminiscent of summer fun, the song has a beachy, reggae-infused vibe. “And,” laughs Brock, “There’s a cute boy.”
Brock’s fun, relatable lyrics and uninhibited persona are bound to draw her audience in, and make them want to sit and stay awhile.
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