Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Sun new single represents freedom of expression with unique sound

CINCINNATI, OH – When Bomani was in high school, he formed a group called 513 with his brother and a friend. They spent most of their afternoons and evenings creating beats and lyrics together anyway, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to turn their fun into an official hip-hop group. But when the group created a CD that they sold to classmates, it was an eye-opener for young Bomani and the opportunities he might have at his fingertips to become a professional musician.

Fast forward a few years and Bomani now goes by Black Sun and is one of the fastest-rising talents to come out of Cincinnati, Ohio. His new album, “Black Sun,” was just released and is available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play under the production of his independent label, L.A.W. Creations.

“As an artist, my goal is to make quality music that expresses my emotions, beliefs and attitude toward life,” he said. “By making songs that can be played in the club to songs that tackle political and cultural issues, I feel like I’m one of the most versatile artists of our time. And I want to give other artists that ability to create freely. Five years from now I want my own label to be successful and have a lot of artists on it – artists who have the freedom to create whatever art they like. Too many times today labels decide for you or try to make you into what they want you to be. I want to give artists the ability to be who they are and not compromise.”

The latest album, “Black Sun,” is one that he said has a bit of a darker feel to it and is laced with a lot of emotion. He produced most of the tracks on the album, and the lyrics are such that he hopes it will serve as a project in which people can get to know him a little bit. Ultimately he said the overall vibe of the album is one that people could put in while driving around and just cruise to.

He’s also getting ready to release a new single on Nov. 1 called “Slidin.” Like most of his music, “Slidin” is a song that’s more directed toward people who care about lyrics and what’s being said more than they do a good beat, though it also has a beat that is a “feel good, club-banger groove.”

“It’s just a song that everybody can relate to,” he said. “It’s about riding in the car, going from place to place, doing the things you need to do while you’re getting from point A to point B. It’s something more mainstream.”

He collaborated on the song with Youngin Da Sp, who he’s worked with before in the studio. This is the first single they two will have released together, however. He said this song more than most is his stamp on the music industry and his way of displaying the kind of music he wants to release to the world.

“I just want to bring back good music,” he said. “I want to bring back the kind of music that you’d let your kids listen to. That’s the kind of art and music that I want to make so that you can look deeper into it and be inspired by it. I’m not making cookie-cutter rap. I just want to be me and encourage other people to be themselves. Sometimes today that’s hard to do.”

Fans who want to learn more about Black Sun’s music, or to stay alert for upcoming live performances, can follow him on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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