Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dooley the Kountry Pimp Drops Single “Walk So Nasty”

Valdosta, GA – Valdosta, Georgia native Dooley KP has always had music in his veins. From the age of six, he was a natural born performer, gracing the stages of his school at a Christmas program, he rapped to rowdy applause – and from that moment on, knew his destiny was music. Inspired by the greatest rappers of all time, the likes of Tupac, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Jay-Z, and more, Dooley quickly learned the art of imitation, which helped him develop his rapping skills. But he admired these artists for more than their musical chops; they all had something Dooley wanted, their own record label. Dooley became CEO of Bemiss Boy Entertainment, an entity that consists of a record label the artist has always dreamed of.
Though he begun his reign in Georgia, Dooley has come a long way, opening for Grammy award winning producers Cool and Dre and the legendary Jada Kiss. But, now, the artist is ready to be a star in his own right with the release of his latest single, “Walk So Nasty.” The song, which was released to resounding excitement from listeners, is an anthem of the confident woman. “It’s about the woman who holds her own,” explains the artist.
Dooley’s clever wordplay and “Kountry Poetry” style make him a distinct artist. “My music doesn’t just rhyme – it paints a picture,” continues Dooley. The artist isn’t finished yet; fans anticipate the release of two EPs in the coming months.

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