Saturday, March 11, 2017

Seeing Dollar Signs: Brick God Sosa Stops at Nothing for Success

New York, NY – At sixteen, young would-be rapper Brick God Sosa (born Jake Noch) was an active gang member, and still is, who decided to try his hand at his true passion: music. His motivation has always been simple. He knew rapping could make money and a name for himself, and he leapt directly towards dollar signs. But while he left his former life in the dust, his upbringing continues to pave the way for his success, and has prepared him for any hardship, which he meets with tenacity and determination. As Brick God so eloquently puts it, “I bossed up, and got rich.”
Brick God’s creative genius met his business and street-savvy and culminated in the creation of Global Affiliates Music Group, which has been an incredibly successful venture for the artist and entrepreneur, taking notes from mega-moguls like Diddy and Jay Z. But though he’s inspired by the big names in the music business, he’s determined to make his own way. “If you follow in another’s footsteps you will always be a follower. I am an inventor. I create my own path in life,” says Brick God, persistent about being a self-made and motivated artist and businessman. He continues, “We are 100% independent,” explaining that top to bottom everything the entertainment entity puts out is the work of Global Affiliates Music Group.

His latest project, a single entitled “Bite Down” will release on June 30th of this year as part of an upcoming album. The artist hints that it sounds like a soundtrack to a scene from Scarface – tough and aggressive, just like the artist himself. There is no messing with the Brick God, who is willing to make money and success no matter the cost. “On the block am your big brother and I will break your bitch ass down,” he says – and he means business.

His key to success? “Boss your life up.”

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