Friday, March 17, 2017

King James Baba Releases Empowering Single “Dreams”

Washington, DC – Nigerian-born artist King Baba James’ passion for music was sparked from a very young age. As early as 7-years-old, the artist can recall listening to his mother (who was a voice teacher) giving lessons to singers. “I was very drawn to that,” says the artist, “I loved to hear my mom sing, and I thought, ‘You know what? Maybe I can be a professional singer. I could be out there performing.’” And that’s just what he did, inspired by the greats like pop icon Michael Jackson, Baba pursued music in college and decided to make what was once a hobby his lifelong career.

The artist’s sound is a fusion between pop, soul and reggae, but despite those influences, he doesn’t like to box himself in, and draws inspiration from everywhere – even country music’s beloved blonde bombshell Dolly Parton. “I love country music,” he laughs, “I like something that has a great story to tell, and Dolly – her lyrical content – it was like her lyrics were a story, they could be a book or movie. There’s not many songwriters that can convey a story like that and keep you interested.”

King James Baba hopes to bring this sense of storytelling to his newest single, “Dreams,” which is an anthem of inspiration and tenacity. “What I’m trying to do with it is influence people, based on what they want to do with their life or career.” The artist recalls his father, an engineer, who was persistent that he and his brothers likewise follow suit and become engineers. While his brothers complied (they work in engineering in the UK), King James Baba knew his real passion was with music and art. “That didn’t sit well with my dad,” he recalls. But even so, King James Baba knew that he had a real gift, and wasn’t ready to let up on his dreams. “The story I want to tell is: It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. You have to pursue your dreams. You know yourself better than anyone else, and nobody can chase your dreams except you.” The song, “Dreams,” is available now on all digital platforms.

King James Baba is ready for the world to hear him – something different and original. “Hopefully people are open-minded and are drawn in by something different,” he muses.

Fans who want to learn more about King Baba James can follow him on social media (@kindbabajames) or visit his website,

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