Monday, March 20, 2017

CEO and Musician U-Sity Releases Single “What A Life”

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Midwestern songwriter and business mogul U-Sity hasn’t always been a savvy, successful entrepreneur. To the contrary, his story has humble beginnings. Raised “in the struggle,” the tenacious businessman turned to music and writing as a refuge from a difficult life. As early as fourth grade, the artist discovered music as a way to pursue his creative talents and find freedom of expression. His journey and can-do attitude took him all the way to college, where he majored in Music Business and learned the tricks of the trade. It was there he realized just how dynamic his creativity was, and began to cultivate a multi-platform brand, “Hit The Block Studios,” that would exhibit his many passions.

U-Sity is following in the footsteps of iconic music moguls the likes of Jay Z; an artist-meets-CEO that inspires U-Sity to develop his brand. U-Sity says of his idol, “He’s always been the guy to stay independent and push his own brand, from liquor to clothing, the whole legacy. It’s a dynasty.” Indeed, Jay Z has been successful at capitalizing on his lifestyle, but not far behind him is U-Sity, who has taken a few notes from the powerful rapper. Hit The Block encompasses many platforms; music, skateboarding, photography, fashion, even tattoos (Keep your eyes peeled for Block Ink). Hit The Block is always looking for new and interesting ways to develop their brand’s reach. Eager to collaborate with other creative outlets, U-Sity is determined to make a mark on every kind of art and business the market has to offer. Hit The Block Studios began as a way for the artist to give back to his beloved hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, by giving fellow artists the opportunity to grow and showcase their talents. “I’m opening up the doors to my hometown,” says the rapper and CEO.

U-Sity is first and foremost, an artist. His single, “What a Life,” is an anthem of the artist’s success – a reflection on his journey “from the bottom.” Now that he’s successful, he’s looking back on the effort and hard work it took here, and sitting back to enjoy his musical and business victories.

To find out more about U-Sity, fans can visit his website at, or follow him on Facebook or @usity on Instagram. Fans can also purchase some of his new singles on iTunes and Spotify.

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