Friday, February 3, 2017

Shay-D Kid follows-up recent hit single with another hot new track ‘Stylin’ On You’

TORONTO, ONTARIO – After riding a wave of success throughout 2016 with his hit single “Make Money,” Toronto-based hip-hop recording artist Shay-D Kid is ready to release his follow-up track “Stylin’ On You.” He teamed up with world-renowned producer JStaffz for the single, who has worked with the likes of G-Unit, Wiz Khalifa, Paramount, and Warner, just to name a few.

With a mellow groove that kicks into high gear during the chorus, 18-year-old Shay-D Kid said: “This single inadvertently became the sequel to ‘Make Money,’ carrying forward a similar theme while hitting the story from different perspectives.” He said in many ways the song showcases his abilities and evolution as an artist.

“Ever since I started making music I felt that I had a wide range of creativity in my sound with the ability to write many different styles of songs,” he said. “Whatever the emotion you’re feeling, I can write a song for it. I have a lot of diversity, and at the end of the day that’s what people will connect with because everyone relates to certain periods of time in their life with music.”

The vibe behind “Stylin’ On You” is a have-fun track with a catchy hook and a chill groove that fans will want to play over and over again. And while being the follow-up to “Make Money,” he said it’s origins are slightly more simple and humorous than any kind of overly analytical plan.

“Funny enough I was sitting at home with a friend and he said something about my shoes – in a ‘jealous’ (not serious) joking kind of way – and I said, ‘Don’t be mad because I’m stylin’ on you.’ And immediately I related and thought it would make for a great hook, and it did! It’s not a phrase you hear a lot, but will after listening to my song. The concept of the single also ties somewhat into the idea of people getting jealous because of your success, which is kind of a place I find myself a bit these days. Since I found hip-hop and have poured my life into something that I love to do, I’ve noticed a few people who can try to bring negativity, and it’s often because of jealousy. The lyrics of this song indicate and represent that, with a catchy hook and groovy sound that you can either blast in the car or chill too with friends.”

In conjunction with the single release, Shay-D Kid has also created a music video on his YouTube channel. The concept for the video elaborates on his personal journey slightly by showcasing him and his friends in different parts of their city – including the ‘Marilyn Monroe Towers’ in Mississauga. It’s the perfect balance of the seriousness with which he takes his music career and the fun that he hopes to bring fans through his music. 

To check out the single, fans can visit his Soundcloud page, or purchase the single on iTunes and many other major outlets. Fans can learn more about Shay-D Kid on his website,, or follow him on social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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