Friday, February 3, 2017

“#80Strap” Artist #TheREPLAYflu to Release Album #Exposure

Orlando, FL – For Brace Washington (Known better to fans as #TheREPLAYflu), showmanship is key. His music is unlike anything in the hip hop or rap scene today. #TheREPLAYflu has turned his music into his own personal brand of “#80Strap,” a fusion of classic 80’s records and current, popular Trap music. “I take the composition of records that were made before the Quincy Jones era – Smokey Robinson, Queen, Prince. I take those song structures but do them trap style.” No one else is doing anything like it, and Washington would know. He’s scoured the internet, and so far, he’s the first person to be experimenting with 80’s-infused trap. “So far on Google, I’m the first person,” he explains, “I’m at a unique point, where I have a new item and don’t know what shelf to put it on.” While you may not know what shelf to put #TheREPLAYflu on, you’ll want to find space for his music in your library.

The up and coming 80’s trapper creates music that belongs anywhere – from the strip club to kicking your feet up at home. “My music has a sense of drive and rhythm so older people can listen and enjoy, but it will appeal to the younger generation as well.”

Fans can expect a stream of new content coming from the talented artist, as he’s set to release his newest project – an album entitled #Exposure – the day after Valentine’s Day (February 15th, 2016). Why the attachment to February 15th? The artist laughs, and adds, “A lot of babies are made in the winter!” Implying that the title #Exposure might be a “double entendre.” The record is seeping with irony and is what one might call “an iconic existential crisis.” The album’s cover is of someone’s bottom. The artist calls it a “conversation piece,” explaining that he wanted to “get people to think.”

Also releasing on February 15th is #TheREPLAYflu’s music video, “_Hologram,” which will be released via Instagram piece by piece. The video’s style will emulate the vibe of MK2 Ultra, “like the government uses for brain washing.” In a creative vision he calls “counter-marketing,” the artist wanted to find a way to draw attention to the video without being overtly sexual or violent, which is what usually draws engagement.

You can’t miss #TheREPLAYflu’s one-of-a-kind music and his confident aura, which translates into the wit and purpose in his music.

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