Thursday, February 2, 2017

New York artist OnnaDi details release of new single "Dial My Number"

NEW YORK, NY – OnnaDi has quite the resume when it comes to her musical career.

Having a passion for music and songwriting at an early age, OnnaDi began by interning for local recording studios in her home state of Ohio. She moved to Staten Island, NY and continued to pursue her dreams of recording music at several New York City studios. OnnaDi landed an internship with Code Red Entertainment – providing her the opportunity to work with, write for and record with members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

OnnaDi also appeared on episodes of “Law & Order,” and followed up with an appearance on “American Idol."

Today, she’s ready to add more accolades to her resume with the release of a new single that is already blowing up the charts and getting airplay throughout the Northeast. The single is called “Dial My Number,” and it showcases her unique vocal talents with a sound that is all her own.

“It’s original,” she said. “I like more of a mature type of R&B style – like the classics – with a little bit of a modern take. I love world music and I'm developing a sound that mixes with R&B in a way that can appeal to mainstream America.”

“Dial My Number” uses some of those musical elements in an upbeat, catchy way. It talks about being happily in love and that need you feel to answer the call as soon as it rings.

OnnaDi said she hopes this single will show everyone a world-infused sound of R&B. She’s planning on a music video for the single, and will put this single on an EP that she hopes to release before the summer. The EP is tentatively entitled “My Thoughts.”

“Maintaining a strong spiritual base is a must, to keep from being discouraged when things don’t go as planned,” said OnnaDi. “Sustaining a music career can be difficult.”

Maneuvering through the ups-and-downs of working in the music industry, she took her experiences and used them to create her own business and label. OnnaDi hopes the music she releases will resonate with fans all over the world in ways that will inspire them to chase their dreams.

Fans who want to check out more of OnnaDi’s music can do so by visiting her website at Fans can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter for updates on upcoming music releases or live performances.

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