Thursday, February 2, 2017

Head-turning musician lights up Philadelphia with new single ‘Run Up A Tab’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – It’s hard to forget a guy with a red and blonde striped Mohawk. Add to that a man who has a proclivity to make memorable beats and who can drop catchy lyrics, and you’ve got an artist who cannot be ignored.
Such is the case for the Philadelphia artist known as Mohawk. Like the name implies, he’s an unforgettable musician who stands out both in fashion style and amongst his peers in the world of hip-hop and rap. And his most recent single, “Run Up A Tab,” is the perfect example of the kind of head-turning music he’s bringing to the world.

The up-tempo “club” song is one that Mohawk describes as “cocky,” in the best sense of the word. It’s a song that takes the point of view of a person who is uber-successful in life and isn’t afraid to spend his money on whatever he wants – women, toys and having a good time. He said it’s a song that he wrote based on the type of lifestyle that he hopes to someday live.

“It’s all about having a good time,” he said. “The lyrics aren’t really inspiring lyrics for kids to grow up into, but they’re definitely for a hot club record that you want to hear when you want to have a good time at the club or driving home from work. The hook in particular is real catchy.”

Catchy hooks and memorable lyrics are what make him stand out, he said.

“A lot of people nowadays mumble their lyrics,” he said. “I’m actually rapping with a catchy hook. Combine that with how I carry myself – and of course the Mohawk with red and blond hard, which nobody has in the industry – and you can see why I have what it takes to create a hit record.”

His love for music started at a young age growing up on the streets of Logan Valley, Philadelphia. He would often find himself listening to the radio and trying to rap and remember lyrics from other artists. His favorites were Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z – with some nods to Ying-Yang Twins and Nelly in his older teenage years. His early forays into recording started in the bathroom of a college dorm with no money in his pockets. He took on odd jobs – such as custodial work – just to support himself. Eventually he linked up with Bipolar Media Productions in Philadelphia, through whom he produced “Run Up A Tab.” The song is produced by Ricodaproducer in partnership with UncleArtEnt.

Fans who want to check out the single can do so on Mohawk’s Soundcloud page. Fans can also follow him @ThatsMohawk on Twitter and Instagram for updates about future music releases or live performances.

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