Friday, January 6, 2017

Authenticity To The Core: A’Keem Announces Release of The Vortex

Truth or Consequences, NM – Dynamic artist A’Keem has always had music running through his veins. Born into a musical family, he confesses, “I am an artist inside I bleed it, if you cut me you would see it,” in the lyrics of a song on his album, The Vortex (Available for purchase here). Influenced by a vast array of artists, from hip hop legends to modern pop (he’s even a fan of British vocalist, Adele). What compels him musically is authenticity.

His regard for the truth and commitment to bearing himself honestly makes his music candid and refreshingly straightforward. In a world saturated with trends and musical falsehoods, A’Keem is courageous enough to make music that is true to himself and his craft. “When I was younger, I made music for other people. Now, instead of making music people like, I make music that I like, and hope others will too. I won’t make whatever’s popular.”

It’s worth noting that every sound, beat, and melody on A’Keem’s newest album, The Vortex, is organic. “I’m absolutely devoted to making sure every work is true and every instrument is ours,” explains the artist. Right down to the sound of a doorbell on one track, which engineers suggested he source from elsewhere. A’Keem refused, opting for artistic integrity over convenience at every turn.  “I’m learning my principles as I am going, and I’m standing on them firmly.”

In addition to A’Keem’s integrity and authenticity, his persistence also makes him unique and distinct. Committed to making music his life, he works long hours at a “9-5” job in the oil fields, but considers his job an investment in his true career. His positivity and tenacity have manifested success, and only continue to pay off as people take notice to his music. His sage advice to others? “Your energy manifests your reality. What you put out is what you’ll attract.”

Music Video "Back"
Music Video "The Water"

1st Tape "The Keepsake"
2nd Tape "The Pretext"

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