Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Artist Capi~Cu Announces Release of “Gramz on Gramz”

Atlanta, GA – Brooklyn native Rafael Hernandez (known better to fans as Capi~Cu or Papi da Connect) has had a lifelong love affair with music. In his teen years, he took notice of the way his Jamaican friend, reggae / rap recording artist Kasan Da Julah fused his island sound with traditional rap and hip-hop. Inspired, he decided to try out a cultural infusion of his own, mixing rap with a Puerto Rican flare. But while his knack for music and gift of the gab meant he had extremely high potential, a troubling and difficult upbringing stood in the way of his success. At the mere age of five, he had already seen and experienced more than any child should. When his mother was assaulted by his father, and then thrown out of the house, a young Capi~Cu was faced with homelessness. In the streets, his options were limited: It was join a gang, or become prey. Capi~Cu chose the former, and fell deep into a life of the street struggle. What has made his life so challenging, however, has lead to potent, relatable content for anyone who has struggled like Capi~Cu has. His music offers a glimpse into a story of trials and tribulations that many can listen to and relate.

Locked up for his attitude in a charter hospital, Capi~Cu was encouraged to put his feelings and emotions down on paper. Journaling was cathartic for the artist, who would purge his emotions in a fury. “Two or three days later, I’d read what I wrote and I saw how my feelings were clouding my reality.” It also showed the rising star what could come of his ability to translate feelings into song.

The up and coming Puerto Rican rapper has come a long way: A full global distribution deal on every digital platform, his newest single “Gramz on Gramz” is bound to be an instant hit. (Within days of its release, thousands of people had streamed the song.) Capi~Cu takes no shortcuts with his music, recording and working with only the best in the business, with more Grammy nominations than one can count. The song, “Gramz on Gramz” is a collaboration with Capi~Cu’s friend and AMG recording artist Baby D – sometimes known as “DIzzle” (formerly of Oomp Camp Records) – and Sky Walker. It was produced by Blasian Beats and recorded, mixed and Mastered by Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta. The music video, directed by the renowned director Todd Uno, is a teaser to an upcoming movie that stars the rapper-turned-actor Capi~Cu. From the recording studio to the silver screen, Capi~Cu is an artist to keep your eye on.

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