Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dbait ‘Turns Up’ the volume with new party single

PHOENIX, AZ – Sometimes when you spend all your time and effort behind the scenes preparing an album for its release, the next best thing to do is to let loose and have fun.

That’s the approach Phoenix-based rapper Dbait is taking with his most recent single “Turn Up.” Quite simply, it’s a celebration of life. 

“It’s a party song,” he said. “When I was recording for the album (‘Hypergraphia,’ which fans can listen to on his website officialdbait.com) I started messing around with this melody. The creative process for this song was pretty straight forward. Which I needed at the time because I was having a hard time keeping up with all the multi-tasking that comes with producing a full length album. This song speaks from the perspective of a person who had a rough week and is ready for the weekend to come around so they can unwind. We’re all human and we can all learn from each other. Sometimes the best thing we can do after a rough patch is to just have fun. That’s what this song is about. I just want people to turn up the volume on their lives and forget about their stresses for one moment."

Like most of his songs, “Turn Up” came about as Dbait was experimenting with a few different concepts. In this case he chose to stretch his melodic wings, pairing his unique rapping talent with a showcase of vocals that he doesn’t often display to the world. As a result, fans have been clamoring for more.

“This tends to be one of people’s favorite songs of mine,” he said. “I’m still learning what people react to after making a bunch of music and just putting it out there. I tried to be mindful of the harmonies when I created it and I’m glad that so many people are responding to it in such a positive way.”

This is especially true for him, considering that so often he’s misunderstood as a person and as an artist. He often nods to that part of his life in subtle ways. He frequently dresses in all black, for instance, as a reminder to himself of the dark times he survived and also as a reminder to focus on the positive. For fans to begin to understand who he is and where he’s coming from is a giant step forward for him.

“I’m trying to encourage people to stop following the trends,” he said. “Don’t listen to other people’s negativity if they try to push you down. Be yourself. Be independent. Don’t be afraid to be that way. Don’t swallow criticism being spoon-fed to you. I want to debate everything people tell me about myself and create my own reality and my own measurement of success. My biggest thing with my music is to encourage people to go against what society thinks about you as a person.”

Fans can sample some of the music from the album on Dbait's website, officialdbait.com, or purchase his music on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Fans can also follow Dbait on social media on Twitter and Instagram.

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