Friday, November 18, 2016

Tommy Levi Announces Release of Single “Look at Her”

Deland, FL – Growing up, music was always a strong passion for the Deland Florida native who now makes his home in “The Derb” (Daytona Beach), Tommy Levi. The son of a CEO and investor in the music industry, Tommy’s father dissuaded his passion for music in favor of his other passion, which was football. Persistent and passionate about music, Levi ignored his father’s discouragement and pursued music full force. Soon thereafter, once Tommy Levi had gained local notoriety and had built his skill as a rapper, his father got behind his career choice and has guided and inspired him to put his music out into the world. Tommy is a one-of-a-kind person and artist. When asked about his musical influences, he replied quite frankly that he had none – that drawing inspiration from other rappers would take away from the distinct, unique quality that makes his music shine. “People call me a unicorn,” explains Levi, noting that he listens to his own music in his spare time. Most recently, the artist has delved into creating his own beats, having formerly bought them. Now, his music is fully his own and he’s ready to make his debut into the world as an established and talented rapper.
His latest project, a single entitled, “Look at Her,” is a testament to how far Levi’s music has come. The song is, as the artist explains it, “About how I live. The first things that come to mind when I see a woman.”
Tenacious and fiercely unique, the artist has fought to make it out of the streets and into the music industry. Levi abides by the motto: “Don’t fit in. Fit out.” One thing is certain: Tommy Levi is bound for big things.

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