Friday, November 18, 2016

Houston’s Own STREETDUDE to Release Album

Houston TX – STREETDUDE FLENCH is a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the street – an embodiment of the hustle, the grind, the struggle. Having faced many trials in the streets himself, his music speaks to those who are desperate to be heard. STREETDUDE’s music comes from direct experience, as his life has been no walk in the park. After fathering seven children with five women and ending up in jail due to a life of drugs, the struggle isn’t something FLENCH just raps about. It’s a raw, true account of a hard life lived with determination.

Inspired by classic rappers such as Scarface, and through collaborations with people like S.U.C (Screwd Up Click) and under the musical guidance of SPC (South Park Coalition), he learned the art of touring and how important loyalty to fans is.

His latest project, “STREETDUDE,” will arrive to much anticipation by fans of the up and coming rapper. The song will strike a chord, in particular, with those who are familiar with the “street struggle.” Says the artist of his fans from the street, “I’m telling their story, and reclaiming back trapping.” His other most recent project, a single entitled “Top Chef,” chronicles the drug culture of the streets and pays homage to the hustle. “The song is about top chef crack, and how my music is crack,” explains STREETDUDE.

This focused, determined artist has a story to tell which makes his music real, raw and authentic.

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