Saturday, March 25, 2017

Boston-based rapper brings unique sound to the table with new single ‘Work’

BOSTON, MA – Sim, AKA Sim-EEE, is not a rapper. He’s an artist.

His art includes rap … and R&B, and pop, and funk, and sometimes even soft-rock, if the mood calls for it. His art is the whole canvas of music and all its various genres, and he hopes fans will come to know him as a master of every kind of music there is. And as they get to know who he is as a musician, he hopes to pass along a positive message to the world that could influence generations to come.

“I want to spread love and create music that anyone can relate to,” said the Boston-based musician who originally hails from the Mississippi Delta. “I want to give people the scoop on what’s going down socially and how we can come together to affect change. I have kids and I see the way society is set up at this moment and it’s not conducive to anyone who wants to progress in life and who has a dream. I want to show everyone through my music that whatever you want to believe in and focus on, then do that.”

His new single, “Work,” is a good example of the kind of message that he hopes to send out to the world. While its lyrics address some of the issues going on in the world today, it’s underlying message is a call to everyone to put in the work that it takes to realize dreams. Sim said the vibe of the single is a combination of trap and club – a “radio and dance song” that he hopes will be catchy enough to grab the attention of new fans.

Sim is also working alongside Fashion designer and artist Nili Jicho to help produce the Nili Jicho (Mijini Collection) clothing line. Mijini means “urban” in Swahili. The clothing line is scheduled to launch in mid-April.

Sim is also a motivational speaker with the current campaign #Youthsneakerchallenge, in which he gives a fresh pair of sneakers to children who maintain good grades, demonstrate obedience to parents and are respectful to others. He hopes to continue to get more donations to this campaign so as to give as many shoes to children as possible.

Music is second-nature to him, he said. As a child of the 1980s and 90s, he said he was heavily influenced by the rap and hip-hop coming out during those decades. He recalls that his first introduction to hip-hop was through the cable channel BET.

“Once I saw it, I like the way the rhymes relayed and the dress codes,” he said. “I liked it all around and decided it was something I want to do.”

Over the years since that initial inspiration, he’s studied the greats of hip-hop, such as Tupac, 50 Cent, Soulja Slim and Three-Six Mafia. He has also studied other genres and said that when he writes today he often pulls from the influences of other sounds, such as rock and EDM. At the end of the day, though, it’s his unique voice that he said sets him apart from the crowd.

“My aura is No. 1,” he said, “and my voice itself is a very distinctive voice. If you study rap, a lot of people with distinctive voices have gone on to do great things. Combine that with my delivery and my versatility and it’s almost harder to try to find what isn’t unique about me.”

“Work” is currently available for purchase on all digital download sites, such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Fans can also check it out on his Soundcloud page, or visit his YouTube page to view some of his music videos. Fans can also follow him on Facebook, or @Sim_eee on Instagram and Twitter for more information about upcoming music releases or live performances.

Friday, March 24, 2017

[Video] Tha Captin - Still Bakin'

Official Video to Tha Captin's "Still Bakin'" produced by Timothy Timothy. Download the full project "Please Say Tha Baby". Connect with Tha Captin: @ThaCaptin

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hollywood Boogie continues evolution as an artist with new single ‘BoogieMan’

RICHMOND, VA – There were two constants in Mitchell “Hollywood Boogie’s” home as he was growing up in Richmond, Virginia: music and basketball.

His father was a professional basketball player who played for the Houston Rockets. He was also an amateur musician and often sang or played around the house. His mother was a singer who served as a choir director for their church. She used to sing to young Boogie every day, using new words over the top of old records to modernize the lyrics in a way that would appeal to him. He started singing back to her as a child, developing a sense of rhythm that has evolved into a unique style and sound that today sets him apart as one of the hottest rising hip-hop artists in the country.

In many ways, Boogie sees an evolution playing a key role in every step of his music career. From the moment his brother – a local rapper with a modest following – showed him that anyone could be a rapper if they had talent and were willing to work hard, he was dedicated to his craft.

“So I began to write lyrics to instrumentals and say them to my friends to see if I was good enough,” he said. “After seeing their reactions, I decided to pursue a music career. But I also played basketball at a high level. I even played for the ABA for awhile until I broke my ankle. I had a choice to rehab and continue to do basketball, or focus instead on music. I’m a hard worker and I decided to put the work that I was putting into basketball into the music.”

About four months ago he released a mixtape called “Evolution,” – named as a nod to the way he views his approach to music and his journey as a professional hip-hop artist.

“When I started doing music again, I didn’t want to just make any old trap or urban record,” he said. “I wanted to expand peoples’ minds. ‘Evolution’ was my way of talking about a lot of things – education and sports and perseverance.”

His new single, “BoogieMan,” is a bit of a return to the urban sound that put him on the map in the first place. He said he was intentional about choosing that sound because he wanted to pay homage to the fan-base that has stayed with him over the years. But he also wants to use the success from that single as a launching pad for his new mixtape, “Relapse,” which he said he hopes to release later this year.

To sample some of his music, fans can visit his Soundcloud page, or check out any digital streaming site such as iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. Fans can also follow him on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on new music releases or live performances.

North Carolina rapper/comedian showcases unique style with new single ‘Don’t Take It For Granted’

SHELBY, NC – For as long as he can remember, Aaron Lee has been able to make people laugh.

In fact, to hear the hip-hop artist and stand-up comedian from Shelby, North Carolina tell it, he was born and people started laughing.

“I’ve always been laughed at,” he said. “I don’t know why, but I figured if you’re going to laugh anyway then I’ll give you a reason to laugh and be a comedian. Plus, you can’t get mad at what I say because I’m always joking.”

The young artist from the East Coast is working to establish himself in both realms of hip-hop and comedy. He’s launched some samples on a YouTube page, and already he’s beginning to grow a fan following.

But opportunities like those were almost one car crash away from not being around. About a year ago Lee hit a tree going almost 60 miles per hour. Amazingly, he walked away from the crash with only a major concussion and an injury to his eye. But it was an experience that made him realize the frailty of life and how fleeting opportunities can be.

“I woke up in the car and ever since then I’ve been working on rebuilding my life,” he said. “Every time I sit behind the driver seat of a car now, I get pretty nauseous. I know that I might not be here tomorrow, now. You say you know that, but when you go through something like that it lets you know for real. It let me know that if I want to be a comedian or a musician or an entertainer, then I have to do it now and not wait until tomorrow. Instead of putting in resumes at some regular nine-to-five job, I have to take a chance on what I love. There are always going to be roadblocks, and money will come and go, but I just had to do something to chase that dream.”

When it comes to making music, Lee said he wants to bring back the originality of rap and tries to shy away from mimicking what other artists are doing nowadays. His new single, “Don’t Take It For Granted,” is the perfect example of that mentality. He said it’s a blend of old school and new school hip-hop. The lyrics talk about the lessons he learned after the car crash, and though it’s upbeat with a chill vibe, the message behind it is serious with a tone of inspiration.

“When I was younger I would listen to Eminem and Tupac and I just fell in love with that kind of music,” Lee said. “I also loved 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, T.I., Boosie and Young Jeezy as artists I grew up on. As I’ve grown older I’ve become impressed by how they did something that it takes a lot of hard work to do. They were inspired by the drive they had within themselves, and that inspiration poured out onto others. And now I’m inspired and I want to try to do what they do.”

“Don’t Take It For Granted” is currently available for purchase on iTunes. Fans who want to find out more about Aaron Lee and his music and comedy can follow him on social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

[Mixtape] Showtime 15 #LongLiveDevontay hosted by Tony Davis the DJ

Tony Davis The DJ releases his latest mixtape, "Showtime 15", which is dedicated to the memory of his youngest brother, Devontay. His brother was 1 of his main supporters of his DJing craft. He took his craft and some of the hottest indie singles to make a mixtape his brother would be proud of. Showtime 15 features music from TBR Priority Artist Ralo, Que, Deeboi, Balize, Lucci, and Mookie Mardi Gras to name a few. This is definitely a download to remember.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

[Mixtape] Supply Da Trap 5 hosted by Jaydat and DJ Chill Will

Mr. Supreme Team "Jaydat" and CRDJ Record Breaker "DJ Chill Will" join forces to release "Supply Da Trap Vol 5." This mixtape is filled with bangers from some of the hottest indie artist of today. Features include: Balize, Noochie, Big Cuz, YFN Lucci, Money Baggz (NC), Mookie Mardi Gra, Dee Boi, and Que to name a few. This mixtape is guaranteed to Supply Da Trap.

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From Stage to Studio: Singer / Songwriter Jaysin Voxx Debuts New Music

Los Angeles, CA  – A unique introduction to the music business has made singer / songwriter Jaysin Voxx’s music style one-of-a-kind. Born on stage, he developed his voice and stage presence by performing in musicals from a very young age, capturing the attention of audiences with his voice.  But, when a young (and notably beautiful) girl in school told him that “he had a great voice, but she didn’t hear him on the radio,” he bid the Broadway scene goodbye and headed for the studio where he’d have to reinvent himself and his sound. What the average person might not know is, there’s a vast difference between the two performance arts, and transitioning to the studio and R&B was no easy feat. He’s come a long way from jazz hands and musicals – and without stage direction, he’s stepped into his own as an artist. Voxx has created a brand of music that a fellow musician dubbed “pop with soul.” Says the artist, “It fills a hole in the industry,” explaining that his music evokes a more passionate and soulful Pop R&B sound than the average song on Top 40 radio today, and his commitment to soulful music extends to the lyrics as well. “Everything in the Top 40, I like it, but I’m not always blown away by what the artist has to say.” Like in acting, the storyline of a song is paramount to the songwriting experience for Jaysin Voxx. “It’s like method acting,” he continues.  “If you don’t write it, then how can you feel it?”

The artist has been busy recently, serenading about girls, wanderlust and giving the male perspective on relationships. (He laughs that he might be the “anti-Taylor Swift,” noting how eager the blonde pop star is to throw men under the bus in relationships.) His most recent project, a single entitled “Careless Whisper,” is a unique trap club tribute to George Michael’s hit song. Working with music moguls like Phillip Peterson and Benny Blanco (known for their work with major stars like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Pink), he recorded the song the day after Christmas and as a way to pay homage to the late iconic singer, Michael. The song is a personal favorite, though the artist doesn’t generally play favorites with his music. “My songs are all my babies,” says Voxx, “They are all my favorites.”  

What can we expect next out of the immensely talented Jaysin Voxx? He has just dropped a World Pop single called “A Better World.” In 2017, when it feels like the whole world is full of challenges, political issues, and hurt, Voxx has tapped into a feeling of unity with the belief that “music gon’ heal the world,” a line which makes it’s way into the lyrics. Recorded at the iconic Pacifique Studios, where many greats have recorded their hits (Justin Bieber has been known to make an appearance or two), the song is a “direct and powerful” message that seeks to heal a divided nation and world. 

No matter the message of the song, Jaysin Voxx urges fans to “Voxx it out,” a motto that encourages listeners to live their lives to the absolute fullest, just as the artist aims to do.

Fans who want to learn more about Jaysin Voxx can do so by visiting his website, or following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Hot Dizzy sends shout out to lost friend with new single ‘Stand Still’

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – When Hot Dizzy was working as a bartender at a strip club some years ago, he had no idea that the large guy with the nickname “Big Ace” who ordered a drink from him would become one of his closest friends. But as the two bonded over a rap song being played in the club that night, their friendship grew and Big Ace became one of Dizzy’s biggest inspirations.

The passing of Big Ace due to a heart attack hit Dizzy hard. He struggled to find a way to honor the memory of his friend, until he started diving into the hip-hop and rap of his youth. The process of grieving over a friend and writing to express his feelings uncovered a natural talent that he now uses as the hip-hop artist from Indianapolis known as Hot Dizzy.

“I had tried rap back in the day, but didn’t take it seriously,” he said. “The thing that pushed me back into rapping was when Big Ace passed away. Now it feels like he’s pushing me to do this. When I played around with rap as a hobby before, it felt like I wasn’t doing anything with it. I even started driving trucks for a while. But now I owe it to him to make this real.”

Dizzy said his unique style is that of a rap storyteller. He said his rhymes are often referred to as a narrator telling a story with a distinct flow and delivery. His stories tend to be metaphors for the struggles he’s going through or the things he’s seen. Sometimes his environment and the relationships he enjoys find their way into his music, as well.

His single “Hood Low” is currently ranked No. 1 on the Emerging 200 Chart, and he has two other singles out that he hopes will make a similar splash. “Stand Still” is a song specifically dedicated to Big Ace.

“It’s about being up in the club and seeing a girl dancing and liking what you see,” he said. “But when you holler at the girl you find out the club is ready to close. So you bounce to another club and find a honey and take her to the hotel and do the thing.”

Another single, “Feedback,” is more of a statement piece that he said should let listeners know exactly who he is. Every verse has its own specific meaning, and the driving beat is something he knows will connect with fans.

At the end of the day, though, he said he hopes his music is something that can help others out of bad situations by giving them an escape.

“If they’re upset or going through something similar, maybe they can get a message out of one of my songs,” he said. “Maybe they can know they aren’t the only ones going through it.”

Fans who want to sample Hot Dizzy’s music can visit his Soundcloud page, or check out some of his music videos on his YouTube channel. His new album is scheduled to drop in May, and fans who follow him on Twitter can find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Murc Jones strives for greatness with release of new 14-song album

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – To this day, Murc Jones doesn’t know why his best friend starting calling him by that nickname.

When he was younger and started rapping professionally at around age 16, he and a friend would often get together and record their freestyle raps. At one point they started discussing stage names, and his friend randomly said, “I’m gonna start calling you Murc.”
“I still don’t know why he called me that,” Jones said, “but I’ve been using it ever since. The Jones was something I chose to represent my change and growth as an artist.”

That evolution from early freestyle rapper to one of the country’s hottest young hip-hop artists is perhaps best displayed on his new album, “Greatness Over Dishonesty.” It’s a 14-song album that he said tells the story of who he is and what his music is about. Its songs display a variety of different vibes – all of which, he said, show his versatility and unique sound in ways that make him stand out from the crowd.

“I’m not trying to sound like anybody else,” he said. “I want to be great, and it’s gonna take honesty to be great. If you want people to listen to you, then you have to be the real you. I think it’s my originality and the fact that I’m not trying to sound like anybody else – that I’m just being myself – that makes me stand out.”

Murc said his songs tend to lean toward storytelling, and that the medium of music as a vehicle to share stories is one of the things that first attracted him to hip-hop in the first place. He said he finds it amazing that you can tell a story through music, or create a music video that other people can relate to in a way that makes them perfectly understand what it is he’s trying to say.

The main single off the album is called “Live For The Moment,” and is a perfect example of his use of storytelling through music.

“It’s a song about how I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the music industry,” he said. “The video is me and a couple of friends just hanging out, chilling to the song. And that’s, in a lot of ways, what I hope other people do when they listen to this album.”

To find out more about Murc Jones, fans can follow him on social media @murcjones on Twitter and @murcjonesmusic on Instagram. Fans can also sample his album and other music he’s created on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Underground phenom set to launch mainstream career with new EP and album

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Growing up in north Ft. Lauderdale, Scott “S.A. Vents” Anderson and his family didn’t have much. Even when his mother got a promotion that allowed them to move to Lauderhill, Florida in Broward County, it was a difficult area in which to grow up. But it was within that neighborhood that he got an education, both in diverse cultures and music genres.

Though hip-hop and reggae was always a big part of his household, he started getting into rock, techno and house music while in his early teenage years. By junior high school, he and a friend began playing around with beats and amateur producing on his friend’s laptop.

“We would literally sit there and listen to music – like old hip-hop,” Vents said. “It’s how we picked up a passion for DJ-ing, and it really influenced the way I grew up. Those old-school rappers – like Tupac and Biggie and Dr. Dre – were teachers to me. I really got into that, and we continued to DJ all the way through high school.”

His passion for music continued to grow during high school, but it took a back seat to basketball for a few years. College started off strong, but eventually became a struggle that turned into bad decisions with drug use and expulsion from school. He found himself in Atlanta, living in his aunt’s attic, and that’s where his love for music re-sparked. He enrolled at The Art Institute of Atlanta and majored in audio engineering. He discovered his own unique sound and style. And he began to develop a plan to make music a career.

In 2016 he moved back to South Florida and has been working on an album ever since. He plans to release the album later this year, but is ready to drop a five-song EP called “Ground War” in the next month or two as a prelude to the larger album that will be released later.

“The concept of it is that I’m an underground artist and no one knows about me,” he said. “’Ground War’ nods to that. I’m fighting this battle to get on the scene. I’m another person from the underground trying to get on the scene and shine. This EP has a hip-hop vibe to it, but I experiment a lot when it comes to my sound. My tone of voice is different, and I do some weird raspy sound effects. It’s different from anything I’ve heard melodically that’s out right now. Plus my wordplay is a little different. I don’t have regular bars – my bars are kind of abstract. Some of it is 808, and some of it has more of a west-coast vibe, but more than anything it’s just a diverse mixture of sound. You can’t put it in a box.”

Fans who want to sample that unique sound can do so by visiting S.A. Vents’ Soundcloud page. Fans can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter, or at S.A. Vents on YouTube and Facebook.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Rapper from west side of Chicago launches new mixtape ‘C4’

CHICAGO, IL – Travis Cox – AKA LV – remembers the exact age and place when he first fell in love with rap music.

He was 10 years old, and it was during one of his many trips to his Uncle’s house. As a professional producer who went by the name Ju Beats, LV’s uncle had his own studio and would often invite young Travis over to his house to join him in the studio.

“I remember he used to make beats for me and taught me how to record and rap and put words together,” LV said. “When I started getting serious about music, he helped me until I was able to get my own studio at home. Now I have a home studio and a professional studio in downtown Chicago that I use to make my music.”

His mixtape “C4” – which stands for “Consequences 4” – is his most recent release to the world. It features 17 different songs – three of which are features from up-and-coming artists within the Chicago area – all of which have a storyline behind them that share the day-to-day ins and outs of LV’s life.

“I use my music to tell other people about myself,” he said. “My previous albums were ‘Off & On’ and ‘Turn On,’ and were about my journey, and they got some good buzz. Then I started traveling and touring and filming some TV shows and movies and going out of state. I had a three-year acting role as a background artist on the hit TV show ‘Empire’ during seasons two and three. Now, C4 is a project that talks about the consequences of my journey.”

The first single off the album is a song called “Amazing.” He said it’s a song that pays homage to the work and sacrifices he’s willing to make in order to be a successful musician.

“I know my music is amazing, but how far can I take it?” LV said. “I close my eyes and visualize where would I go. Where can this take me and how far can I go? It’s a song that talks about the day-to-day things of how I used to sleep in the car and had no money and still have chains to the homeless, but how I’m climbing out of that and finding success with my music.”

A second single off the album is called “Turn On,” and explores the rivalry that tends to pop up between different neighborhoods in Chicago. LV is from the west side of Chicago, and a few years back was visiting some friends in the south side of Chicago. He said his language and clothing stood out, and he was jumped by the locals because he was an outsider.

“They jumped me and took all my money and everything I had on that day, all because I didn’t talk the same or dress the same,” he said. “This single isn’t something that I would call a dis track, because you can’t dis a whole side of town, but it’s definitely a track I made out of hate because of that situation.”

Fans can check out these singles, the mixtape and more on his website, on Soundcloud, or on his YouTube channel. Fans can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out more about music releases or upcoming live performances.

Lil Hines puts emotion into music; calls out fakers with remix of single ‘A Few’

RICEBORO, GA – When Lil Hines was growing up, he had an older brother named Travis who loved old-school rappers. By the age of 10, Lil Hines was listening to the likes of JT Money, Trick Daddy, Outkast, UGK, Goodie Mob and Scarface. Their rapping would influence his tastes, and by the time he was in high school he was listening to Cash Money Hot Boyz, Master P and 8 Ball MJG.

All of those rappers influenced his style and unique flow – something that fans all throughout the Atlanta, Georgia region are discovering with the release of his single “A Few Remix (feat. Nino Brown).”

The single is one that Lil Hines describes as a “street anthem with a message that has a catchy club-banger” kind of vibe. It’s a song that he said explores the idea of people who hang around you just to eat the table scraps of your success.

“It’s about people you can’t mess with or vibe with,” he said. “I like to keep my circles small. There aren’t too many people outside my circle I can trust. I mess with a few people. This song is about those people who come up to you with a smile on their face but then go talk behind your back. They’re only with you because of what they can get out of it, and they’re not there for you. There’s a line in the song that says, ‘There’s only 1 percent I mess with, the other 99 percent is fake.’ That’s words to live by and apply to your everyday life.”

Lil Hines said his songs tend to be a reflection of how he’s feeling in the moment, and the message behind his lyrics are almost always a challenge for listeners to stay true to whatever it is that makes them unique.

“That’s what I try to do,” he said. “I want to stay true to myself. I was taught at a young age that whatever you do, do it to the best of my ability. I don’t force something or make something up that I haven’t done. I don’t fake it. I’m not a fraud. My lyrics talk about the things that I’ve done, the things I’ve experienced, or experiences of someone that I know.

“I write in the moment,” he continued. “I write what I feel, and when people hear me I want it to actually stick. At times there will be messages in there. But I also have party records that you want to turn up and vibe. Other records are just ride-in-your-car and chill to. Most of the time my music is just something that when you hear it, it’s something you feel. That’s what I want my music to be – something where you feel what I’m saying and can relate to it.”

Those who want to sample some of Lil Hines’ music can visit his website at, or his Soundcloud and YouTube pages. Fans can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And promoters who would be interested in booking him for a live performance can email him at

CEO and Musician U-Sity Releases Single “What A Life”

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Midwestern songwriter and business mogul U-Sity hasn’t always been a savvy, successful entrepreneur. To the contrary, his story has humble beginnings. Raised “in the struggle,” the tenacious businessman turned to music and writing as a refuge from a difficult life. As early as fourth grade, the artist discovered music as a way to pursue his creative talents and find freedom of expression. His journey and can-do attitude took him all the way to college, where he majored in Music Business and learned the tricks of the trade. It was there he realized just how dynamic his creativity was, and began to cultivate a multi-platform brand, “Hit The Block Studios,” that would exhibit his many passions.

U-Sity is following in the footsteps of iconic music moguls the likes of Jay Z; an artist-meets-CEO that inspires U-Sity to develop his brand. U-Sity says of his idol, “He’s always been the guy to stay independent and push his own brand, from liquor to clothing, the whole legacy. It’s a dynasty.” Indeed, Jay Z has been successful at capitalizing on his lifestyle, but not far behind him is U-Sity, who has taken a few notes from the powerful rapper. Hit The Block encompasses many platforms; music, skateboarding, photography, fashion, even tattoos (Keep your eyes peeled for Block Ink). Hit The Block is always looking for new and interesting ways to develop their brand’s reach. Eager to collaborate with other creative outlets, U-Sity is determined to make a mark on every kind of art and business the market has to offer. Hit The Block Studios began as a way for the artist to give back to his beloved hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, by giving fellow artists the opportunity to grow and showcase their talents. “I’m opening up the doors to my hometown,” says the rapper and CEO.

U-Sity is first and foremost, an artist. His single, “What a Life,” is an anthem of the artist’s success – a reflection on his journey “from the bottom.” Now that he’s successful, he’s looking back on the effort and hard work it took here, and sitting back to enjoy his musical and business victories.

To find out more about U-Sity, fans can visit his website at, or follow him on Facebook or @usity on Instagram. Fans can also purchase some of his new singles on iTunes and Spotify.

Rapper / Artist John De Vinci Releases Newest Single “G.U.I.D.”

Bainbridge, GA / Orlando, FL – Most know the name “Da Vinci” in regards to the famous painter, Leonardo, who is responsible for giving the world among many things, the Mona Lisa and the golden ratio, used to determine the law of attraction using mathematics.  But now, the world will come to know another artistic genius, who also goes by the same name: De Vinci. Like his Italian counterpart, John De Vinci is also multi-talented, having begun his journey playing sports (mainly football and track), writing poetry and dancing for Nappy Boy Records in Tallahassee, FL. Growing up, he began to be inspired by the music played around his household, Tupac and other classic rappers, even drawing inspiration from some of his Grandmother’s favorites, like The Isley Borthers, Jaheem, and Joe.

In 2017, when the rap scene is filled with trap artists yelling into a mic, John De Vinci prefers a unique approach. Much like one of his idols, Drake, his sound is a fusion of singing and rap, often simultaneously. “Before Drake came up I would think to myself, I really want to sing and rap together, but before he came, people were like, ‘Do either one – you can’t do both.’ But Drake did both, and it sounded great, and so it inspired me that I could do it too.” He continues, “Nowadays, everyone wants to be The Miggos, but my style is kind of laid back, or soul rap, I would say. But then, it can grab you by the shirt and drag you in, it will catch you off guard.” His last project, an album entitled Zealous, did just that and was met with awe and appreciation by many fans.

Now he’s ready to do the same with his single “G.U.I.D.” – which is a play on TLC’s famous song “No Scrubs.” Says De Vinci, “It’s mainly to empower women, it’s a sample off of TLC’s scrubs, and when people hear it, immediately it clicks, because everyone is familiar with the song. It’s basically telling about women who don’t like to waste their time on guys who play games. It’s showing women, ‘Alright, we can still talk about them in a song without trying to bring them down or call them names.’ Let’s lift them up.” The song is a teaser to his upcoming mix-tape, Infamous (Under Pressure) which is set to release later this year.

John De Vinci is a rap game anomaly – much like rap superstar Kanye West – whose talents span every platform of art, from graphic design (He has a BA in design from Full Sail University, in Orlando) to rap to entrepreneurship, like business mogul Jay Z. His name, which is an homage to his full birth name as well as a nod to the painter Da Vinci, sounds historical because that’s exactly what John De Vinci aims to do: make history. He will definitely make an impact to the music industry.

For more information about John De Vinci, visit his website.
You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook.
Listen to his music on SoundCloud and YouTube.

New Toronto-based R&B artist has No Match within the world of music

TORONTO, CANADA – The city of Toronto has a hot new R&B artist rising through its ranks, and his sound and style have “No Match” within the world of hip-hop.

It’s for that reason that Joshua Waithe chose the stage name No Match, and his new EP “Be Extraordinary” – which is his first studio project – will serve as testimony to the unique flavor of singing and rap that he brings to the table.

Born and raised in Toronto, No Match first expressed his love for music at a young age. By age 5 he would be dancing and performing for his family in the living room to artists like Kriss Kross, and once he started elementary school his teachers began to take notice of his abilities and suggested that he develop his talents by joining the school choir.

“Music has always been a part of my life, but I didn’t know how serious I could take it when I was younger,” he said. “I felt like I had to mature in music before I could hop into the industry because I needed to take it much more seriously, and I felt like age would give me that.”

His family knew he had something special, however, and encouraged him to develop his vocal talent. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, they had to turn down an offer for Joshua to attend a school of the arts in Canada. But while attending high school, one of his close friends who doubled as a music producer decided to push Joshua and work with him to develop a sound that was unique. From then on, they recorded together, producing about 12 tracks for this first album.

Though the EP isn’t slated to drop until later this year, No Match has already launched two singles from the album. The first is a song called “Pre Game,” which he said should relate to anyone who has ever felt like they’re over-worked.

“It’s for those people who work six days a week and finally get that one day to do whatever they want to do,” he said. “That day off is a release. It’s a day of high anticipation. This song caters to that with tempo changes that gets hype and then kind of lays back. It can be a club song, but it also has a laid back side to it. It came from a time when I had been working a lot and I was always looking forward to just one day where I could do whatever I wanted to do. I think a lot of people can connect to that.”

The second single is called “Fiyah,” and explores the various sacrifices people make in life for other people.

“It’s for those people who are always giving to others, but never get noticed,” No Match said. “It’s for those people who are always giving of themselves and doing what they can, but never get acknowledged for the sacrifices they’ve made. People can connect with that, too – with that person who is present in your life even if you don’t appreciate it.”

To find out more about No Match, fans can check out his website at, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can also check out some of his music on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, or watch some of his music videos on his YouTube channel.

[Video] BET JAMS WORLD PREMIER of “CHICO” by ROY DEMEO ft. ​Lil Wayne @C88RoyDemeo @DeishaLing


March 16, 2017


New Orleans, LA most prominent up and coming rapper, ROY DEMEO shows no mercy as he releases his FIRST video “CHICO” ft. LIL WAYNE.

CHECK OUT this SNEAK PEAK and just a TASTE of what he has in store for his fans!

BET JAMS Premier:

Explicit Exclusive VEVO Release:

Roy is currently working on his upcoming project, “KINGPIN” set to release in early Spring 2017. DEMEO holds no punches as this project includes 10 tracks produced by the HEAVY WEIGHT SUPER PRODUCDER, ZAYTOVEN.

If you think this track and video are dope… Be on the lookout for “KINGPIN” as it features four (4) mainstream artists, including: WALE, YOUNG DOLPH, CURRENC$Y and LIL WAYNE. WAIT… but there’s more! To top it all off, “KINGPIN” is hosted by non –other-than the World Famous DJ DRAMA

STaY TuNeD for more to come as ROY DEMEO, coming from a city once under water, is on the RISE!


Lil Wayne mentions video premier on Facebook:

Lil Wayne Tweets about it and posts it Cash Money Record’s official Instagram

YouTube Channel:

IG: @roydemeo
Twitter: @c88roydemeo



New Orleans native Roy Robinson, better known by his stage name Roy DeMeo, exhibits his clever, well-versed metaphors and raw, self-defining lyrics in this 12-track mix-tape. He flaunts his skills of diversity in this segment by discussing the life of the streets, the knowledge needed to survive it, and the love entangled in it. This artist is a definite contender to any artist that dares to step in his playground. DeMeo was raised in the East Bank of New Orleans and is the eldest of all of his siblings. He has been active since 2009 and credits his interests in hip hop music to a childhood friend, JFK whom DeMeo would freestyle with as a teen. He released his second self-released mixtape entitled The Italia Dream last Spring. The 12-track endeavor gave us a perusal into his life and an inclination of just how unique he is as an artist. With his clever metaphors and his raw, self-defining lyrics, this young artist certainly carries his weight an definitely has a promising career ahead of him. DeMeo’s latest work is slated to be released in early Spring of this year.

Courtlyn Victorian
Deisha Vazquez
Young Urban America Music Group

[Mixtape] Bigga is Betta vol 7 #SXSW Edition hosted by Bigga Rankin

Bigga is Betta volume 7 is here, just in time for SXSW!!!! And rightfully so we titled this edition of our groundbreaking/record breaking mixtape series the SXSW Edition. As always, we have tracks from some of today's shinning stars. There are a few records on this project that are already getting radio spins and clubs spins, yet some records are extremely knew. Get familiar with all the artists and if you happen to be at SXSW, be on the lookout because some will be in attendance; rocking shows and networking. Our goal is to continuously help artists break barriers and get heard, so please press play and checkout some of the current records that made the cut for our latest volume. Support and Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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1. Trae Tha Truth ft Money Man - Changed on me 2. Baby Soulja ft Boosie Badazz - Dirty 3. Rich Thug ft Bigga Rankin - Stayed Down Till I Came Up 4. Trae Reed ft Black Montana 205 - Saucy 5. YFN Lucci ft YFNBC - Going Dumb 6. Trill Will Gold Grill - Can't Explain It 7. Twan - Unnecessary 8. Elchapo Mune - Freak Bitch 9. Trinidad James ft 31 Grams - Foreign 10. Tokyo Jetz - On Some Other Shit 11. C-Ride x Jimmy Dade - Speed Up 12. Taybo - Letter to Gotti

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chicago-based rapper proclaims new sound with single ‘Boomerang’

CHICAGO, IL – When Royalend DuPris Rice was a little kid, his father was a musician. He remembers multiple occasions when he would go into his father’s studio and play with the studio equipment and get in trouble for it. But despite those moments of discipline, he looks back on those memories fondly as the starting point for a music career that today is building a steady fan base, both in his home town of Chicago and throughout the rest of the U.S.

As a professional musician, Rice goes by the name Rollin’ B. He said the nickname started while he was in high school, around the time the movie “Juice” came out, staring Tupac – whose character was named Roland Bishop. Friends from school would playfully call him that, and eventually when he decided to make music a career he adjusted it a bit to become what it is today – Rollin’ B.

He’s currently in production on his first album, “Dream But Don’t Sleep,” which he hopes to drop later this summer. The first single off that album is already out and available on all digital download sites – such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. It’s called “Boomerang,” and it’s a song he describes as a laid-back, heartfelt groove that many people will dig.

“It’s a song about when you’re down and out but you keep coming back, like a boomerang,” he said. “I think what sets me apart from everybody else is the message I attach to my music. I do the normal club songs and the ballin type of songs, but a lot of my songs have a positive message. I don’t just rap about selling drugs and gang banging. If I mention those things it’s in the past tense and I don’t glorify that lifestyle. I came from that, but it’s not what I’m about now. Today I want my music to kind of show that I have a fun vibe about me and that I can use my platform to reach younger people. There’s more to this music than just the same old drugs, guns, girls and cars. There’s definitely more to my music than that.”

When Rollin’ B. first started rapping as a freshman in high school, he began with battle rapping against other wordsmiths from rival schools. In 2009 he became the Chicago Idol winner, and later that year won the Indian Thugs Entertainment six-month free promotional package. It allowed him to perform in shows that featured headliners such as Kanye West, Alicia Keyes and Lil Durk. Those shows spurred a “hunger to succeed and an ability to speak for those without a voice.”

Those who want to sample some of his music can search for the single “Boomerang” on any digital streaming service. Fans can also follow Rollin’ B. on social media @Rollinb708 on Instagram and Twitter.

Friday, March 17, 2017

King James Baba Releases Empowering Single “Dreams”

Washington, DC – Nigerian-born artist King Baba James’ passion for music was sparked from a very young age. As early as 7-years-old, the artist can recall listening to his mother (who was a voice teacher) giving lessons to singers. “I was very drawn to that,” says the artist, “I loved to hear my mom sing, and I thought, ‘You know what? Maybe I can be a professional singer. I could be out there performing.’” And that’s just what he did, inspired by the greats like pop icon Michael Jackson, Baba pursued music in college and decided to make what was once a hobby his lifelong career.

The artist’s sound is a fusion between pop, soul and reggae, but despite those influences, he doesn’t like to box himself in, and draws inspiration from everywhere – even country music’s beloved blonde bombshell Dolly Parton. “I love country music,” he laughs, “I like something that has a great story to tell, and Dolly – her lyrical content – it was like her lyrics were a story, they could be a book or movie. There’s not many songwriters that can convey a story like that and keep you interested.”

King James Baba hopes to bring this sense of storytelling to his newest single, “Dreams,” which is an anthem of inspiration and tenacity. “What I’m trying to do with it is influence people, based on what they want to do with their life or career.” The artist recalls his father, an engineer, who was persistent that he and his brothers likewise follow suit and become engineers. While his brothers complied (they work in engineering in the UK), King James Baba knew his real passion was with music and art. “That didn’t sit well with my dad,” he recalls. But even so, King James Baba knew that he had a real gift, and wasn’t ready to let up on his dreams. “The story I want to tell is: It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. You have to pursue your dreams. You know yourself better than anyone else, and nobody can chase your dreams except you.” The song, “Dreams,” is available now on all digital platforms.

King James Baba is ready for the world to hear him – something different and original. “Hopefully people are open-minded and are drawn in by something different,” he muses.

Fans who want to learn more about King Baba James can follow him on social media (@kindbabajames) or visit his website,

Lotta Knotz embraces Louisiana voodoo with new single ‘Spell On You’

HOUMA, LA – Lotta Knotz is ready to put a voodoo “Spell On You” with his newest single – a Louisiana voodoo/hip-hop groove that he said is inspired by the religion of his ancestors.

Growing up in Houma, Louisiana within a Christian family, Lotta Knotz found himself singing in the church choir from a young age. His grandmother inspired within him a love for music, but he said every time he sang in church the “spiritual vibe” just didn’t quite ring true to him. As he began to explore music more during his high school years, he stumbled upon voodoo and soon learned about its roots.
“It speaks to me because it’s the religion of my ancestors,” he said. “It’s the Africans’ native religion before they were slaves. It’s something I should die by because it’s something they came into the world believing. Christianity was forced on them. I grew up in Christianity, but when I got older and started doing my own research, my beliefs changed. I started having dreams and feelings and the name Lotta Knotz came to me in a dream like a spirit. Ever since then I’m been using this flesh to relay a message. This whole song is like I didn’t even write it – like something beyond me wrote it.”

Lotta Knotz said “Spell On You” intentionally plays into the stigma that most people have towards voodoo. He said he plays up the scary nature of the religion, and he wants to emphasize the powers of voodoo and how something stronger than himself is pushing him to create this kind of music. His rhythmic delivery and gravelly voice belie a subtle singer whose unique sound will certainly pique the ears of new listeners.

He also said that he’s aware of the controversy that can potentially rise from his embracing of a religion such as voodoo within his music. He said he knows dark music is a niche sound that may not play to the masses, but he wants to embrace the controversy and shine a light on what voodoo really is instead of what people think it is.

“I want to show people where it really came from,” he said. “Hollywood and the media make it seem like there’s so much hoodoo, but they’re mistaking hoodoo with voodoo. I know that this voodoo stuff is a whole new lane. It’s not your average hip-hop. It’s not mumble rap. There’s really no title for it, even though some people might call it Creole music. I just call it Louisiana voodoo music, and it’s not like anything anybody is doing right now.”

Fans who want to get a taste of this unique sound can visit Lotta Knotz’s Soundcloud page, or check out the voodoo-inspired music video on his YouTube channel. Fans can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter for updates about new music releases and live shows.

[Single] T. Villa - BIG (prod by Helluva) @OfficialT_Villa

New single from Detroits rising start T. Villa produced by super producer Helluva @Helluva313 for everybody that is doing it or wanna do it BIG this is a banger!


Check out Episode 1 of the BIG V-Log

Connect w/ T. Villa

Twitter/IG @officialt_villa

[Video] Sade Da Rapper - Digits @sadedarapper

Connect w/ Sade Da Rapper

Twitter @sadedarapper
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Twitter @ojtiago
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Booking email:

[Video] Playboy J - A.R.A.B (Dir by Coupe Films) @ItsPlayboyJ

[Video] Playboy J - A.R.A.B (Dir by Coupe Films)

Connect w/ Playboy J
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[Mixtape] Yung Reason - Paramount @Official_Reason

Yung Reason's Second Mixtape "Paramount"
Music Available Now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube!

After a year of hard work in the studio and on the road, Yung Reason did nealry 60 shows on his tour around the USA, from coast to coast, following his first project "All They Did." hosted by DJ MLK. Throughout that year Reason got to share the stage with great artists including, Yo Gotti, Rich Homie Quan, Luke Nasty, Mario, Yung Dro, OJ Da Juice Man, and released his single "Keep it 100" feat. Tory Lanez.
This is just the start for Reason as he already has new projects in the making bringing all new sounds and classic hits! So stay tuned!
Thank You for all the support!


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Booking number - 6787905069

Yung Brezzy uses near-death experience to launch music career

ATLANTA, GA – In 2007, Yung Brezzy was the victim of a brutal car accident that nearly cost him his life.

It was while he was on leave from the Marines, visiting his home town of Montgomery, Alabama. The accident caused him to suffer massive bruises to his upper body, a broken neck, a ruptured spinal cord and complete loss of feeling in his legs. It took 14 hours of reconstructive surgery before he could even be put on bed rest, and then months of physical therapy before he was able to walk again. Eventually given an honorable discharge from the Marines, Yung Brezzy needed a new purpose in his life.

He turned to music. It was something he had always been fascinated with. Having grown up with a grandmother who always took him to church, he developed an early fascination with the drums and by high school had discovered the ability to rap. It was a friend of his grandmother who gave him the nickname Yung.

“She was well known in the neighborhood where she was from and there was one older gentleman just down the way from her who always called me Yung,” Brezzy said. “He would always say, ‘You’re young and smooth like a wind because you’re always calm and collected. Nothing gets under your skin. So I’m gonna call you Yung Brezzy.’ So I just took it and ran with it.”

During his time in the Marines he “dibbled and dabbled” a little bit with his music hobby, but after the car accident that nearly took his life, he decided to “go harder with the music.” In 2010 he linked up with a local group, hoping to make moves toward greatness in the world of hip-hop. That group never branched out to bigger and better things, but they made enough of a splash to put Yung Brezzy on the map and by 2014 he had released singles such as “I Be Goin’ In” featuring Koree Rudolph.

Today he’s working on a new EP called “Life’s Lessons” – a six-track project that he hopes to drop on July 4. He said it’s the prelude to an official album called “The Message” that he is planning on releasing at the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, the first single off the EP is called “What’s the Point of Having Friends,” and it’s already getting major traction and airplay on radio stations worldwide.

“It’s a song that came about from me just being real with myself at the time and seeing that the people around me didn’t do me any good,” Brezzy said. “It’s based on real-life situations. And that’s how I write – from the heart and from real-life situations that people can relate to on a day-to-day basis. I make music for the people and for myself. At the end of the day I want to help people through their situations. I want my music to touch people – to feel it in their soul and mind and understand that everybody goes through things sometimes. You have to go through the rain to get to the sunshine.”

Brezzy is also working on closing a deal with a brand called Atlwood in which he would be the face of the clothing line. The premise of the apparel is highlighting Atlanta as the new “Hollywood,” and all that’s entwined with that lifestyle.

To find out more about Yung Brezzy, fans can follow him on Facebook at Cedric Yung Brezzy Rush, on Instagram and Twitter @IAMYUNGBREZZY, and on Snapchat @YUNG BREZZY. Fans can also check out his music on his Soundcloud page, or some of his videos on his YouTube channel

Thursday, March 16, 2017

G*Smoke Teases Release Album SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT

HOUSTON, TX – At the age of only nineteen, Gunner (known to fans as G*Smoke) has had the weight of the world on his shoulders, moving to Illinois from Houston, TX as a young kid due to some family issues.  The talented artist has never let the weight of his family situation stop him from the hustle, though. G*Smoke has become one of the areas up-and-coming stars all while still going to school and running his own business – truly, a triple threat. Inspired by artists like Drake, G*Smoke has been a fan of the Canadian rap superstar since before he was taken seriously as a rapper (everyone remembers his Degrassi days). The young artist would peruse videos on YouTube, letting the inspiration seep in, and now that the rapper is as influential as he is today, its proof that G*Smoke has an eye for the right kind of music and has always been ahead of the game.

Now, G*Smoke has the confidence to set out on his own and make something of his gift of the gab. The artist recently released three songs, "Man Now", "Risk Zone", and "The Change Up," which fans can find on G*Smoke’s SoundCloud.  The songs are a teaser for the artist’s upcoming project, Sky is Not the Limit, which will feature new songs in addition to the three already released. The project is scheduled to be released later this year. "Some you can chill back with your friends and listen to, some when you're feeling like everyone is against ya, and of course some turn up music,” explains G*Smoke of his pending release. With something to offer for everyone, fans can expect versatility out of G*Smoke, “You’re going to get different feelings off each song. Some you can chill back with friends and listen to, and the other ones are there to help you turn up.” He continues, “There’s a song for every moment.”

G*Smoke’s every move all serves one greater purpose: to help his family. Part of a tightly knit, loving family that has suffered through many trials, G*Smoke knows his talent and versatile lyricism might just be their ticket to success. “My main motivation is to take care of my mom. She was run over while on a motorcycle on her way to work to provide for my family, and I want to be able to take care of her,” he explains. His grandfather’s recent passing lit another fire of motivation for G*Smoke, whose name is partly an homage to his grandfather who died of lung cancer. “I always feel like he’s looking over me,” says the young artist.

Whether you’re inspired by G*Smoke’s tenacity or just want a new artist to turn up to, G*Smoke’s music is a must-listen.

Fans who want to know more can visit his website,, or follow G*Smoke on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Find his music on SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] Casino Mel - Casino My Religion 2 (High Stakes)

Every day you profit…you won” …words to live by from your soon to be favorite rapper… “Casino Mel.” I know “strong words” or “too high of praise” for a MC many have never heard of if any have ever witnessed an “artist” blessed with the rare ability to write timeless classics that often challenges the mind while soothing the soul the way in which “Casino Mel” does with effortless regularity. Born Jarmel Brown Lee AKA “Casino Mel” in tiny Abbeville, South Carolina population 5,237 serves a proof that the biggest of talents can come from the smallest of places. Destined to be just another urban statistic due to a series of unwise decisions made as a youth from “trapping” to “gambling” ultimately led to Mel being incarcerated for 34 months at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Edgefield located in South Carolina. Signed to arguably the south’s #1 independent record company “Five Star Empire” led by CEO and veteran music executive “Jervon'ta ‘Stunna’ Walker” are both the label and visionary entrusted with making “Casino Mel” a household name. Setting the stage, teaming up with Trap God himself Gucci Mane on the years hottest collaboration entitled “Trap Nigga” for a once in a generation caliber smash record off the highly anticipated mixtape Casino My Religion 2: High Stakes that’s guaranteed to leave your ears wanting more…. Your best bet is to put it all on the Casino…Casino Mel that is.

Click [Here] To Download / Stream

Checkout Casino Mel's "BET HOT 16

Connect w/ Casino: Twitter: @IamCasinoMel Instagram: CasinoMel Facebook: For Booking Contact: Call: 404.895.2720 Email: Website:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rosewood Renegade represents Austin, Texas with new single ‘Money Mitch’

AUSTIN, TX – Rosewood Renegade has a way with words. He has a natural flow and ease with putting thoughts together that is pleasing to the ear. And his witty wordplay has been garnering him an ever-increasing group of followers through Austin, Texas the South. His new single, “Money Mitch,” is set to launch his career onto the national stage and increase that fandom tenfold or more.
“Money Mitch” – which drops March 10 – is a song that started from a sample from the movie “Paid In Full.” Renegade said he built off that sample and created a song that’s basically about taking nothing and turning it into something. It’s a song, he said, that illustrates his versatility as an artist while also announcing his ability to the world.

“I do music,” he said. “That’s what I do. I don’t classify myself as a rapper. I’m an artist. You can put me on any song, on any type of track, and I’m gonna do my thing. I can be inspired by anything. I can go outside and see a butterfly and it might inspire something. And on top of that I’m a renegade. I’ve never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time. There’s no box you can put me in at all. I do stuff that certain artists won’t do – like some are ‘too cool’ to get on certain songs, or ‘too hood’ to be cool … but not me. You can put me on any song and I’m gonna do my thing.”

Renegade said he first started making music when he was a child. He said he was inspired by his younger brother, Deezel, whose ability with making music seemed to get him all the girls.

“I wanted some of the girls, so I started making music,” Renegade said. “I saw I could actually do it, be good at it, and found a way to play with words … mastered that, became a thief, and then I got a(way) with words. I’ve always been into music, and I have a musically inclined family as a whole. Today I write about a little of everything and I rap about everything.”

More often than not, Renegade said his songs start with a beat. The beat has to “talk to him” before he can be inspired to flow with any lyrics.

“But once the beat says something to me and gets my attention, that’s when the lyrics come,” he said. “I don’t have to be in the studio to write. I can be in the car in the drive-thru and something will catch my attention and I’ll go with it. More than anything, I hope people get the wordplay. That’s the main thing I want them to get. And on a personal level I want my music to tell other people that it’s cool to be yourself. You don’t have to be with the trend, just be who you are.”

“Money Mitch” is the first off an upcoming mixtape called “A Time To Kill,” which is slated to release later this spring. Fans who want to sample some of Renegade’s music can visit his website And to find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances, fans can follow him on Facebook at Jay Jimbo Brown, on Twitter @renegadedotcom, or on Instagram.

Dynamic Artist Jay Soundz Releases Single “Number One”

Southside, Chicago – Jay Soundz’s love affair with music began at a very early age. He can distinctly remember a home full of music, his mother and father both musically inclined, encouraged him to pursue his talents. When he was merely in seventh grade, the would-be artist decided to make it his life’s work and has since stopped at nothing to fulfill his dreams of becoming a prominent artist (he even carries a degree in music under his belt). “Music is the center of my life. Everything I’ve done for a long time has been pointing me in this direction,” confesses Soundz. The young star has been motivated by a variety of artists – from The Temptations to Ludacris and the iconic Kanye West. “Ludacris was one of my first favorites. His metaphors, the way he flowed, his versatility,” explains Soundz of his musical influences, “and Kanye West, of course, being from Chicago was very influential because he created his own sound and was making it from Chicago when not many people were.” Jay Soundz pulls inspiration from any and everywhere, uneager to box himself in to any genre or sound, he says “I try not to limit myself. I don’t like to give it (my music) too many titles. It’s just a reflection of my life and how I think.”

The musically driven Jay Soundz is excited to make his debut to the music community with his newest single, “Number One.” Though the artist has released music before, this is the first project he’s thrown the full weight of his heart, soul, and business behind to get it out to the masses. The song began with a beat, created by Jay Soundz’s cousin (in Jay’s words, “a great engineer”) and when talking about it, the young artist is teeming with anticipation and motivation. “I feel like it’s me actually being serious about putting my music out there and getting it promoted,” he admits. “It’s me telling the world, ‘I’ve got more in store.’”

To learn more about Jay Soundz, Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Listen on SoundCloud.