Friday, March 3, 2017

Indianapolis Rapper Hot Dizzy to Release Debut Album Handle Ur Biz

Indianapolis, IN– People enter the rap game for all sorts of reasons: Money, glory, fame, women. But Indianapolis native Hot Dizzy (born Joshua Miller) isn’t here to step on toes or pretend to be something he’s not. Uninterested in fame or fortune, he’s truly in it for the love of music, something that’s rare in a world saturated with greed and ego. Growing up, music was a source of refuge for the artist, who struggled to cope with a difficult and challenging upbringing. Through music, however, he was able to express himself, to purge his emotions in the form of songs, and in doing so it got him through tough times and made something beautiful out of the darkness. His hope is that his music helps others in the same way it did him, that people feel heard and understood through his lyrics. “Music’s gotten me through some tough times in my life. I want to return the favor, and get out my message,” says Hot Dizzy of his motivation. Reliability is what makes the artist so intriguing, “When I write, it’s usually about something that I’m going through,” he explains, “I want to relate to people.” The death of a close friend pushed Hot Dizzy to pursue his dream of being a prominent rapper, and he’s persisted all while maintaining a full time job driving a truck.

Hot Dizzy brings his knack for storytelling and compelling lyrics to his latest album, “Handle Ur Biz.” The album’s title is a testimony of hustle and hard work that have culminated in Dizzy’s debut into the rap game. What can you expect from the album? “Some quality music,” says Hot Dizzy, continuing, “Nowadays, a lot of people sound alike and are all doing the same thing. I’m not hating on anyone, but my music is from the heart.”

Eager to put his beloved city of Indianapolis on the map, Hot Dizzy is doing big things in a big way.

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