Wednesday, March 22, 2017

From Stage to Studio: Singer / Songwriter Jaysin Voxx Debuts New Music

Los Angeles, CA  – A unique introduction to the music business has made singer / songwriter Jaysin Voxx’s music style one-of-a-kind. Born on stage, he developed his voice and stage presence by performing in musicals from a very young age, capturing the attention of audiences with his voice.  But, when a young (and notably beautiful) girl in school told him that “he had a great voice, but she didn’t hear him on the radio,” he bid the Broadway scene goodbye and headed for the studio where he’d have to reinvent himself and his sound. What the average person might not know is, there’s a vast difference between the two performance arts, and transitioning to the studio and R&B was no easy feat. He’s come a long way from jazz hands and musicals – and without stage direction, he’s stepped into his own as an artist. Voxx has created a brand of music that a fellow musician dubbed “pop with soul.” Says the artist, “It fills a hole in the industry,” explaining that his music evokes a more passionate and soulful Pop R&B sound than the average song on Top 40 radio today, and his commitment to soulful music extends to the lyrics as well. “Everything in the Top 40, I like it, but I’m not always blown away by what the artist has to say.” Like in acting, the storyline of a song is paramount to the songwriting experience for Jaysin Voxx. “It’s like method acting,” he continues.  “If you don’t write it, then how can you feel it?”

The artist has been busy recently, serenading about girls, wanderlust and giving the male perspective on relationships. (He laughs that he might be the “anti-Taylor Swift,” noting how eager the blonde pop star is to throw men under the bus in relationships.) His most recent project, a single entitled “Careless Whisper,” is a unique trap club tribute to George Michael’s hit song. Working with music moguls like Phillip Peterson and Benny Blanco (known for their work with major stars like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Pink), he recorded the song the day after Christmas and as a way to pay homage to the late iconic singer, Michael. The song is a personal favorite, though the artist doesn’t generally play favorites with his music. “My songs are all my babies,” says Voxx, “They are all my favorites.”  

What can we expect next out of the immensely talented Jaysin Voxx? He has just dropped a World Pop single called “A Better World.” In 2017, when it feels like the whole world is full of challenges, political issues, and hurt, Voxx has tapped into a feeling of unity with the belief that “music gon’ heal the world,” a line which makes it’s way into the lyrics. Recorded at the iconic Pacifique Studios, where many greats have recorded their hits (Justin Bieber has been known to make an appearance or two), the song is a “direct and powerful” message that seeks to heal a divided nation and world. 

No matter the message of the song, Jaysin Voxx urges fans to “Voxx it out,” a motto that encourages listeners to live their lives to the absolute fullest, just as the artist aims to do.

Fans who want to learn more about Jaysin Voxx can do so by visiting his website, or following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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