Thursday, February 9, 2017

Underground hip-hop group Hirule announces arrival on the scene with new album, single

NEW YORK, NY – Hip-hop has had its share of legendary groups, and the duo from Rockland County known as Hirule hopes to soon join their ranks. The release of their new album “Bad Company Volume 1” is a testament to the hip-hop world that they’re on the scene and they’re ready to make a splash.

KNG VEGAS and Eddy Morra consider themselves the perfect ambassadors for the emerging underground movement of new hip-hop artists. Fueled by high-quality production and attention to detail coupled with introspective lyrics, Hirule delivers pulse-pounding songs each and every time.

The album is self-described as “dark and gritty,” and KNG VEGAS said the first single off the album – “Marvelous” – is “one of those songs that makes a statement that we’re back.”

“Hirule originally started in 2011 with me and another artist,” VEGAS said. “We like to smoke a lot of weed and it kind of makes sense from that standpoint. Along the way we picked up Eddy, who was much younger than us but very good at what he does. He’s a very good rapper. We started working and making tracks together and we really liked the chemistry we had together and the way we were able to feed off each others’ energy. When my first partner disappeared, Eddy and I took some time to really work on our music and create something that would stand out.”

VEGAS said the main thing that makes Hirule unique is their style – from fashion to sound to even the way they rap, the rhythm and flow of their delivery – is all very unique.

“It’s not generic stuff,” VEGAS said. “I’m a perfectionist and I care about what I bring out. We want to be different – we seek to be different. We take a lot of pride in our work. We could listen to a beat for an hour just to get a good feel for it before trying to write anything to it. How I feel about the beat is how I attack the track. But once I do, I go all-in. I’ve always been someone who took crazy chances on things, even if the risk was higher than the reward. That’s why people started calling me VEGAS.”

VEGAS said “Marvelous” showcases their lyrical prowess and diverse flows. That being said, VEGAS emphasizes the fact that the song is very lyrical and will inspire anyone who listens to it.

Fans who want to check out Hirule’s music can do so by visiting their Soundcloud page, or checking out some of their videos on their YouTube page or here. Fans can also follow them on Twitter @KNGVEGAS and @GODMXRRA and on Instagram @KNGVEGAS and @Mxrra6 for updates about future music releases or live performances.

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