Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Joc Da Parona Announces Release of Singles “Bae” and “Party Drugs”

Houston, TX – It all began in a hair salon. Texas native Joc Da Parona was only twelve years old in the salon where his mother was a hairdresser, when serendipity allowed him to meet Grammy Award-winning Static Major (of The Basement, best known for his work with Lil Wayne, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, and Drake). “I was thrilled,” confesses Joc, who felt a fire lit under his young feet, compelling him to take his talent to its full potential. Born to a small town, he knew his talent would take him as far up as he could dream. His quick-witted writing and authentic vibe make him a one-of-a-kind artist, he’s even created his own brand of music called “Hood Nerd” which is catching on rapidly in the south.

His creative process is organic: Joc gets into the studio and pours out his thoughts. It’s entirely real life experiences, and once he listens to a beat and gets a vibe, he gets going and can’t be stopped. “It’s very different,” Joc da Parona explains, “My musical style would be more like a hippie, but in rap form. I tend to just go in the studio think about stuff that happened that day.” He follows up with a laugh, “and I write about women. I like to think I’m a ladies man.” Unsurprisingly, the artist is a hit with the ladies, and between his good looks and a healthy dose of wit and charm, it’s no wonder why.

Most recently, he’s released two singles that have arrived to much anticipation by fans. The first, entitled “Bae,” chronicles his thoughts about a girl and what went wrong in a relationship. “I’m sitting and pondering, how can I fix us.” The next, called “Party Drugs” is about how the rapper is the life of the party. “If you want to hang with me I can get you in a rare form. I’m using my energy in the sense of a drug.”

The up-and-coming star is eager for success and eager to be heard. “I want the world to know a star when they see one,” he explains. But, above all, he wants to be heard so his listeners can relate to him. “I want them to feel me, understand what I’m going through. And know that no matter how much money, I still deal with real life issues.” He insists, “I’m chilling with them.”

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