Monday, February 6, 2017

Pop singer and piano virtuoso drops new single ‘What Have You Done’

DETROIT, MI – Nobody in Sean Earle’s immediate family is very musically inclined, so his path to music was somewhat unique. It started at age 7, when he went to a festival with his mother and found himself enamored with a puppeteer who was dancing around to a song as he was playing the piano.
“She remembers me just wanting to sit there and watch it forever,” Earle recalls of the experience. “That’s when my Mom realized I was really into the arts, and she saw an ad for piano lessons and asked if I wanted to start. I did … and the rest is history.”

Today those piano lessons have evolved to include songwriting, producing, mixing, mastering and live instrumentation of multiple instruments on almost all of his records. His songs can be recognized by their emotion driven lyrics over simple but ear pleasing melodies, reminiscent of what many pop stars were doing in the 80’s or early 90’s. It’s a sound that many throughout the North and Midwest have enjoyed, and he’s ready to expand that audience with the release of his new album “The Year of Honesty.” He said it’s an album that is the most authentic approach he’s ever taken with music, and because so many of the songs come from such a deeply personal and introspective place, he hopes it will connect with more people than any of his music has in the past.

“I’ve been doing music professionally for about eight years and I’ve created many songs,” he said. “In some ways, though, I haven’t been totally authentic with songwriting. A lot of my lyrics were gimmicky and not so relatable because I was trying so hard to write a hit to demo out to superstar artists. But this album is authentic and heartfelt. All of the songs are pulled from my life. And that’s what I want for my music from now on – to be authentic; almost as if the music without the lyrics can speak for itself.”

The album, which will drop sometime this summer, is a pop album with heavy electronic production but still features plenty of soulful vocals and live instrumentation. The first single on the album, “What Have You Done,” has already been released and is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube and Soundcloud.  It’s a song that he said was written based off an actual event in his life, and it’s a story that will connect with anyone who has ever felt forgotten. The heavy pop influence – which highlights his skills on the piano – features lyrics such as “What have you done with my love? / Was I not what you were dreaming of?”

“It’s a song about being betrayed by someone that you care deeply about,” he said. “The lyric video takes that even further and shows desperate text messages being sent in the middle of the night and indicates that someone is counting down the minutes until morning arrives. Like all of my music, this song is an expression. I think music is a medium for people to express themselves and express their feelings in a unique way. In that regard, that’s when I really fell in love with music – when I discovered it was a way to express myself through song and release material that people were able to connect to. That’s what the most successful artists do – they release music that speaks to people and gives them new perspectives on situations that they didn’t have before.”

Fans who want to check out more of Earle’s music can visit his website at Fans can also engage with him on Twitter and Instagram @SeanEarle and Snapchat @SeanRobEarle. He encourages fans to reach out to him via social media as he wants to be one of those rare artists who actually engages with fans and furthers the conversations that start with his music.

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