Thursday, February 9, 2017

Jay Zuez embraces independence and power of Greek God with new album

ORLANDO, FL – While growing up on the streets of Philadelphia, young Anthony Jake Norman Brooks was always interested in Greek Mythology. He was a huge fan of the television shows “Zena” and “Hercules.” Over the years as he began to study more and more about the Greek Gods, he found himself increasingly drawn to the persona of Zeus.

“He’s the one guy who had no laws,” Brooks said. “Everyone else had a rule, but Zeus had nothing. A lot of my life I’ve been following other people’s rules. I was in the military for eight years – I enlisted right after high school – and I’ve never had much of a chance to live and do what I want. When I got out of the military and decided to pursue music full-time, I knew I had to figure out how to re-brand myself. Even going by my real name feels like I’m in a box. But being Zuez means people don’t know what to expect. It’s lawless. And that’s how I want my music to be represented. You can’t label my style, you just have to sit back and enjoy it.”

Fans will be able to enjoy a number of his new singles when they purchase his new album “Holy S#*T.” It’s a project that he said mixes a variety of hip-hop elements with some lyrical mythology undertones. He describes it as “old age with new age millennial kind of sounds.” More than anything it showcases his unique style – which, in his opinion, can’t be stereotyped or put in a genre box.

“You’ll hear one song and then go to the next one and be like, ‘That didn’t sound like that last one!’” he said. “The goal is that every song doesn’t sound like the last one because I don’t want you to hear the same thing twice. You have to sit in your seat and wait and be surprised. Don’t try to box me into anything specific. There aren’t a lot of artists who think like that and do that. They’re going for what works. I want to create things I enjoy, and when others hear me they want what’s next because they’re excited for what they’re hearing.”

Along those lines, Jay Zuez throws all kinds of musical elements into his new album. There’s a little bit of jazz, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of orchestration, and a whole lot of love for the process of making music. The opening single which shares the name of the album, “Holy S#*T,” pulls a reference from the movie 1990s-era movie “Don’t Be A Menace,” and features a “church theme” with an up-tempo vibe. Singles “Woah” and “Want It All” are more club-type songs; while singles “Iconic” and “Pressure” have a more pure hip-hop vibe and tackle the issue of gentrification.

“It’s just a blend of sounds,” he said. “It’s going to vibe people’s insight into the kind of music I’m making and the direction I’m going. It’s all leading up to a second project that’ll be more in-depth and will detail my journey. I have a lot of talent and a lot to offer the world. This is chapter one … in fact, it’s so early in my career that this is almost like the table of contents. There’s so much more good music to come from me. Just wait.”

Fans who want to sample some of Jay Zuez’s music can visit his Soundcloud page, or purchase his album “Holy S#*t” on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more when it drops Feb. 15. Fans can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates about future music releases and live performances.

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