Saturday, February 25, 2017

Italian-American hip-hop artist drops hot new single ‘Gimme A Minute’

BETHLEHEM, PA – Most people who think about a hip-hop artist don’t think of an Italian-American. That demographic of U.S. Citizen doesn’t typically associate with that style of music.

Joey Capo breaks the mold. As a second-generation Italian-American whose ancestors immigrated from Abruzzo, Italy to America, Joey is all about representing his heritage while also embracing new avenues of expression through music. In fact, his approach to music creation is to use the greatness of those who have come before and find new ways of presenting that style of music in ways that are original and entertaining.

“I think of it like if you were going to be an artist following someone like Michelangelo,” he said. “You might use the same paint brush that he used, but you’re going to use it in a different way. That’s how I view my style of music. I use vocals and styles of hip-hop that people would recognize because it’s been used before, but it’s different and unique and original. One of the main ways you would notice that difference is that I like to keep more of a pop-type radio-thing to my vocals. I also like to bring more of an atmosphere of jazz and almost an open-mic type of vibe. I’m more poetic. I like to talk to people through my music. And, of course, having an Italian background helps me stand out all on its own.”

Joey’s grandfather – Joseph Cappelli, for whom Joey is named after – was a professional accordion player in an Italian band. Unlike some Italian boys at the time who pursued sports, Cappelli’s father encouraged him to learn music – and so he started learning every instrument he could and eventually created his own band. Eventually his father immigrated to the U.S., and though he passed away a year before Joey was born, his influence on the family was well established and would leave its mark on young Joey.

“Not only was I named after him, but I also inherited his love of music,” Joey said. “I was always interested in music, and I think that’s because a piece of him was a part of me. Growing up, my mom’s favorite type of music was hip-hop, which was not normal for an Italian family. She loved Biggie, and I grew up listening to him all the time. I love the artistry of that genre and the soul of R&B, and of course music as a general art-form. Eventually what was a hobby turned into a career.”

Recently Joey Capo dropped his single – a 4:25-long song called “Gimme A Minute.” It’s a song that he said was born out of his experiences of rising fame and success. With each new fan and each additional successful venture, he said it seemed like another person was pulling him in a different direction or critiquing him in a different way or suggesting something new.

“This song talks about letting me do me and take in this moment for a second without people trying to pull me in different directions or kill my vibe,” he said. “I really wanted to put a lot of creativity into it. There are a lot of flows and melodic feels, although it switches up toward the end. Ultimately, I’m talking about this idea of live and let live. Our world is filled with a lot of judgment and people tell you what to do and being critical. Let’s just allow people to live and not worry about drama. If we do that then we can all be on that sort of high that you get when things are positive. I want to reach out to people with this song and send out that message.”

Fans who want to purchase the single can download it on any of the digital streaming sites, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and more. Fans can also check out more of Joey Capo’s music on his Soundcloud page or on his website at For more information about upcoming music releases or live performances, fans can follow him on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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