Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Jersey-based musical collective uses inspiration from the greats to create new sound

NEW YORK, NY – Don’t try to paint BJ Hyde and Peter Parker into a specific genre when it comes to their music. Don’t try to label them or define them with some anecdote that has been associated with other musicians of the past.

Those who tried to do so have found that the duo who make up the group HIghChairs don’t care one iota about labels and descriptions. They don’t care about genres or critiques or even moving a lot of units of their music. What they care about is the art, and that at the end of the day people who listen to their songs recognize the artistry and dedication that has gone into making something original.

“At the end of the day we want people to say, ‘Damn, these guys are really fucking good,” Hyde said. “We’re not trying to make you better your neighborhood or some shit. Our music is our expression of ourselves, but at the end of the day we just want you to say it was good music.”

“That’s right,” Parker said. “It’s a direct approach. Don’t get too twisted with what we’re trying to do here. We’re into making a new sound and making new art. We’re influenced by a lot of other art forms, and we hope that the collective that makes up HIghChairs will expand to do things like art shows and fashion and a lot of other things. Music is the entry point to all those things.”

Originally from Brooklyn and Queens, respectively, the two say they met randomly and found themselves vibing out in the studio coincidentally on the same day. They clicked immediately, and used their good chemistry to form the group. Today they offer collaboration with anyone who has the same chemistry to join the collective.

“It happens organically,” Parker said. “If you vibe with us and make music in the studio with us, we’ll stamp it with the WTFisHIghChairs LLC. We are our own lane of music. We even make our own videos and produce our own stuff.”

To date they’re seen modest success with their first single, “Holidays, which they launched with a music video on YouTube. It’s a single that they describe as a metaphor for drug addicts. It features a range of music from different genres – but labeling those genres and using those labels to define the single is something they’re vehemently against.

“Music needs to be open to interpretation,” Hyde said. “The song came out of battling addiction and it explores the idea of people who are leaching on you, or the people who are trying to help you when you’re recovering from addiction. But that’s how it started for us – that doesn’t mean it has the same meaning for people who listen to it.”

Fans can interpret the music how they will by sampling HIghChairs’ music on their YouTube  page. Fans can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram to find out more about upcoming music releases – such as the new single and music video “They Are Me,” which is also available on YouTube.

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