Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Atlanta artist uses personal struggle to connect with fans through music

ATLANTA, GA – Like many children whose parents go through divorce, DeTimmeyon “B.A.M.” Williams spent much of his younger years dealing with anger. Having grown up listening to rappers like Tupac, Little Wayne and Jay-Z, he was inspired by music and used it to help him cope through some of the hardest times. Eventually he began to use music and songwriting as an outlet for that anger.
“When I first started making music, my whole process was based off of me striking out at my dad,” he said. “It was that way for a long time until I got older and realized the real situation of things. I eventually started branching out to other genres, but I still go back and write out of anger even today. People tell me not to do that, but it’s the only way I can make my music be at its best. Ultimately my lyrics might be dark, but they don’t end up as angry.”

While recording music in a home-built studio when he was younger, B.A.M.’s cousin – who is an entrepreneur and owner of Revolutionary Entertainment Group LLC – walked in and was extremely impressed with his lyrics, delivery and way with words. He helped steer B.A.M. in the right direction for a successful music career, inviting his cousin to move to Atlanta and attend The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he would major in music production.

Eventually B.A.M. found his way into a professional recording studio, where he laid down his first song “Remember Me.” A month later he went on an extensive performing tour. In recent years he has had nominations for “Best Artist of the Year” and “Best Hip-Hop Male Artist” for the GA Music Awards. He’s scheduled to release his first studio album “Before & After Music” toward the end of 2017. His goal is to become one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time – both through his successful music and as an established businessman who can change the world through song.

“My voice and my personality set me apart, and that’s what I hope to inspire in others,” he said. “The only way you can be different in a good way is to basically be yourself and be who you are. That’s the only good way I know how to stand out. The mixtape I released in September, called ‘The Throne,’ is specifically about that idea. It’s a mixture of me being dark and gritty and teaching everybody that they can be kings and queens – inspiring them to be more than what people say they can be. If you dream that you want to be something, then do it. Don’t listen to people saying you can’t achieve things.”

“The Throne” is currently available for digital download on Soundcloud, Audiomack and Spinrilla. B.A.M. said he released it free so that he could give people an idea of the kind of music he’s going to create. Fans can also find out more about him as an artist by visiting his website at, or by following him on social media on Facebook or @gottaknowbam on Instagram and Twitter.

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