Tuesday, January 17, 2017

D. Tuckah Releases Club Hit “Like I Pop Bottles”

New York, NY – Music has always been an inherent part of D. Tuckah’s (born Darius Tucker) life. In his pre-teen years, the artist discovered his knack for music and was inspired by the likes of Tupac and Lil Wayne, dynamic rappers who valued the art of wordplay and true lyricism. “I admire their wordplay; how they produce music, their creativity.” When music became a career choice for Tuckah, he took that inspiration and wit with him to create a sound that is truly unique. “It’s different,” explains the artist. “Unordinary. Versatile.” The artist isn’t afraid to span different genres and incorporate a blend of unique styles. “My writing format is different, and so is my delivery.” His writing centers around his everyday life and his environment, drawing inspiration from the world around him.

His latest project, called the Leaked Tracks project, was a collaboration between the artist and his brothers. A family affair, the artist admits, “I had fun doing it. It was a good experience recording with my brothers and putting our ideas together.” The artist is most excited about a single off of the project, entitled “Like I Pop Bottles,” a club banger. “It’s fun, but you could also chill to it,” says the artist of his single.

Though music is his ultimate passion, the hardworking D. Tuckah isn’t done dreaming. “I just want to go for it,” he insists. He is committed to working his way to the top, and dreams of one day having his own record label and expanding his brand to other platforms – acting, modeling, clothing. The sky is the limit for D. Tuckah.

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