Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SharkkTeethSolo Brings Message of Peace and Unity with Vocal Visions

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA– It’s hard to remember, but there was a time before music made its way through social media. A time when musicians and rappers carried their music from city to city, getting it into the hands and through the ears of people by sheer force, will, and talent. 45-year-old rapper SharkkTeethSolo is not new to the game, but now that the game has changed, you won’t find SharkkTeethSolo selling cassettes or CDs, but pushing his music through the airwaves of social media, garnering over 300,000 Twitter followers. While being older than most up-and-coming artists might sound like an obstacle, Sharkk’s age is leverage. “I’ve been here longer,” exclaims the artist, “But we still have all the same problems. The only difference is, I’m able to articulate the journey.”
 SharkkTeethSolo doesn’t put himself in a box, allowing every genre and sound to influence his music. Whether it be country, dance, mo-town, or rap, Sharkk’s music pulls the best of everything to create a sound and vibe that will resonate with every listener. Breaking out from the status quo, SharkkTeethSolo doesn’t just appeal to the standard rap fan. “I don’t want a ‘cookie cutter’ following,” explains Sharkk, “My music appeals to a global demographic.” How does a rap artist appeal to absolutely everyone, one might ask? The answer is surprisingly straightforward: Sharkk’s message is universal. It tears down boundaries of race, age, and even language. The truth of the matter is, everyone can connect to a beat, a melody, and a message of peace and unity.
The artist’s latest album, a project entitled Vocal Visions, is what Sharkk calls a “foundational project,” eager to spread the message that “peace and unity are attainable.” Peace is at the core of Sharkk’s music, and it’s his sole mission. “I don’t do this so I can have ten cars in the driveway,” confesses the artist, “I do it to reach the solitary space in your mind.” Allow Sharkk to enter your psyche, and you might just find you’re singing a new, more peaceful tune.

Twitter: @sharkkteethsolo @REALsharkkteeth

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