Sunday, November 6, 2016

Musician and Rapper Bo Blitz Exudes Confidence in Newest Project

San Fransisco, California – Music isn’t just a passion for rapper Cenaan Kelley, known by fans as “Bo Blitz,” but a vehicle out of a difficult upbringing. His challenges growing up in a violent, poverty-stricken community aren’t unique, but for Kelley, it was motivation to find an outlet of positivity other than sports and school. Alongside his two brothers, Blitz’s musical talents flourished, and he took a real interest in writing, scribbling lines on loose pieces of paper, and inevitably turning pieces of thoughts into masterpieces. Bo Blitz and his brother, Young Looch, released two albums under the alias “Mic Monsters,” to resounding positive response. It was then the two young artists decided to turn passion into career, fueling their success and motivation. In 2011, they traveled to Atlanta for BET’s annual Hip Hop Awards Show.  While there, they were blue carpet guests for company promotions such as Monster Cable Headphones and Don Diva Magazine.
Blitz’s latest project, All Out Blitz, is the first half of a double EP (the second is set to release in 2017) and the artist’s next step to stardom. A 6-track album, the songs vary in subject matter and vibe, each bringing a taste of what Bo Blitz has to offer the world. A refreshing departure from the cookie cutter music currently playing on the radio, the album offers something more authentic and real – true craftsmanship – the artist caring for each line and melody. It’s real music, a rarity in today’s musical climate, and vaguely reminiscent of classical rappers and their commitment to the art of rap. "I feel it's more important as an artist to evolve your music with the times, then change who you are to fit the times,” explains the artist, continuing, “The creativity and individualism are removed.”
Listening to Bo Blitz’s music, one thing is loud and clear: The artist has poured his heart and soul into each lyric and line. With a tenacious zest for his music, the tracks exude a musical confidence that is certain to make the up and coming rapper a star.
"Everything big you see was once small. The story of my success will be no different."

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