Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Artist TYC Chronicles Trials and Triumph in Newly Released Album

Fort Wayne, IN – TYC, born Antoine Kimbrough, was gifted the name “TYC” (an acronym used to signify the words “Twon Young CEO”) because of his distinct ability to take charge and get things done. True to his name, TYC continues to push his way to the top. The artist’s musical journey began at a young age, inspired by one of his favorite artists, Michael Jackson. Music guided the young, budding star through struggles and trials of everyday life. It wasn’t until the age of 18 that TYC decided to take his music to the next level, and turn his passion into a career. His first album was recorded in a closet at the age of 19; out of that closet sparked a movement that would become TYC the artist.  He went on to create his a label of his own (Streets Love That Entertainment) along with his best friends and musical collaborators, Breeze and Rio.  
Having made a stamp on the music world, the artist is now chronicling his life and transitional periods in an album, released on September 27th, entitled TYC Da Album, available on all digital platforms and on “It’s basically a transition from the younger me to the more grown, mature man I am today,” explains TYC, continuing, “The last couple of songs on the album is a transition to my next album – it’s about the up and down. People looking down on me. This is me proving myself.” The proof is in the music. TYC’s ability to ride any beat and his cunning, quick lyrics prove him to be a skilled, masterful musician and rapper, with a diverse portfolio of songs that will appeal to everyone.
His advice for other artists? “Keep at it. There’s going to be times when you doubt yourself. But, one day, someone is going to believe in you.” For this hardworking, tenacious artist, today is that day.

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