Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gwap Getta Music take hip-hop scene by storm with the world premiere of their brand new flashy video "Dope"

ST. LOUIS, MO – Donnel and Donta Preston and their brother Michael Ward are close – as close as brothers can get as they are actual real brothers. They’ve spent a lifetime sharing rooms and bunk beds and adventures as kids, and today they’re sharing success as professional musicians.

Their hip-hop group GGM – which stands for Gwap Getta Music – is one of the hottest-rising groups in the hip-hop circuit. Based out of St. Louis, they’re taking the Midwest by storm with their latest single “Dope,” which was released earlier this year and is already rising through many of the Top 100 lists in the nation. The world premiere of their music video for this single launched Sept. 12 on YouTube.

Misfit describes the song as a “stoner song,” saying it’s perfect for that demographic of rap-lover who wants a song to chill out to while smoking some weed and having a good time.

“We released it three months ago and we’re so excited for the world to see the new music video” Misfit said. “When you listen to it you want to be smoking some weed and having a good time. It’s definitely for all the smokers out there. It’s pretty cool how it came about, too, because I was just in the studio one day and came up with the hook out of nowhere. It was history after that. My brothers are great lyricists and they took it and next thing we knew we had DJs from all around the city saying they loved it and wanted to play it. Now everybody in our city has heard it.”

Donnel Preston – AKA Savage – said the success of the song has been encouraging because it speaks to the hard work that the three brothers have put into their music since creating Gwap Getta Music in 2010. He said the name of the group is a mission statement for the three brothers – specifically about making it big and “making that money” that comes with professional stardom.

“It’s something we came up with when we were young because we were always about trying to get that money,” said Donta Preston, AKA Tae P. “Without money you can’t do anything, and we want money so we can have a certain lifestyle. At the end of the day, though, it’s really about the love of music. And if it’s for the love of the music, then there’s no limitations on the aspects of positive success.”

Fans who want to check out GGM’s music can do so on their website at Fans can also follow the group on social media on Facebook and Twitter.

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