Friday, September 16, 2016

Dennis Sy and Company to Release “Shine On”

New Jersey The world has been waiting, hoping, and wishing for a song like “Shine On.” Released September 15th, Filipino artist Dennis Sy was determined to create an anthem of “diversity, harmony, and love.” Serendipity and the Grammy season brought him to collaborate with jazz artist Natalie Jean and rapper Darick DDS Spears. The message of diversity carries through to not only the lyrics, but the artists themselves. Key to the diversification process was the fusion of genre and sound. Says Darick, “I was always in hip hop singing, but started to diversify into the Grammy scene with country singers and rock, because there was over-saturation in rap – so I wanted to lend my voice to a genre that didn’t have much rap.”The news tells tales of racial disparity, political unrest, and hurt across a broken country, but Dennis, Natalie and Darick provide a refreshing departure from the darkness. And though the song comes in response to trying times, its positivity bursts at the seams. “We cannot embrace change from a position of being down on ourselves,” explains Dennis, “It’s really about hope. Inside each one of us, if we embrace hope, we can tackle everything that comes up in life.”

Dennis Sy has graced stages near and far (from Carnegie Hall to Las Vegas and beyond) with a vocal quality and style that effortlessly moves across various music genres - from pop, rock, adult contemporary to jazz. 

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