Friday, September 16, 2016

Artist Young David Makes Debut with Single “Feeling Like Superman”

Florida Caribbean born Angelo Williams was raised amongst tropical paradise, where he was exposed to a variety of musical influences from reggae, to calypso, gospel and hip hop. The artist has spent years working relentlessly to perfect his craft and is now ready to make his debut to the world as Young David with his newest single, “Feeling Like Superman.” Says Williams, “I’m trying to get myself out there and build some anticipation.”

Young David has persisted through difficulty and challenges to become the artist he is today. Starting from scratch, the musician has created a new, eclectic sound that fuses a multitude of genres together to create a sound all his own.

The single is a feel-good song, destined to excite listeners for their nights out on the town or to spend a night with family and friends, toasting to life. The artist’s music comes from a deeply positive place inspired by the love and light from his Christian faith. While most rap brags about cars, women, and the streets, Young David prefers a more optimistic and constructive message. A refreshing departure from the normality of loud, angry rap, Young David is making a message all his own. “You know, I’m listening to everybody - and nothing against them - but every artist has a canvas to paint, and I don’t want to paint the same picture as everyone else.” Young David’s picture is an homage to God, and a message of happiness and positivity that will lift the spirits of listeners across the world.

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