Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tyme Johnson Hits the Ground Running with “Instagram Girls”

NYC / LA Tyme Johnson was singing before she could talk; belting out soulful, dynamic notes through the halls of her grade school. Tyme’s talent was noticed by everyone – even teachers, who were supportive of her singing, allowing her to sing through the halls of school while her peers worked on their traditional curriculum. The artist has come a long way from singing for her classmates, shooting to stardom quickly; she had a manager before she reached her teen years.

Tyme’s music tells a story. Influenced by fellow musician and storyteller Prince, the late singer has served as an inspiration for the ever-talented Tyme. And although Tyme’s vocals are reminiscent of classic R&B, her music takes a more modern spin, including rap and clever, catchy hooks. “I have a feel for hip hop, but also I’m an R&B  person. I’m versatile, you’ll see me singing but also, I’m able to bust out rapping on a track,” explains the artist. This unique fusion gave way to Tyme’s latest single, “Instagram Girls.”

“Instagram Girls” is an anthem of infidelity almost every woman can relate to. The song tells a story of a no-good boyfriend getting too much attention from the wrong women on his Instagram feed. Though the song is fun and cheeky, it comes from Tyme’s personal, painful experience of losing love over this very situation. Oddly enough, Tyme wrote the song before she realized her ex-beau was cheating, and now she knows he must hear it and think, “Dang, she finished the song!” What might have been a difficult period in her life has made way for a stellar piece of music, and is the perfect song to amp up a girl’s night out or to play in the car on the way to the club.

One thing is certain: You haven’t heard the last of Tyme. Her ambition goes far beyond reaching her own success. “Success, for me, means to be able to have a profitable label of my own,” says the budding star and CEO of her own entertainment company, Tyme Entertainment. “I want to be able to help independent artists and pass on my success.”

Tyme is innovative, creative, and always exciting fans with the unexpected. You can have Tyme’s music, but you can’t have her man.

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