Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Man of many talents uses musical diversity to inspire others through new album

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bryen Reeves is a man of many talents. His best friend and long-time musical collaborator, Paul Curtis, can attest to the fact. And as the musician prepares to launch his new album “Musical Schizophrenic” this fall, it’s his diversity and eccentricity that he hopes will be on display through his lyrics and unique sound.

Bryen is one of those guys who can do everything,” Curtis said. “He paints, he writes, he sings, he designs … he does everything. That’s why we came up with the name 10Talents. It fits him perfect.”

Reeves said the inspiration for the professional artist name that has followed him around for years is built upon a parable from the Bible in which Jesus tells a story of three servants who are given coins – or talents – by their master and tasked to be responsible with them. The servant who obeyed the best doubled his money, and it’s that kind of faithfulness that Reeves wants to display through all of his many gifts and abilities. His new album is a display of his musical talents, he said.
“God has blessed me to know how to do a lot of stuff,” Reeves said. “It’s nothing but a blessing, and I’ve done a little bit of everything – I was a barber, I’ve done makeup, I’ve done painting, I’ve done dancing, I’ve done acting. Pretty much if it’s artistic, I do it. And this album is kind of a reflection of that. The single ‘BFF’ shows that diversity off. It’s a fresh new sound, but like the old adage about weddings it has elements that are old, and some things that are new, and some things that are borrowed and some things that are blue. It’s all there, and I think that makes an equation for a hit.”

Reeves said BFF is a fun take on breakups and how some things keep people together forever regardless of their relationship status. He said the title of the album – “Musical Schizophrenic” – is appropriate, however, in that each song takes a different twist and turn from the last. The next track after BFF, for instance, is a swagger-driven ode to drunken love that features a mix of trap and R&B with a catchy bass line.

The album also features tracks such as “Candy Wrapper,” “9Yards,” “Black Button,” “Fire,” and “Honeymoon Stage.” Each song, he said, sounds so different from the last that individually it might seem like they aren’t even from the same artist, but together they make an eclectic project that makes sense in a strange sort of way.

I’ve always been a writer and I’ve always loved all kinds of different music,” Reeves said. “This album started out with me and Paul just cutting joints with no real purpose. But as we started recording songs, I noticed that it was eclectic but still had a harmony to it. I knew right then that we needed to put it out as a project. I think it’s providing a fresh new sound, which is something we need in the industry right now. You know, music goes through phases, and we’re in one of those phases right now where so much of music today is void of emotion – it’s carbon-copied and sounds so much the same. This album has true, raw emotion. It’s a little pop, a little old-school R&B, a little bit of rock … everything. It even includes some really strong ballads.”

“At the end of the day, I want to connect emotionally with people,” Reeves said. “I feel like a lot of times now that people do is listen for a beat – and that’s dope – but I want to connect to the lyrics and the words and the emotion of the song. I want to connect to your personal situation. I want to relate to it. Music is supposed to help people, and I want to give people something that they can really feel. I’m trying to be a catalyst for that.”

The new album, “Musical Schizophrenic,” is due out in the fall of 2016. For more information about single releases or upcoming live shows, follow Reeves on social media @10_Talents on Instagram, @BryenKReeves or @DaReal10Talents on Twitter, and at “Bryen Reeves” on Facebook.

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