Monday, June 12, 2023

Kay Sakaguchi - "Maximum Potential" (Album)

First debuted in Japan with the pioneering female band "Tango Europe" on Alpha Records in the 1980s, then transferred to King Records (2 albums), later did studio work, and worked as a background musician for many years. In the 1990s, she made her second debut with JVC Victor Records as a member of a famed Japanese salsa band "Chica boom" (6 albums), and continued her career by touring throughout Cuba and Europe.
After that, she moved to the U.S. by herself, met her American husband JP, a music producer, and worked as a session musician for "The Academy", "The Warning", and "Almighty", etc. on RBC Records. She then started her own record label “KPJP &CO” with her husband in Japan. In 2015, seeking the highest form of bass-playing possible, she attended The M.I (Musicians Institute) in which quoted by the professors, “Kay's musician skills were already at a high level when she first enrolled at Musicians Institute. Her dedication, passion and focus for the instrument, and music, have reached a professional level and the college faculty considers her a colleague. I am confident that Kaoru will thrive as a performer and an educator in deserving environments.” In 2017, she formed the Latin soul/ funk band "Las Oceanas"(2 albums) with Orquesta de la Luz and vocalist Nora, touring throughout many locations in Japan, such as Tokyo,Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and Okinawa, etc. In 2023, she released her long-awaited solo album "Maximum potential", and is pursuing the essence of woman soul with gorgeous guests and artists.

Regarding the solo album project.

“Having been playing bass for my whole life, I have always been surrounded by many talented friends. When the timing was right, I wanted to make an album with my colleagues who are singers, composers, and musicians. I couldn't do it alone, but with my colleagues we could do it together. I wanted to prove to the world that there are Japanese people who love soul music as much as I do.
Fortunately, my husband JP produced the album and Labelcaster distribution backed it up with full support. Kay's album is more progressive rock, funky bass driven with a touch of R&B / Funk / Pop vocals from the likes of George Clinton, Macy Gray and Indie Arie.


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